Wall Art Stickers and What They Are

Welcome to Aspect Wall Art. Here you can shop online for premium quality, made to order DIY vinyl wall art stickers for all rooms within your home. We cover all rooms imaginable, from kitchen wall stickers, right through to more specific family wall quotes. If you're searching a way to liven up your walls or to make a statement, these easy to apply decal wall stickers are the perfect product for you. If you haven't seen or used these types of transfer stickers before, here is how they are manufactured. Firstly we use a precision vinyl plotter to cut out your chosen design onto a silicon coated backing paper. Secondly, we remove the unwanted vinyl material and attach a low tack application tape onto the top of this layer. During the fitting process, the application tape serves to hold the vinyl in its intended final format. It is then ready to apply to your chosen wall or other applicable surface.

Once our wall stickers are attached to the flat surface you have chosen and the application tape layer has been removed, you are left with your unique vinyl wall sticker. (with no nasty clear plastic outlines that you get with cheaper imitations). We use a quality wall art design specific 70 micron thick matt opaque vinyl. This gives the impression of a beautiful smooth painted-like finish. In addition, unlike many other companies selling cheap wall sticker art, we spend a lot of time making sure that the artwork is perfected. Meaning no nasty poor quality uneven edges or poor quality designs.

We hope that there is something in our wide range of wall art stickers for everyone, but we also know that all tastes are different. You may have a great idea that you would like to have developed into your own custom design. Simply visit our contact page and message some information on what you would like. Include rough sizes and possible colour options and we will be happy to create a custom design for you.


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What are the Benefits of Wall Stickers

A great benefit to using our art wall stickers, ahead of conventional wallpaper or painting, is their ease of use and accessibility for all. You will see by viewing our how to apply wall stickers page that they are super easy to apply. The low cost, compared to other wall decor products, means that they don't make a large dent in your wallet. Which is a massive bonus! They are also a far more fun and creative use of your wall space, with each design making it's own unique statement.

We have a wide selection of wall quotes and decorative wall stickers to choose from. You also have the ability to choose various sizes and colour options, to match any wall space or decor. As you would expect, we have some designs which are more popular than others within our range. The first is for girls that love fairies (and who doesn't). Our stunning moonlit fairy wall sticker, design is a beautiful addition to any nursery or bedroom decor. This is due to its simplistic silhouette design, fairy dust and extra star wall stickers. Without doubt, this wall sticker design captures the imagination of all and is available in two sizes and various colour options. For boys we have an awesome large T-Rex dinosaur wall sticker that will guard any bedroom. With its fearsome looks will strike fear into all that enters their room ! For football fans, we have an action posed footballer sticker, which is sure to be a hit with any fanatic. Finally, for the enthusiastic gamer in your home. Our eat sleep game repeat gamer wall sticker is the perfect addition to any bedroom or games room wall. There is a range of colours to pick from and you can also select an Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo switch, mouse or gaming PC motif below the quote. All this adds the perfect personal touch and why it has proved to be so popular with our customers.


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