12 Shed and Summer House Bar Ideas Which Raise the Bar !

12 Shed and Summer House Bar Ideas Which Raise the Bar !

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When the warm rays of the summer sun arrive, there's no better time to transform your summer house or shed into a cool and inviting home bar.

Whether you're looking to create a wine bar, themed house bar, or simply a lively outside space for entertaining friends and family, I have some interesting bar ideas to make the very most of your summer house.

From refreshing cool retro themes to a good old English pub, we'll explore the stylish decor and creative outdoor garden bar concepts that will make your summerhouse or shed the go-to destination.

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So, grab your favourite beverage and let's take a look at some of my favourite shed and summer house bar ideas.

Summer House Retro Arcade Bar


Image credit: ladbible.com

Step back in time with this summer house retro arcade bar, a nostalgic haven that seamlessly combines the thrill of classic gaming with the laid-back vibes of a summer retreat.

This unique summer house bar concept brings together vintage arcade machines, vibrant neon lights, and retro-inspired decor to create an immersive experience like no other.

Imagine sitting in this garden bar sipping on your favourite cocktail, while challenging your friends to a friendly game of Pac-Man, or reliving the glory days of Street Fighter.

With its carefully curated decor that oozes retro charm, this retro arcade bar is the ultimate destination for a dose of nostalgia and unforgettable fun.

Outdoor Garden Building Tiki Bar


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with a garden-building Tiki bar, a tropical oasis where you can unwind and indulge in the exotic ambience of the South Pacific.

This enchanting space has been designed to capture the essence of a beachside retreat, complete with bamboo accents, tiki torches, and thatched roofing

Imagine sipping on a refreshing Mai Tai or PiƱa Colada surrounded by flickering torches and the rhythmic beats of island music.

The Tiki Garden bar offers a delightful escape from the ordinary, allowing you to experience the allure of a beachfront hideaway right in the comfort of your backyard.

Summerhouse Irish Pub Bar


Image credit: glasgowlive.co.uk

Immerse yourself in the warm and welcoming ambience of a summerhouse Irish pub Bar, a charming retreat that will bring the lively spirit of an Irish pub to your backyard.

With its rich wooden furnishings and traditional bar counter, this authentic space exudes the timeless charm of a classic Irish watering hole.


Picture yourself savouring a perfectly poured pint of Guinness while engaging in lively conversation with friends, surrounded by rustic decor, vintage pub signs, and the comforting sound of Irish music.

The Irish Garden Bar offers an inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of Ireland's renowned hospitality, providing a place to unwind, create lasting memories, and experience the conviviality of a true Irish pub.

Rustic Outdoor Summerhouse Bar


Image credit: northantslive.news

Indulge in the rustic style of this summer house bar that epitomises the beauty of nature and brings a touch of country-inspired elegance to your outdoor space.

The wooden bar seamlessly blends natural reclaimed wood with some black metal accents of the bar seating, giving an industrial touch to the space. For decoration, metal plaques, illuminated signs and string lights add to the overall theme of this home bar.

This rustic bar area is the perfect setting for friendly gatherings or relaxed evenings with your immediate family, providing a blend of comfort and rustic charm that allows you to fully embrace the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying the conveniences of your very own garden bar space in your summer house.

Retro 80's Summerhouse Bar


Image credit: reddit com

Step into a time machine and relive the vibrant spirit of the 1980s with a retro-themed summerhouse bar that pays homage to the iconic era of neon lights, bold patterns, and funky aesthetics. This throwback paradise brings together bright neons, '80s styling, and retro memorabilia to create an immersive experience that will transport you back to the era of leg warmers and cassette tapes.

This retro '80s bar is a nostalgic haven that embraces the unique style of the decade, offering a playful and energetic space where you can unwind, dance to classic hits, and reminisce about the good old days in true 1980s fashion.

Traditional English Pub Summer House Bar


Image credit: insider com

This traditional English pub summer house bar captures the essence of old-world charm and hospitality. The inviting space pays tribute to the rich heritage of English pubs, featuring exposed brickwork, classic bar stools, and authentic pub memorabilia.

Sit and savour a perfectly poured pint of ale while engrossed in lively conversation amidst the cosy and intimate ambience of this outside garden bar, where friends and family can gather to unwind.

Experience the quintessential charm of an English pub without leaving the comfort of your garden. A space where memories are made, stories are shared, and the timeless traditions of British pub culture are celebrated.

Multi-Purpose Outdoor Shed Bar Ideas


Image credit: manhuts.co.uk

Experience the ultimate versatility of multi-purpose outdoor shed bar ideas, clever solutions that combine functionality and entertainment in one space-efficient structure.

This smartly designed shed serves as a hub for various activities, such as drinking (obviously!), darts, and an outdoor seating area.

Enjoy a refreshing drink and natter with family members, or a highly competitive game of darts with drinking games with your friends!

Whether you seek a place to unwind, socialise, or play games, this multi-purpose shed bar offers various possibilities, ensuring every square foot is optimized to its fullest potential.

Summer House Beach Shack Bar


Image credit: arcticcabins.co.uk

Embrace the laid-back vibes of coastal living with this summer house beach shack bar, a cool retreat that brings the relaxed atmosphere of a beachside shack right to your garden.

This coastal-inspired design features weathered wood and a beach vibe that transports you to the shores of a tropical paradise. I know it's hard, but imagine sipping on a refreshing cocktail while lounging and relaxing, surrounded by driftwood decor and the soothing sounds of ocean-inspired music.

The beach shack bar is a calm sanctuary where you can unwind, enjoy the company of loved ones, and experience the essence of beach living without ever leaving your home.

It's a perfect blend of coastal charm and casual elegance, creating an inviting space that evokes the carefree spirit of sunny days by the shore.

Garden Building Hawaiian Luau Bar


Image credit: gardeningetc.com

Imagine yourself in the enchanting islands of Hawaii with this Hawaiian Luau bar, an escape from the everyday that captures the essence of tropical paradise.

This space combines tropical drinks, vibrant colour accents, and Polynesian-inspired decor to create an atmosphere that exudes the spirit of a Hawaiian celebration.


The Hawaiian Luau bar offers a slice of tropical heaven where you can unwind, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the islands, and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

It's a perfect outdoor oasis that brings the warmth and beauty of Hawaii to your doorstep, making every gathering a luau experience.

Illuminated Summer House Bar


Image credit: tuin.co.uk

Boost your summerhouse experience by creating an illuminated bar that sets the stage for unforgettable evenings and probably late nights!

This innovative concept incorporates strategic lighting design to enhance the atmosphere, drawing attention to the bar area and highlighting its unique features.

Whether you opt for subtle under-bar lighting or eye-catching pendant lights, the illuminated garden bar creates a mesmerising focal point that not only offers a touch of sophistication but adds functionality to your outdoor space.

It's the perfect setting for intimate get-togethers or lively celebrations, allowing you to enjoy the magic of your summer house bar long into the night.

Summer House Miniature Bar Space


Image credit: olympiangardenbuildings.co.uk

Consider the charm of a miniature bar within your garden summer house, an intimate setting that will maximise the functionality within a limited footprint. This space offers all the essentials of a larger bar but in a compact form.

A miniature bar space needs to be thoughtfully arranged to optimise every inch of space, with clever storage solutions for bottles and accessories.

This charming nook provides a private sanctuary to unwind and indulge in your favourite libations and is a testament to the idea that great things can come in small packages, offering a delightful and efficient garden bar experience within the confines of your summer house.

Summerhouse Sports Bar


Image credit: www.tuin

Experience the thrill of game day in the comfort of your garden building with this summerhouse sports bar, a dedicated space designed to bring the excitement of sporting events to life.

This dynamic environment combines comfortable seating, a wall-mounted TV, and sports memorabilia to create an immersive experience for sports enthusiasts.

Imagine enjoying the match surrounded by a cheering crowd, while enjoying your favourite beverages and snacks.

The Summerhouse sports bar is the perfect destination for watching live games and engaging in passionate discussions about the world of sports.

It's a haven where the camaraderie of game day is celebrated, creating an atmosphere that ignites the competitive spirit and fosters unforgettable memories.

My Final Thoughts

I hope that these shed and summerhouse bar ideas have inspired you to transform your humble shed or summerhouse into a sensational garden bar space.

Whether you decide to embrace one of the summerhouse or shed ideas that I have listed, or maybe prefer a tropical paradise theme or a sleek modern aesthetic, the main aim is to create a welcoming ambience that reflects a theme and style that you love and makes every gathering unforgettable.

Remember to incorporate functionality into your bar, by adding extra space for storage, comfortable seating, and well-placed lighting.

So, dust off those DIY tools, gather your design and decor ideas and embark on the exciting journey of turning your garden building into the ultimate summerhouse bar retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do summer houses last?

The lifespan of a summer house can vary depending on factors such as construction materials, maintenance, and usage patterns. However, with proper care, a well-built summerhouse can last for several decades, typically ranging from 20 to 50 years or more.

Should a summer house be insulated?

Whether or not a summer house should be insulated depends on the intended use and local climate. Insulating a summerhouse can offer several benefits, such as improved energy efficiency, comfort, and protection against temperature extremes.

If you plan to use the summer house year-round or during colder months, insulating it can help maintain a more stable and comfortable indoor environment. Additionally, insulation can prevent heat loss in cooler weather and reduce the need for excessive heating.

How do you heat a summerhouse in the winter?

Heating a summerhouse during the winter months can be achieved through various methods to ensure a comfortable indoor environment. A few common approaches are to utilise static or portable electric heaters, wood-burning stoves, gas heaters, insulation, or underfloor heating.

Remember to prioritise safety when heating a summerhouse and follow proper installation procedures, maintain adequate ventilation, and use heating equipment suitable for the space.

Do summer houses add value?

Summer houses can potentially add value to a property, but the extent of the value increase depends on several factors.

A well-designed and well-maintained summerhouse can be seen as an attractive feature by potential buyers, especially if it complements the overall aesthetic and functionality of the property. It can provide additional living space, serve as a versatile outdoor retreat, or enhance the property's appeal for recreational purposes.

However, the impact on property value can vary based on location, market demand, size and quality of construction.

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