Are wall stickers easy to apply?

In our humble opinion, yes ! We have worked very hard to make our stickers as easy as possible to apply to any smooth surface and truly believe that we have been successful in achieving this. Feel free to pop over to our about page for more reasons why we think you should purchase wall art stickers from Aspect Wall Art and not our competitors ! You will receive a FREE application tool and detailed written instructions with every order. There are also fitting videos on both You Tube and our very own website fitting page. We have created these especially with our customers in mind and they show in super simple steps the techniques to use when fitting any of our wall stickers.

How do you stick wall stickers?

As the wall stickers we sell are transfer stickers, as the name suggests the application tape (top) layer is used to transfer the cut vinyl sticker parts onto your wall, or other chosen surface. Once the application tape is removed, you are left with a stunning painted-like design. Please visit our comprehensive fitting instructions and videos page for more information.

How long do wall stickers last?

In an outdoor setting, the wall art vinyl we use is rated to last 3-5 years. However, used internally they will last for many more than this as they will not be open to the elements. We do however recommend that wall stickers are applied to your chosen surface within 4 weeks of purchase, as we do not offer refunds or replacements after this time.

Are wall stickers removable ?

Yes. We use matt wall art vinyl that has a semi-permanent adhesive making them removable, even after a number of years, if your painted surface is sound the vinyl will leave no damage or residue when removed. (Once the sticker has been removed it will no longer stick to another surface). To remove the vinyl, simply use a pin board pin or tweezers to flick up the corners and then peel away with your fingers, removing each sticker part carefully. ( Important: Do not use a hair dryer to heat the vinyl before removal as this will leave the adhesive layer on the surface, which will then need to be removed with a glue removal product )

Are wall stickers reusable?

No you cannot unfortunately reuse wall stickers. As with most types of wall art stickers, they are a single use product and once they have been removed, it is not possible to re-apply them.

Do wall stickers damage walls?

Our wall stickers are designed to be removable, with minimal or no damage to your wall surface when removed. However, as all walls are different in many ways, i.e condition of plaster finish, quality of paint surface and thickness of paint it really is impossible to gauge the outcome. In addition to this, the amount of time that your sticker has been affixed to the wall will also have a bearing. This is due to the fact that, over time, the bond between the vinyl and paint surface becomes stronger.

Do wall stickers remove paint?

We cannot guarantee that no damage will occur to your paintwork and flecks of paint may come away when the sticker parts are removed. Therefore, there may be some touching up and remedial work to do post removal.

Can I apply to a freshly painted surface?

No. We suggest you leave at least a couple of weeks for the paint to fully dry out and cure. This is important for not only on the surface layer, but also behind this where you cannot see.

Where can wall stickers be applied?

Vinyl wall stickers can be applied to any flat, smooth surface, including walls, glass, perspex, doors and even wooden furniture. Please note that when applying them to any slight or heavily textured surface (which we don't advise), be aware that the adhesion will be reduced. This is due to the amount of vinyl actually touching the surface being less than if it was fully smooth. Extra care and caution is definitely advised in this situation.

Use this handy tip to check if the vinyl will stick to your wall : Try sticking a piece of masking tape to the surface you are testing, if the masking sticks without any problems, it should be suitable for any of our stickers. If the masking tape doesn't stick very well or even falls off, we would suggest that our transfers may not stick to that particular surface.

Can wall stickers be used on glass?

Yes they certainly can. Not only can you apply them to windows and glass kitchen splash backs, but also to mirrors and any forms of perspex or plastic. The only thing to bear in mind, when fitting vinyl transfers to glass or plastic, is that as soon as the backing adhesive touches the surface it will grab on much firmer than on a painted plaster wall. Therefore, you only get one chance to get it right, so take extra care if you decide to do this.

Can I request a custom design or a size that is not listed?

We are happy to produce any custom designs requested and will also do our best to accommodate any alternative sizes that you may need from our existing designs. Message us via our contact page or Facebook with any custom orders.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay securely using Paypal, a debit/credit card, Mastercard, American Express, Apple pay, Amazon pay or Google pay.

What is your privacy policy and what do you do with customer information?

Please visit our privacy policy for more details.

Can I return my order?

Please see our returns page for detailed information regarding our returns policy.

Is your website safe and secure for payments?

Yes, very much so. We use Braintree (a Paypal company), Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon pay and Google pay for all payment processing, so you can be assured of a safe and secure transaction every time. We also have a dedicated GeoTrust site-wide SSL to keep all information and card details encrypted and safe.


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