How to Brighten Up a Dark Living Room ( Tips & Tricks )

How to Brighten Up a Dark Living Room ( Tips & Tricks )

As one of the focal points of your home, the living room should offer an inviting place to gather for friends and family. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to arrange the furniture so that it delivers a bright and appealing space to enjoy a conversation, read a book, or indulge in an hour of TV viewing. You can use one or more of the following home interior design ideas to brighten your living room's appearance, without completely replacing the furnishings.

Incorporate Reflective Surfaces


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Highly polished materials such as chrome and silver can add a feeling of spaciousness, while also creating a brighter environment. Glass and metals are great at reflecting light, bouncing it from one polished surface to the next. To enhance your living room's lightness further, you can also include metallic finished lighting fixtures and one or more mirrors in strategic locations around the room. The lighting will not only offer extra light from the bulbs, but also from the shiny reflective surface.

Utilise the Three Types of Lighting


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Combining ambient, task, and accent lighting in a room allows you to create a brightly lit space that readily accommodates each activity that will take place. When used properly, each type of lighting complements the other two in a way that creates a comfortable and multipurpose space. An interior decorator can assist you in layering your lighting sources for the best results, or you can read up on lighting strategies intended to accentuate the living room's appearance.

In general, you should begin with your ambient lighting that is used to illuminate the entire space for general use. Next, you might want to add in several sources of task lighting in key locations such as near sofas, chairs, and tables. Finally, you can include accent lighting fixtures to accentuate decorative architecture and/or artwork.

Choose Bright Wall Coverings


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Whether you choose wallpaper or paint colours to brighten up a living room, the colour and tones of your walls certainly influences the brightness of the living room. Lighter colours enhance the brightness of a room whereas darker hues work against any effort you make to illuminate this space within the home.

Optimise Window Space


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Opening up your living room to outside illumination can be accomplished in several ways. The easiest strategy is to simply open the blinds or draperies each morning. If several years have gone by and it's time to upgrade your windows, you might want select larger window sizes. A bay window provides the illusion of bringing the outdoors into the home due to its large size. A large picture window can easily accomplish the same impression.

Select Light Colours for Draperies and Blinds


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If you aren't in the market for new windows, why not consider updating your draperies and blinds? Selecting light colours for draperies and blind helps to keep the room looking as bright as possible, while also infusing a sense of cheeriness into this living space.

Whether or not your home is shrouded beneath the shadows of tall trees or mountains, you might be interested in brightening its appearance. Lots of strategies can be used to do this, and most of them focus on the inclusion of lightly coloured furnishings, a varied selection of lighting fixtures, and making optimal use of your windows.