Retro & Vintage Metal Wall Signs

Search our range of nostalgic, vintage and retro metal signs, hand printed to order onto thin and durable aluminium material. All metal plaques and advertising signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are checked using the highest print technology. Some reproduction vintage metal signs are designed deliberately to have an authentic vintage effect and as such, the artwork detail may not be as sharp as modern day high resolution images.

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What can metal wall signs be used for ?

Whether you are a collector of vintage metal wall art, or just simply love the retro design style, a metal sign may be the perfect purchase for you. Due to being made from aluminium, they are ideal for displaying both indoors or outside. Why not start an outer wall collection next to your patio area or jazz up a plain boring passageway wall with one of our awesome designs.

From funny quotes to quirky images and vintage shop plaques to metal advertising signs, there is hopefully something that will grab you and be the perfect metal sign for your needs.