Childrens Wall Stickers

Why buy children's wall art stickers ?

Children's wall stickers are loved by kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens and every age in between. From a young age they grow very attached to their own personal space where they feel safe and secure, whether that be a nursery, bedroom, playroom or games room.

Adding a beautiful, cute or personalised wall sticker to your child's wall décor makes that space their own in a simple, cost effective way, without the need for totally redecorating their whole room. Choose from many quality designs with numerous colour and size options to suit any wall area or décor. All of our kids wall stickers are manufactured to order using a premium wall art specific matte vinyl, meaning you will get a top quality wall decal that will last on their wall for years, but is also removable should you wish to redecorate.



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What are childrens wall stickers ?

If you have not used this form of decor before, we first cut your chosen sticker artwork using a precision vinyl plotter which gives a perfect neat finish to the design. We then remove the unwanted vinyl which is called 'weeding', this leaves us with the finished adhesive backed sticker on silicon coated backing paper. To then make it simple for you to transfer it from the backing paper to your wall, we cover the front of the whole vinyl sticker with application tape. Therefore you will notice that the wall transfer you receive will have have three layers, the backing paper, the actual vinyl sticker, and the application tape. Once the backing paper is removed, the vinyl and application tape is applied to your preferred surface, and the application tape then subsequently removed. You are finally left with your chosen wall sticker design in all its glory, ready for only one thing. The BIG reveal to your child or grand child !