Family Wall Ideas ( Tips, Tricks & Inspiration )

Family Wall Ideas ( Tips, Tricks & Inspiration )

Whether you are commemorating a special occasion or simply celebrating the love that you have for your family. There are plenty of family home décor ideas for creating displays or using wall art to stand out from the other decorations in your home. With so many family wall ideas available, it is only natural that some types of wall art stand out to us more than others.

It is easier than ever to get hold of personalised decorations, without having to make everything by hand! But what kinds of personalised family wall art ideas work best for different situations, and how can you set them up in an appealing way?

Family picture wall arrangements


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As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words, each one telling a story of a specific moment or event. If you are looking for photo display ideas and have lots of family photos from key moments in your life, you can easily make copies and arrange them in your own custom gallery wall display. To do this, you will obviously need a physical version of your photographs – as well as a suitable method of hanging them on your wall.

With some physical photographs, such as ones taken with an older camera, it can be much harder to create copies or get them blown up to a larger scale. However, you can usually create copies yourself. Scanning them into a digital format is always an option if you have the equipment at hand.

When using digital photographs, it is not hard to create larger copies and print them yourself. Better still, you can send them off to be professionally printed by one of the many online services available. The latter option also has the benefit of the images being printed at a higher quality to what you could achieve at home. You will most likely also have them printed on a material that are far less likely to wear. Printing yourself onto a regular grade paper can certainly work in the short-term, but will not stand the test of time. Especially if you are not planning on putting them in a frame.

Speaking of frames, choosing the right one(s) can be really important for displays like this. Do you use a single frame for each photo? One large frame that has a collage of pictures inside it? There are many photo frames on the market that are actually multiple photo frames linked together into a single outer body. These act as a pre-assembled display that you can fill with your own printed photos. Of course, you don’t necessarily need frames at all for your wall gallery. Many people choose to go down the road of printing their pictures on physical items or materials that can be displayed in their own right.

Family Wall Plaques


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Wall plaques are generally single piece designs which display something meaningful about your family. This could be anything from a coat of arms to a list of names. The designs can be almost anything that your mind can create. Some people might prefer a piece of beautiful natural-looking wood with words printed on. While other people might want an ornate sign that lists their family history back multiple generations.

The key difference between picture arrangements and plaques, is that plaques don’t necessarily involve pictures at all. You could list major family achievements, something relating to your heritage or even a family motto that has passed down the generations. A plaque is definitely a great base for all kinds of creative ideas. There is no reason either, to think that you only need one !

If you want to include pictures, then you can easily combine a family photograph with a relevant saying. This is a great way to create something very memorable and inspiring for your home décor. Some people even go a step further and create a plaque that uses individual photos of family members. Each one having their own date or quote beneath that has a personal relevant meaning. Whatever you decide, you have plenty of freedom with what you create. There is no set design which you have to follow, so use your creativity to it's full.

Ultimately it is up to you as to whether you go down the DIY route by making most of it yourself or not. Some people will take great pride in creating something from scratch. Engraving wood with names and quotes, or painting the individual words by hand. However, this can be a lot of effort and you need a certain skill level to create an acceptable finished piece. Let's be honest, it is not hard to find companies that can custom-make you a plaque with an array of possible designs. They could also provide you with a basic frame for your own images and words. As you can see, there are so many options that it would be easy to get overwhelmed. Take time to trawl the internet for reputable suppliers, or search for ideas on Pinterest before you make any final decisions !

Personalised Family Wall Art Stickers


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We hold the names by which we were born dear to us, which is why so many people choose to personalise their décor with the family name they bear. For this reason, personalised family wall decals are a great way to add a personal touch to any room within the home. Not only are they simple to apply, but an affordable way to finish off your décor in style.

There are many  wall art stickers available with various custom options. You can specify not only your colours, but often also the size and personalised wording that you require.

If you're specifically looking for personalised wall art ideas, this is by far the best overall option for you. We firmly believe that your name should be adorned on your walls for all to see, whether that be in the living room, kitchen or hallway wall. Nothing shows how you feel about your family heritage more.

Family Wall Canvas Art


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Canvas is an excellent material for wall art, as you can generally mount it directly to any surface with little more than a small hook or connector. The low relative weight and great visual style of a canvas means that they are a much more convenient option than a larger photo frame. You can also use multiple canvas art pieces at once without coming up against fixing issues. Because of this, there is a lot that you can do with even the most basic set of canvas prints and paintings.

There are two main ways to have a design or image placed onto a canvas or decorative object. The first is through using your own painting skills and creating a copy of a family photo, or maybe something that is a more abstract in design. There are also many established artists that sell their paintings using this form of wall art. However, depending on their standing, this can be an expensive option. The second is using real photographs and getting them transferred directly onto the canvas material. This leaves you with an exact copy of the original image. Both of these can be a great way to display someone or something close to your heart.

One of the most common ways to display multiple images is to get canvas squares that have a unique photo printed onto each one. This gives you multiple pieces that are light enough to move around and reliable enough to endure long-term display. Since you can swap them out and hang them almost anywhere, you have full control over the layout and where each piece goes.

Family Photo Wall


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If you don't wish to spend too much time and money on your family room design and are searching for ideas for displaying pictures on walls, a photo display wall can be one of the easiest ways to show off some personal memories or achievements that you and your family have made. Whether you print the images from a digital device or use physical photographs, pinning or sticking them directly to a wall can be an excellent way to create an ongoing display of significant events in yours and your family's life.

What makes this wall of family photos such a great idea is the open-ended nature of this type of design. Because you are not limited to a specific frame size or have to follow a certain layout, you can add more photos whenever and wherever you like. Some families will reserve an entire wall space for their family photo wall. Writing the dates on the back of each one and pinning them to a large cork noticeboard. Over time this fills out to create an epic timeline of memories and events. Since each photo is a separate piece, it also becomes easy to move them if you move house or wish to move them somewhere else.

It goes without saying that you will want to try and make copies or backups of any images you use, just in case they end up getting lost or damaged. On a positive note, having a wall of all your most personal photographs ensures that you can still create scans from them if you lose the digital copies. One set will always act as a backup for the other. If you want to go a step further, you can even have numerous boards that hold photos for the different people in your life. You will then be able to track the lives of each family member separately, so that you have a reference for their major successes and life events.

As previously mentioned, there is nothing stopping you from using photo frames if you prefer. It is entirely based on what you think works best, as well as what kind of wall décor you would prefer in your home. Some feel that frames look classier and less messy, whist others prefer the natural feel of a slowly expanding wall of photographs. Neither choice is right or wrong - both can look amazing if they are done correctly.

How to Arrange Pictures on Wall


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If you are putting up multiple pictures, you may struggle to figure out a good order or pattern in which to arrange them. What can make this a hard task is the fact that they are not all going to be the same style, shape or subject matter. There are various ways that you can achieve this, each of them might hold a different meaning to you and be the final deciding factor.

Arrange Them in Chronological Order

If you have a keen interest in your family's history, displaying your photographs in the order they were taken can be a great way of chronicling this. This gives you an easy way of seeing how far everyone has come since the first was taken, especially if there has been a few decades in between ! Family members will have grown up, possibly gotten married and maybe also had children. It can also be a nice way to keep track of when different things happened within the time-frame. Which of your children was first to do or achieve something and which life events came before others, and so on.

Concentrate on Aesthetics

If you are more interested in how a wall décor display looks, then focusing on the visual appeal is what you should be concentrating your time on. Using the Aesthetic design as a base gives you more freedom to use a wider selection of pictures or photos. For example, you might have a love of nature or a personal hobby that you can turn into artwork for your wall space.

A good way to layout a framed photo display, for example, is to trace around each frame with paper or card. You can then use these card templates by attaching them to your wall with masking tape or fixing tack in a random design. You can then move them around to your hearts content until you are happy with the final layout. Although this may sound like a long winded way of doing things, it will save a lot of time and mistakes in the long run.

Place them However You Like!

One of the biggest benefits of the ideas suggested is the fact that they are totally personal to you and your family. You get to choose everything about them, from size, to design and subject. You aren't tied down by ready made elements that you don't want. This means that you are free to arrange pictures on a your wall however you wish, even if there isn't any logical method behind it ! Sometimes pictures or artwork simply look right together, even if they are not related in theme or design. An added personal finishing touch can then be all you need to create the perfect display. You might not even realise exactly what you did right, but it works !

In conclusion

Wall art can be a lot more than just a way of improving your home decor, and there are plenty of ways to tailor it to suit your own personal preferences and needs. Family wall art is a lovely way to commemorate certain events and tell the story of how your family has changed over time. Longer-running displays might even go back a generation or two if you have older photographs to add. Whatever family wall ideas you end up choosing, there's plenty of personalised wall décor ideas that you can take inspiration from, either bought from another company or made by your own fair hands.

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