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Custom Dolls House Vinyl Wall Art

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Ikea Kallax storage units hack...

I was chatting to one of our customers regarding an idea that she wanted to explore, it involved dolls houses, lollies, bright colours, patterns and a couple of Ikea Kallax storage units. My first thought was 'what?!' but after going over some ideas she had put down on paper I quickly realised that actually this could work !

We spent some time going backwards and forwards with more ideas, designs and colours and we eventually came up with a complete wall design that the customer was really happy with.

It took a good three hours to fully apply to the walls due to all the separate stickers and intricate measuring involved but I think the final result was well worth all the effort.

This was a design that was fully in the mind of the customer and I am so proud that we managed to exceed all her expectations in taking the information and ideas that she gave us and creating this stunning vinyl wall art.

We would like to thank Christina Groombridge for giving us the opportunity to to produce these amazing designs that without her we wouldn't have even thought of !

What makes it all worthwhile is this Facebook review from the the customer:

" Amazing service and design work. The quality of the stickers are brilliant. Mat made my ideas a reality. Highly recommend them "

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