Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas for any Budget

Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas for any Budget

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When designing bathrooms, we are sometimes guilty of overlooking the importance of choosing the right type of flooring. The bathroom floor not only adds to the overall aesthetic of the bathroom design but also plays a crucial role in providing a safe and hygienic environment.

I have explored some of the most widely used bathroom flooring ideas that will elevate the look and feel of your bathroom space, while also providing functionality and durability.

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Ceramic Floor Tiles


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In my opinion, one of the main benefits of using ceramic floor tiles is the waterproof nature of their surface, making them a great choice for bathroom use. Ceramic tiles are very easy to clean and available in a variety of plain or patterned tiles and sizes. An ever-popular choice among homeowners.

Ceramic floor tiles are also regarded as one of the best flooring choices for use with underfloor heating. This is because tiles are thin and conduct heat extremely well, which reduces the energy needed to warm up a room.


What Ceramic Tiles are Available?

The extensive range of colours and finishes that ceramic tiles offer, such as wood effect tiles, large format tiles or simply plain tiles, provide you with endless possibilities for creating the exact aesthetic you desire.

Glazed ceramic tiles, for example, have a glossy finish that is resistant to discolouration and scratches, which makes them particularly durable and long-lasting. Matte finishes, on the other hand, offer more grip underfoot, but will require some form of maintenance due to their propensity to mark and wear.

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Bathroom Carpet - Create Warmth Underfoot


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If you like a soft and cosy feeling underfoot, carpet is the bathroom flooring option to go for. In addition to the sumptuous look it offers, carpet can also provide excellent sound insulation.

To ensure its durability and functionality in a damp and frequently cleaned space, one of the most critical factors to consider with bathroom carpet is its ability to withstand moisture and a humid atmosphere.

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Further Considerations for Carpeted Floors

The type of fibre or pile of the carpet you choose is another important consideration when selecting the right material for a bathroom. Carpets with low-looped fibres may not hold up well over time due to water exposure, while shaggy piles might not provide sufficient cushioning or sound insulation in a bathroom setting.

Finally, from an aesthetic point of view, colour is another key factor to bear in mind. The colour of the carpet can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the space.

Bathroom Vinyl Flooring


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Vinyl flooring's biggest strength is that it is moisture and water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for wet environments such as the bathroom. This also prevents the growth of mould and mildew, which can be a significant health hazard if left untreated.

Another reason why vinyl is a popular choice for bathrooms is its ease of maintenance and cleaning. Vinyl floors are incredibly easy to keep clean, and spills can be quickly wiped away, preventing stains from setting in.

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More Benefits to Vinyl Floors

As far as bathroom flooring ideas go, vinyl options are extensive, making it easy to find a style and colour that complements the overall design of your bathroom.

From a price perspective, vinyl is also a cost-effective solution compared to other types of flooring and offers an affordable alternative to more expensive materials such as ceramic tiles, without compromising on style, quality and durability.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


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Made from PVC resin, LVT is a synthetic material that can be designed to mimic the look of stone or wood, offering a wide range of styles, colours, textures, and patterns. Not only do luxury vinyl tiles offer a high-end look, but cleaning and upkeep are incredibly easy to handle, simply sweep away any dirt and debris, and mop with warm soapy water.

LVT is also another smart choice for humid environments, as it is engineered to be impervious to moisture and water resistant, owing to its additional layer of waterproof backing material. This will help to protect your subflooring from moisture damage.

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Fitting Options

This vinyl floor option is commonly available in the form of planks or tiles and either requires gluing to the floor surface or is peel-and-stick, making installation a breeze for even novice DIYers. You can easily install this type of bathroom flooring on top of your existing subfloor without the need for specialised tools or a professional fitter.

Bathroom Laminate Wood Flooring


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Laminate flooring is solid, durable and a relatively easy-to-install bathroom floor option. It is made up of four separate layers of high-density wood fibre (HDF) which is made from compressed fibres extracted from wood chips. The quality that you choose will dictate the thickness, density and resistance to moisture.

Generally, the thicker the board, the stronger and more robust the floor will be, whereas a higher density will give better protection against scratches, chips and wear.

What Makes Laminate Flooring a Good Option?

Laminate flooring comes in an array of surface styles that can mimic the look of hardwood, stone, tile, and even metal. Laminate floors are also easy to keep clean and maintain, unlike some other flooring materials that require frequent re-sealing or refinishing.

Concrete Flooring - Contemporary Design


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Albeit a lot less used than my other bathroom flooring ideas, concrete is another excellent flooring option for a bathroom, mainly due to its remarkable durability, low maintenance requirements and water resistance. When sealed correctly, concrete floors can withstand years of heavy use, and humidity from showers or tubs, and are also stain-resistant.

Beyond being incredibly durable, concrete floors are versatile in terms of their aesthetic appeal. They can be painted or stained in a wide range of colours and designs or highly polished for an opulent reflective finish.

Additional Ideas for Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring can be transformed into a beautiful work of art through the use of stencils or stamping mats, creating unique patterns or designs that can be the centrepiece of any bathroom. Proper maintenance of your concrete floor will ensure its longevity, and with regular cleaning and the occasional resealing, your concrete floor will maintain its beauty and durability for many years.

Real Wood Flooring


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Real wood flooring creates a warm and inviting look that adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom space. When it comes to integrating a wood floor into your bathroom, there are many different shades and wood types available, making it a versatile choice that can work with any bathroom design styles.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that natural wood is vulnerable to moisture and humidity, which can cause warping and even rotting over time. Therefore, it's crucial to properly seal and maintain your wooden flooring periodically.

Solid Harwood Flooring - Authentic Rustic Design

If you are considering fitting solid hardwood floor, bathroom flooring maintenance plays an even more important role. This is because they are more prone to water damage than engineered wood flooring alternatives. When installed correctly, using the appropriate maintenance routine, wooden flooring is a particularly beautiful choice.

Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles


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If you want to create a truly unique and high-end look in your bathroom, I recommend using real stone tiles. They are available in various options, including marble, granite, slate, and travertine, allowing you to choose the perfect finish to complement your room vision.

Marble is a particularly popular choice for natural stone bathroom tiles because of its luxurious appearance and hard-wearing nature. Marble tiles exude elegance and are perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom space.

Granite, Slate and Travertine Tiles

Granite tiles are another great choice that is incredibly hard-wearing and resistant to scratches and stains, the smooth surface providing a sleek and modern look to any bathroom design.

For a more natural rustic feel, slate tiles are the ones to go for, their unique texture and colour variations make each tile a one-off piece. Slate is also incredibly slip-resistant, which is ideal for wet areas like the bathroom.

Finally, travertine tiles are perfect for achieving a classic Mediterranean look and feel. Travertine is also easy to maintain, offering a perfect low-maintenance option.

Rubber Bathroom Flooring - High Practicality


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Shop Rubber Bathroom Flooring

When it comes to bathroom flooring ideas, rubber is an ideal option for areas with high moisture and wet conditions, as it is naturally slip and water-resistant. This is especially true in constantly wet areas such as a shower or wet room, where safety is a primary concern.

Rubber flooring is an affordable option that also provides excellent sound absorption, which is essential for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom space.

Other Rubber Flooring Benefits

Rubber flooring comes in a range of colours and finished detailing, giving you the flexibility to customise the look and feel of your bathroom floor. It is effortless to clean and maintain, requiring only occasional sweeping and mopping. The versatility of rubber means that it can be perfectly cut to shape and trimmed to fit around any fixtures and fittings like toilets or bathtubs, providing a neat and tidy finish.

The final advantage of rubber flooring is its ability to retain heat better than many other materials used in the bathroom, such as tile or laminate, making it relatively warm underfoot.

Porcelain Floor Tiles


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Porcelain bathroom tiles are unrivalled for their combination of beauty and durability. This tile type is particularly adaptable for bathroom flooring due to its remarkable moisture-resistant properties and extensive range of colour options, shapes, and sizes.

In addition to being moisture-resistant, porcelain floor tiles offer excellent durability and are resistant to stains, cracks, and fading. Porcelain tiles also often come pre-glazed which eliminates the need for additional sealants or waxes after installation.

Two further advantages of porcelain tiles are their ease of installation, which makes them ideal for DIY home projects, and that they are one of the best bathroom flooring options for underfloor heating.

Cork Flooring for Bathroom


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Cork flooring offers natural warmth and comfort underfoot that will transform your bathroom into a cosy and inviting space. Its unique cellular structure also makes it naturally mould and water resistant and resilient to mildew growth, ensuring that your bathroom remains hygienic and free of harmful microbes.

Another benefit of cork flooring is its excellent sound-dampening capabilities. Making it great at reducing noise from foot traffic, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil bathroom experience.

Fitting and Maintenance of a Cork Floor

Cork floor tiles are easy to install yourself, either via the use of adhesive, or selecting cork tiles with a pre-applied adhesive backing. Finally, cleaning cork flooring is a breeze as it naturally repels liquids instead of absorbing them, while regular sweeping or vacuuming will help keep dirt and debris at bay.

Resin Floor - Modern, Clean and Sleek


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Resin offers an extensive range of options for covering bathroom floors and wet rooms, including solid colours, glitter effects and decorative designs that can significantly enhance the overall look of your bathroom or shower room.

Not only are resin floors aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a safe and secure surface with anti-slip finishes that ensure they remain slip-resistant even in wet conditions. Resin floors are also highly resistant to staining and scratching, ensuring they maintain their elegant appearance over time.

Can You Pour a Resin Floor Yourself?

It is possible to pour a resin floor yourself, but for most, I would advise hiring a professional installer. Unlike traditional tiled floors resin eliminates the need for grouting, which can discolour and corrode over time. By choosing resin flooring you can create a highly functional and seamless effect.

Once installed, resin floors require minimal care and upkeep, with regular mopping and occasional sealing being the only maintenance requirements to preserve their appearance and longevity.

Pebble Floor Tiles - Create a Beach Vibe


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Pebble bathroom tiles are a stunning and innovative way to enhance the overall aesthetic of any bathroom flooring. These unique tiles are a quirky choice for anyone who wants to infuse their space with texture and give their bathroom personality. Their organic feel adds warmth and tranquillity, while the sophistication of the natural stones adds an element of luxury.

Installation is an easy process and most pebble tiles come pre-assembled on mesh backing, which helps to simplify the fitting. Once stuck down to the floor surface, the pebble tiles will only require grouting for completion.

Terrazzo Flooring for the Bathroom


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Despite having been around for centuries, terrazzo flooring has never lost its popularity in modern homes due to its exceptional durability, low maintenance needs, and attractive appearance.

Authentic Terrazzo floors are crafted by mixing small pieces of marble, granite, quartz or other materials with a cement-like binding agent, before polishing them until they are smooth. The resulting surface creates a captivating random pattern that adds texture and interest to any bathroom floor surface.

One of the standout features of terrazzo flooring is its incredible resistance to scratches, stains, and moisture damage.

Linoleum Bathroom Flooring


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From bold geometric patterns to subtle textures, linoleum can add a beautiful finishing touch to any bathroom design and is a perfect option if budget is a consideration.

As one of the most popular on my list of bathroom flooring ideas, lino is known for its impressive lifespan, lasting up to 40 years if properly installed and maintained. To ensure it stays looking new and fresh, regular mopping with a cloth mop and cleaning solution is recommended. However, it is crucial to wipe up spills promptly as lino is not entirely stain-proof.

My top tip: It is essential before fitting this type of flooring to ensure that the subfloor is level and clean before laying down the linoleum. This preparation will ensure the final result is not only even and level but also secure and long-lasting.

My Final Thoughts

When considering different bathroom flooring ideas, remember to prioritise durability, water resistance, and ease of maintenance, to ensure your bathroom floor remains pristine for years to come. When you're ready to choose flooring for a bathroom don't hesitate to experiment with colours, patterns, and textures to infuse a personal touch into the design.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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