Nursery Stickers

Cute baby wall stickers for your nursery

As you would expect from our range of baby nursery wall stickers, we have a variety of cute and beautiful designs for the special little ones in your life. Treat them to one of our stunning moonlit fairy wall stickers or maybe personalise their decor using one of our other personalised designs. Having their name boldly on view for everyone to see just how much they mean to you.


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What makes our nursery wall decor stickers so good?

All of our nursery stickers are made in the UK from a quality premium vinyl material, it is hard wearing and will last on the wall or various other surfaces for years to come. We have numerous colour, size and custom options available for you to choose from, so it is really easy to match to any decoration you wish. If you would like to see a chosen name and/or certain colour combinations for any of our baby wall art designs please feel free to message us via our contact page. We will be more than happy to send you a digital mock up of the artwork to show you in advance exactly how it will look and the size it would be. If you are unable to find the perfect design feel free to pop over to our other kids wall stickers to view more options.