Fairy Bedroom Decor Ideas

Fairy Bedroom Decor Ideas

The magical and mystical nature that surrounds fairies is the reason that so many girls have so much affection for everything to do with them. Do they exist ? Of course they do, they are just very secretive and only show themselves when needed !

Due to the love of fairies worldwide, any girl would adore a fairy themed bedroom, designed especially just for them.

To help you in this task we have brought together some lovely fairy decor ideas and accessories. We hope that these help you to create the perfect fairy design bedroom.

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Image credit: Pinterest

This first charming girls bedroom example has a mix of, predominantly, pinks, purples and greens in beautiful soft pastel shades. The colours have been carried through to a stunning painted flowers wall mural that elegantly dominates the headboard wall of the room.

A cute personal touch has been added above the headboard, with hanging wooden letters spelling out the name 'Addison'. Again keeping the colour theme used within the rest of the room.

The perfect finishing touch for me, is the fairies each end of the hanging rail, carrying the name delicately as they fly !

Okay, we are not all that artistic or creative, so painting our own mural is possibly not an option. What about wallpaper instead ?

Wallpaper may not be the cheapest option available, but it can certainly have the biggest impact when it comes to decorating the walls.


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This cute wallpaper by Arthouse showcases everything that is comforting and safe, in the mind of a child, when thinking of fairies and fairy tales. A colourful and charming cartoon watercolour design that would look stunning in any little girls bedroom.

We even found a matching lamp shade to add into the design mix !

The previous fairy wallpaper has been used to great effect in the following playroom example. It has been cleverly paired with a busier design, which incorporates a cute woodland scene. If I hadn't seen the two together I would be unsure whether it would work, but as they use the same tones, colours and style, they combine perfectly.

The sheer white canopy is a simple and elegant way to section off a small space to create a lovely reading area, without the need for expensive furniture. As they have done here, simply lay down a soft rug, place some cushions around it and it's job done !


Image credit: Bucklyn.co.uk

Fairy Bedroom Accessories

When it comes to fairy bedroom accessories, there is a wide range of wall art clocks, other wall decor items and soft furnishings to choose from. I love this beautiful clock from Alaza, which captures the perfect balance of nature and fairies in one pretty and cohesive design. Not only that, but if you love this style as much as I do, there is a stunning matching bed set available !


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Until I found this sweet pink fairy clock, I didn't realise that you can even personalise clocks, who knew ! What a great way to add a subtle personal touch to their bedroom decor.


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Fairy Wall Art Ideas

Wall art is a simple way to add fairy elements to a bedroom, without going all out to redecorate the whole room. You can simply hang carefully selected pieces in prominent places, to create the perfect fairy tale mood and feeling.

This set of three wall prints are a subtle touch that would look stunning on any girls bedroom or nursery wall. In addition, as they are prints, you can find the perfect frames of your choice to tie all the elements of the colour scheme and room style together. This way you are not tied into the options available that may come with them.


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The theory of less is more is used in this following fairy bedroom example, proving my previous point perfectly. They have gone for a dark tone on the walls, which works really well against the bright white of the bedding and bed frame.

A personalised fairy wall sticker, subtle wall and framed art, fairy lights and bedding accessories finish the overall fairy theme flawlessly.


Image credit: Pinterest

Other Fairy Bedding you may like

Fairy Wall Stickers

There are a different forms of fairy wall stickers available on the market, from paper stickers to vinyl transfer stickers and printed peel and stick. These next ones from Room Mates are the latter.


Image credit: Amazon

Of course we had to add in a couple of our own fairy wall stickers into the mix! This first one is a simple but effective design, with the fairy in silhouette to the moon behind, spreading her magic and sparkle as she flies through the night sky.

Nb.The stars to the right of the moon are not pre-set in that position, so you are free to come up with your very own star arrangement during fitting.


Our second fairy sticker is this beautiful seated posed fairy with a perfectly apt quote to accompany it. Not only can you pick from a range of colours for both the fairy and quote, but there is also an option with this design to change the words 'little girls' to a name of your choice, making it truly personalised.


Lights for a Fairy Bedroom

You can't have a fairy room without fairy lights, right ?! These stunning natural leaf style fairy lights are the ideal addition to any fairy themed bedroom and can be placed in a few different areas around the room.

You can decorate a headboard, framed wall art or even a mirror frame to add a beautiful mood lighting to a darkened room. We have added two options for you, so all you need to decide is whether you prefer subtle and natural, or bold and pink. Both will look great in the right bedroom setting.


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I know that these are solar light jars for the garden, but I had to include them as I think thay are a great idea. Imagine the kids seeing these outside in the dark. It will be magical for them. There is also nothing stopping you bringing them into their room in the evening once charged


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Fairy Storage (not storage for fairies!)

All kids rooms need plenty of storage space, so this fairy themed wooden toy box could be just the solution for your fairy themed bedroom.


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The Ultimate Fairy Bed!

Last but certainly not least, if you just want to go all out to impress your child (and their friends), this beast of a fairy bed is the ultimate in fairy heaven !

This mid-sleeper cabin bed from Noa and Nani boasts not only a great bed with a sturdy ladder up to it, but also a tent, tower, tunnel and slide. Honestly, what more could they want !


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To Conclude

I hope these fairy bedroom ideas have been useful and you have found some products and ideas that you really like. I have only chosen items that actual customers also love and that can be delivered in good time, so you can be confident of an easy, trouble free transaction if you do decide to make a purchase.