22 Eye Catching Gallery Wall Ideas - Bring Your Walls to Life

22 Eye Catching Gallery Wall Ideas - Bring Your Walls to Life

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Creating a gallery wall in any living space is a great opportunity to provide your home with a touch of personalisation and to assert your unique style onto your wall decor.

Gallery walls offer an imaginative, engaging and interesting way to exhibit your cherished photos, display art and showcase other decorative pieces on just about any wall surface. The versatility of what you can mix and match into their design is what makes them such a great option to incorporate into your interior design.

The following is a collection of my favourite gallery wall ideas to inspire and inform...

1. A Mixed Media Gallery Wall


Image credit: minted.com

A mixed media gallery wall display seamlessly blends traditional framed prints with other framed pieces such as paintings, family photos, sculptures, or even plants, giving the wall a very engaging and dynamic effect. If you prefer your wall gallery to have a cohesive design theme, you will need to carefully curate a palette of colours, textures and styles that aesthetically complement each other.

Consider incorporating wall art and decor pieces of varying shapes, sizes, materials and colours into your unique gallery wall to add depth and dimension to your display. For a more interactive and tactile experience, try including elements that move or produce sound when touched or walked past. For example, hanging a decorative wooden wind chime will afford soft and captivating tones.

2. Monochrome Staircase Photo Wall


Image credit: blesserhouse.com

When it comes to gallery wall ideas, there is a certain enduring beauty and elegance to a monochrome photo wall, such as the example above. The stunning gallery display of black and white family photos with simple black frames, against a crisp white wall is a bold design statement, but a beautiful and impactful way to add style and cherished memories to your home decor.

The wide white photo mounts provide excellent contrast with the photos themselves, allowing them to stand out, directly drawing the eye to what is without doubt the most important element.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, a monochrome photo gallery wall is relatively easy to curate, as it only requires two colours and no thought when it comes to choosing picture frames. Creating a gallery wall such as this one requires minimal effort for maximum effect.

3. A Tiered Kitchen Gallery Wall


Image credit: 1stdibs.com

Kitchens are not well known for their wall gallery displays, however this open plan kitchen dining space utilises the large wall space it has in spades to great effect, showcasing a variety of personal and purchased artwork.

The unit on which the framed art is displayed, is a particularly practical piece of furniture that has both great storage space and a multitude of tiered shelves, making it easy for the homeowner to switch out any of the artwork whenever the mood takes.

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4. An Abstract Art Gallery Wall


Image credit: americanflat.com

Creating an eye-catching abstract gallery wall in your home is not only an interesting way to elevate the style and aesthetics of a space, but it also provides a unique opportunity to express your emotions and personality through the use of abstract imagery.

To make the most of your abstract art wall, you will need to consider the shapes and sizes of your framed pieces of artwork, as well as the colour schemes that they adopt. You can add more depth and dimension to your gallery wall by displaying different shapes and sizes together, while also gathering abstract artwork from different artists and designers that will impart further interest and variety to the overall design.

Finally, I recommended keeping the frames and picture mounts neutral in colour and simplistic in design, so that the focus stays on the abstract artwork itself.

5. Create the Perfect Contrast


Image credit: flytographer.com

Bold blue feature walls, such as the example here, can, without doubt, add a blast of colour into a room, creating the perfect focal point and contrast to a stylish gallery wall utilising white prints. The stark contrast between the two makes the overall look more visually appealing and dramatic.

In addition, using frames of different colours for your art gallery wall, as the interior designer has done here, enhances the artwork further creating an even more interesting and dynamic display. This is a great example that gallery walls are not just about the display itself, but also the backdrop on which it sits.

6. Impressive Large Wall Art Gallery


Image credit: damasketdentelle.com

If there was such a thing as a standard-size wall gallery, surely there is no reason why you can't simply supersize it!

So when it comes to creating your gallery wall and displaying artwork, maybe size does matter. By going with large colourful wall art galleries like these, it is easy to create a visually stunning and impressive wall decor display that will be sure to catch everyone's eye.

Furthermore, using large pieces of artwork is a great way to fill a large wall area without the need for purchasing lots of small pieces of art, or having to design a complicated layout to accommodate them. It also solves the issue of details in smaller artwork being drowned out and lost within a large gallery wall display.

7. Create a Travel Gallery Wall


Image credit: thegirlwhogoes.com

Travel gallery walls are a very unique, interesting and personal touch to your home decor. They not only serve as a perfect collection of memories from your travels, but also showcase your love for adventure, travelling, and new experiences.

When creating your very own travel wall, the first step is to gather your favourite travel photos and mementoes and set them out as you wish them to be displayed. This will save time and stress when it comes to transferring them to your wall.

It's important to think about the aesthetic you want to achieve with your gallery wall display. For a more mismatched eclectic look, consider using framed pieces in varying sizes, styles and finishes. Whereas, for a more uniform polished appearance, keep the size, colour and styling of each frame consistent.

With careful selection and arrangement, your gallery wall will become the main focal point of your chosen room, turning a blank canvas into a conversation piece among friends, family and guests. It's a creative and dynamic way to add travel vibes to your home decor.

8. Beautiful Boho Gallery Wall


Image credit: posterstore.co.uk

A bohemian-style gallery wall is a beautiful and stylish addition to any wall. It brings a touch of eclecticism, whimsy, and visual interest that is not present in other forms of wall decor.

The use of different mediums such as paintings, prints, mirrors, textiles, and even organic elements like feathers and natural wood pieces, adds a rich layer of texture, colour, and nature to your space, transforming an ordinary wall into a mesmerising gallery of art and design.

The Boho style is all about mixing and matching different styles, patterns, and textures to create cohesion within a visually stimulating display. This is exactly what a Boho gallery wall accomplishes, by providing all of these things in the form of a stunning wall decor display.

To create a Bohemian gallery wall, I suggest starting with a particular colour palette in mind, whether that be by using neutrals or bright vibrant hues. You can then mix and match different frames, canvases, and prints, in addition to incorporating eclectic pieces such as vintage finds, textiles, and wooden mirrors.

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9. Bright Retro Gallery Wall


Image credit: rocketjack.co.uk

Retro gallery wall ideas are best described as vintage-style or nostalgic retro art, prints, and other framed artwork arranged in a visually pleasing way. Retro gallery walls are great for evoking historic trends, storytelling, and personal style.

To achieve the perfect retro wall display, start by choosing a theme that runs through the entire display. This can be a colour scheme, a particular period, or a specific art style that you wish to reflect. Once this has been decided upon, it is time to gather the items that will make up your gallery wall.

Look for classic vintage movie posters, prints, photographs, and other decorative art that fit your theme. You can even create your custom-framed artwork using vintage fonts and images found online.

Plan your gallery arrangement by laying out your items on the floor or a table to get an idea of how they will look on the wall. You can experiment with different configurations until you find one that you like. When you are happy with your arrangement, it is time to hang the items on the wall.

Finally, to enhance the retro feel of your gallery wall, consider adding finishing touches such as vintage frames or retro metal signs. You can also think about adding lighting, such as directional wall lights, to highlight your wall art display.

10. A Natural Botanical Gallery Wall


Image credit: atelierauge.co.uk

Botanical gallery walls are known for their beautiful arrangements of natural dried and pressed plants, flowers, leaves, and other botanical specimens, often mounted or framed. But as this example shows, displaying prints or paintings, as well as photographs, could also give just as delicate and charming an effect.

This type of attractive wall display showcases the beauty of nature and the diversity of plant life around us. They are generally found in homes, offices, museums, and galleries. If you have artistic talents or are a keen hobbyist, this would be the perfect gallery wall idea to explore using these skills. After all, what have you got to lose, nothing ventured nothing gained!

11. Vibrant Hallway Gallery


Image credit: washingtonian.com

This vibrant navy blue and white striped hallway gallery walls not only serve to lead your eye into the dining room beyond but also match the colours too, giving a coherent aesthetic to both spaces.

Further consistency is present in the use of similar black frames framing the photos, albeit in different sizes. Although some may find this gallery wall idea too overpowering for such a small space, it does create the most impact possible and keeps all of these beautiful memories together in one place.

This idea also shows that the perfect backdrop to a gallery wall display does not have to be plain, and can also include more than one colour or design.

12. Line Drawing Gallery Wall


Image credit: hausandhues.com

Line drawing is appreciated for its pure simplicity, versatility, and ability to convey emotion and movement with just a few key lines and strokes. Incorporating line drawings into your gallery wall design will afford you a modern, chic and elegant finish to your living space decor.

Using this stylish form of wall art for your gallery wall allows you to showcase a wealth of drawing design possibilities from artists around the world. For a more individual touch, choose artwork that demonstrates a favourite drawing style that is more suited to your taste.

13. Black and White Photo Wall


Image credit: thehappyfarmhouse.com

Not only does a black and white photo wall serve as a stunning display of your favourite and most cherished memories, but it also brings cohesiveness and style to any blank space.

When selecting images for your photo gallery wall, it's wise to choose pictures that hold the most meaning to you or are particularly creative in the way they have been taken. To achieve maximum visual impact, consider keeping the size of each frame the same, to ensure a consistent look.

A uniform layout, such as a classic grid pattern in the example shown, can bring order to your gallery wall display, but you may wish to also consider experimenting with more creative arrangements such as an asymmetrical design.

14. Canvas Painting Artwork Display


Image credit: remodelaholic.com

More of a conventional art gallery than a wall display that you would find in a home, this next pick features a wall of painted canvas beach scenes. This visually stunning gallery wall arrangement not only serves as a beautiful artistic display, but also evokes a feeling of calmness and serenity, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, or living rooms.

Limiting the colour palette, in the case of this example to blues and whites, creates an aesthetic unity across the wall area, while still allowing each painting to stand out and make its own statement.

If you like to paint and wish to achieve a similar look yourself, I suggest painting both abstract and realistic beach scenes using a range of similar shades, including light blue, navy, off-white, turquoise, and aqua. However, If your artistic talents don't stretch this far (like most of us) feel free to go on a buying spree instead!

Whichever gallery wall route you choose, each canvas should showcase its unique texture and detailing, which will elevate the overall wall art display and bring a strong element of tranquillity into your home.

15. Unique Eclectic Wall Gallery


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

Creating an eclectic gallery wall display is a fantastic way to bring a new level of personality and uniqueness to any room within your home. By carefully collecting a range of art pieces, from vintage collectables to modern prints and quirky nick-nacks, you'll be able to elevate your wall space into an artistic curation.

Eclectic gallery wall ideas should showcase your personal style, interests and quirks, and comprise of a diverse collection of art pieces, including paintings, photographs, prints, sculptures, and other interesting decorative items.

This gallery style is produced using a wide mix of colours, textures, shapes, and sizes, and the use of unexpected elements and patterns. The overall effect will be a visually impactful display that will add character and interest to your space.

16. Modern Photo Wall Display


Image credit: mkenvision.com

It's hard not to appreciate the beauty and personal touch that modern artistic photos, like the ones in my example, can bring to a gallery wall display. By incorporating photos that you have taken yourself, you have the opportunity to create a unique and personalised touch that truly reflects your personality and interests.

The arrangement of photos on gallery walls is important in allowing you to tell a story, showcasing different phases of your life, places you’ve visited, or simply things you love. This creates a meaningful and personal connection on the empty wall.

Modern photo gallery walls not only add interest to a room, in the ways that have already been described, but are a wonderful way to showcase your photography skills, should you be a keen photographer yourself.

17. Vertical Gallery Wall Layout


Image credit: melissafrusco.com

Utilising a vertical layout for your gallery wall can bring certain positive benefits to the room in which it is implemented. Firstly, it creates visual height and a more dramatic display on the wall, whilst also drawing the eye upward and making the space feel taller.

Secondly, by organising your gallery wall vertically, you can maximize the use of wall space, effectively displaying more pieces of art in a smaller area. A vertical layout can also be used to focus attention on a specific piece of art, as the eye can be drawn directly to it.

Finally, the narrow vertical nature of the display is perfect for any areas of the wall that are simply not wide enough to arrange your photos, prints or art in any other way.

18. Emphasise Gold Accents


Image credit: thedecorfix.com

The warm and luscious golden tone of these photo frames creates a stunning aesthetic on the white wall behind them and is the perfect colour choice to showcase precious memories and special moments.

If your living room or dining space is adorned with beautiful gold accents, such as table lamps, mirrors, and pieces of furniture, using gold matching frames within your gallery wall display will add a further touch of elegance and sophistication to your decor. It also gives a fully cohesive look to the space.

Whether you choose to display family photos, prints, or artwork, you won't go far wrong creating a gallery wall purely utilising gold-framed images.

19. Contemporary Gallery Wall


Image credit: sarahvailedesign.com

More and more homeowners are choosing to follow a contemporary design style in their homes, and within their rooms decor schemes.

Contemporary art, whether that be framed prints, paintings or sculptures can help to enhance a contemporary space, stimulating the mind and encouraging people to see the world in new and interesting ways.

The beauty of a contemporary gallery wall lies heavily in its ability to evoke an emotional response and stimulate your imagination. Whether this is through the use of colour, texture, form, or other visual elements, contemporary wall displays can inspire wonder, artistic appreciation, and even a view into the creative minds of the artists themselves.

20. Clean Minimalist Photo Wall


Image credit: nationsphotolab.com

The professionally taken black and white family photos on display here are proof, if proof were needed, of how well an understated photo wall gallery can enhance and beautify a small wall space. The choice of light neutral wooden frames and white picture mounts is the perfect refined choice of contrast to the expanse of white walls around.

Creating your large or small gallery wall in a way such as this, is a great solution for any modern home decor, with the key to its success being subtlety and neutrality.

21. Mix and Match Picture Frames


Image credit: yorkavenueblog.com

In stark contrast to the last three gallery wall ideas, this on-trend display idea is all about mixing and matching picture frames to create a truly bespoke display of paintings, prints and drawings.

Using a multitude of different frame styles, sizes and colours helps to keep each piece of art, within the gallery wall, unique and standing out in its own right from the pieces around it. It is also handy if you have any old picture frames lying around the house that are not currently being used, you can very easily include them in the wall display without being concerned whether they will go.

22. Create a Nature Gallery Wall


Image credit: melaniejadedesign.com

If you like to go all out with your wall decor displays, this last gallery wall idea may be just what you have been searching for! Not only is this gallery wall an eclectic mix of different styles, frames, mediums and decor pieces but it has been combined with LED string lights to further highlight the uniqueness of this large space in the living room.

The predominant theme appears to be nature, as highlighted by the butterfly prints, flowers and other floral designs on the wall. This has been carried across into the decor of the room by the use of a green sofa, floral cushion designs and other foliage situated around the room.

23. A Fashion Photography Gallery Wall

Fashion Photography Gallery Wall

Image credit: collectordaily.com

Crafting a fashion photography gallery wall involves a fusion of aesthetics and storytelling. When selecting each collection of photographs, you should consider composition, lighting, and the narrative behind each image. I suggest opting for a cohesive theme, be it a specific era, iconic designers, or fashion movements, to ensure visual harmony.

The choice of frames is also crucial, think sleek, modern frames for a contemporary appeal or ornate ones for a vintage touch. Also, consider the colour of the wall, and use contrasting tones to fully enhance the visual impact of the photographs.

24. Utilise Wall Corners

A Corner Gallery Wall

Image credit: charlestoncrafted.com

To create a corner gallery wall, start by selecting frames that complement the corner's dimensions and embrace asymmetry with a mix of larger and smaller frames, giving a balanced visual appeal. I would also consider utilising corner shelves for a dynamic, three-dimensional display, allowing flexibility in arrangement.

When arranging photos or artwork on a corner gallery wall, ensure a balanced composition. Start with a larger piece as a focal point on one side, followed by smaller pieces gradually decreasing in size towards the opposite corner. This diagonal arrangement creates visual flow. Finally, Consider a mix of frame styles for added interest, and align the bottom edges for a clean finish.

25. Transform a Traditional Hanging Picture Rail

Hanging Picture Rail Picture Gallery

Image credit: taliejaneinteriors.com

To transform a traditional hanging picture rail into a photo or picture gallery, begin by installing the rail at eye level for optimal visibility and accessibility. Choose picture frames that complement the room's style and aesthetic for a cohesive look, or contrasting colours and designs for a more eclectic feel.

Maintain uniform spacing between frames, but play around with varying heights for a less contrived layout. My favourite thing about picture rails is that their functionality makes it easy to rearrange or add pieces when required. This method provides flexibility in creating a dynamic display without the need for additional holes in the wall. By exploiting the practicality of traditional picture rails, it's simple to hang a gallery wall and showcase it with ease and precision.

My Final Thoughts

I hope that these gallery wall ideas have given you some interesting ideas from which to acquire your very own gallery wall inspiration.

As you will have gleaned from the examples given, it's all about deciding on uniformity or variation within the layout, frame design and colour and ultimately deciding on what to include within your gallery wall display. Photos, prints, paintings, artwork and sculptures are all possibilities that can be included, but do you mix and match or stick to one medium?

The choice is yours! Take your time to enjoy the process and I'm sure you will end up with a curated gallery wall display that lives up to your expectations or even exceeds them.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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