Living Room Wall Stickers

Liven up your décor with our quality wall stickers for living room

Living room wall stickers are a simple, cost effective way to add a beautiful design or make a statement on your décor. There is a large number of options in our range to choose from, including inspirational sayings and family quotes, nature inspired designs and living room decals that you can add a name/s to. Adding that all important personal touch!

living room wall stickers review

Why purchase living room wall stickers ?

All of our living room stickers come with their own choice of size, colour and also some with orientation options, to best suit your wall space and decoration. With each order you will receive a FREE application tool and full written instructions, making fitting easy for everyone. If you are unable to find the perfect design, or need a slightly different size. Just send us a message via our contact page and we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs!

Want some great living room decorating ideas? Why not pop over to Ideal Home, they have many articles which may just give you some inspiration on how to accompany our quality wall sticker transfers.