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Our in-house experts strive to produce unique, high quality and easy to apply DIY wall stickers from our home workshop based in the United Kingdom. Each piece of artwork is carefully checked to guarantee a crisp, neat finish, unlike some cheaper imitations.

Why buy wall transfers from Aspect Wall Art ?

We use a well known premium Avery vinyl specifically manufactured for use with wall transfers, offering a first rate customer service and after care. We supply a free application tool and a detailed step by step fitting guide with every order. So, whether you are a complete novice or have fitted wall stickers before, don't be afraid to roll your sleeves up and give our transfer stickers a go!


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What are wall transfer stickers ?

If you've not used these types of transfer stickers before; We start by using a precision Graphtec vinyl cutter to cut your chosen wall decal design on a silicon coated backing paper. We then remove the unwanted vinyl material and attach a semi-transparent application tape onto the top which, when removed from the backing paper, holds the design in its intended format. Once the wall sticker has been applied to your chosen flat surface and the application tape removed, you are left with your unique wall sticker design. As we use a thin vinyl material, it leaves the impression of a beautiful, sleek, smooth painted-like design. (with no nasty clear plastic outlines that you get with cheaper imitations)

What are the benefits of using wall stickers ?

A great benefit of using wall stickers, ahead of conventional wallpaper or painting, is their ease and accessibility for all. The low cost, compared to other wall décor products, means that they are a perfect alternative. They are also a far more fun and creative use of your wall space, with each one making their own unique statement. We have a wide selection of wall quotes, decorative and personalised stickers to choose from and you also have the ability to choose various size and colour options, to accommodate any wall space and décor .