Chalkboard wall stickers

Put the writing on the wall with our quality blackboard wall stickers

Chalkboard or blackboard wall stickers are exactly what you would expect from the title. They consist of a specialist adhesive backed blackboard vinyl, making them very simple to apply to your décor and ready to use straight away ! They are applied in exactly the same way as all of our other wall stickers using a three layer transfer system, the silicone covered backing paper, the vinyl sticker and the application sheet. Use these effective chalkboard stickers in your kitchen, laundry, or dining room to write notes and messages, or in a children's playroom or bedroom as a drawing board for any budding artists, for practicing writing skills or of course doing sums. A great learning tool to aid in your child's development.

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Why buy chalkboard wall stickers from us ?

Our stick on chalkboard wall stickers are hard wearing which is due to the vinyl being thicker than with our other vinyl stickers, to cope with the added repeated usage. If we don't currently have the shape or size you require please feel free to message us with any custom requests and we will be happy to assist where possible.