25 Boho Bedroom Ideas for the Perfect Bohemian Vibe

25 Boho Bedroom Ideas for the Perfect Bohemian Vibe

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As the world of interior design evolves, so too do the popular bedroom styles. Boho bedroom ideas are a perfect example of this ever-changing landscape. Boho chic is all about blending different cultures and styles to create a unique, one-of-a-kind look, being creative and having fun with your space.

When most people think of bohemian, they might imagine free-spirited, carefree people who live a life of leisure and travel. While this may be true for some, the modern definition of bohemianism is more about self-expression and finding your unique style. This is especially true when it comes to decorating your bedroom.

If you wish to add boho flair to your bedroom decor, start by browsing online shops or flea markets for eclectic pieces that reflect your taste and style.

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Here are some tips to help you get started on creating your very own boho style bedroom retreat.

What Colours for a Boho Bedroom?


Image credit: davistaylortrading.com

Boho-style bedrooms do not have a particular colour scheme that you are restricted to. The colour palette can be anything you want, from bright, bold colours, to more muted white walls of Scandi design.

Feel free to use daring hues, gorgeous patterns and earth tones whilst adding natural materials into the design. Do not be afraid to mix and match different colours, as it helps make your bohemian decor ideas so unique and eye-catching.

Consider using bright colours for your Boho bedroom decor to create a fun and eclectic look.

Boho Bedroom Furniture


Image credit: blog.ruggable.com

Get the look...
BTFY Rattan Bedside Tables Set of 2 - Nightstands w/Wood Veneer - Wicker Bedside Cabinets - Scandi Style 1 Drawer Bedside Tables for Bedroom w Tapered Legs & Gold Handles - Side Tables Living Room
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White Duvet Cover Double Bohemian Diamond Boho Textured Bedding Set Geometric Tufted Moroccan 3 Pieces 200x200 Boho Jacquard

Second-hand repurposed, or upcycled furniture works well in a bohemian-themed room as their eclectic nature perfectly fits within a Boho-style space.

Add unique pieces of rattan furniture to give your bedroom a Boho vibe. You might also want to consider a unique headboard or footboard, like those made of metal or wood.

Adding a rug in front of your bed can make the space feel cosy and more inviting, not to mention that it can jazz up an otherwise plain and bland floor space. Maybe consider incorporating a Persian rug into your Boho style bedroom. Persian rugs, with their intricate designs and rich history, can add a beautiful touch of elegance to your space.

Boho Accessories to Adorn Your Space


Image credit: magzhouse.com

Accessorise with these...
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Never forget about the accessories! Accessories can include anything from rugs and pillows to artwork and table or floor lamps. A patchwork quilt or colourful throw pillows can add texture, personality and style to the space.

By choosing accessories that reflect your style, you can create a room that feels like an expression of who you are and not just a mismatch of various objects.

When it comes to window treatments, to fit in with the boho style, they are generally made of light and sheer materials like voile. This allows natural light to enter the room, creating a soft and warming hue.

Textiles for a Boho-Style Room


Image credit: voguenest.com

Textile cushions I love...
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Textiles are important in any bedroom design. This is especially true for boho style bedrooms. They add colour, texture, and pattern to the space, helping to create a look that reflects your style. When creating an authentic bohemian style, use organic and natural elements, as they are essential in Boho-style rooms.

Once you have a few key accessories, start layering in textiles like blankets, pillows, and rugs to create a comfortable and inviting space. Add warmth and cosiness by adding finishing touches might include draping a throw over a chair or tossing it over your duvet cover.

Floor Standing & Hanging Plants


Image credit: halehouse.org

Boho bedroom ideas are all about connecting with nature, so a few well-placed plants or baskets can help set the tone for your boho style bedroom design.

Hang a few plants from the ceiling and drape greenery from shelves and bookshelves to create a vernal ambience. Do not go crazy here though, and keep it simple. You should then be good to go.

If the upkeep and watering of the plants is not for you, you can create the same look with faux plants without the time and effort.

Lighting for a Bohemian-Themed Bedroom


Image credit: prolinerangehoods.com

Bohemian lighting fixtures commonly feature materials such as fringe, rope, beads, rustic metals, and even ceramics.

Other possible options include natural lighting, like candles, or creative lighting such as fairy lights or other types of string lights. The perfect way to set the mood for your boho style bedroom. At the end of the day, your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and feel comfortable.

Getting the lighting right is an important step as it sets the mood and can create the perfect environment for reading, working, or just relaxing at the end of a busy day.

Boho Wall Decor Ideas

Boho wall decor is often colourful and eclectic and includes items such as tapestries, mirrors, plants, and candles.

When it comes to choosing the decorative objects that you require, feel free to mix and match different pieces to create your unique look.

It's easy to neglect the wall decor element of Boho Interior design when there are so many other things to consider first. But wall decor is where you can add the perfect finishing touches to your Boho space, bringing all the elements of the room together.

Hanging Wall Tapestries


Image credit: alibaba.com

Check these out...
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Tapestries are a popular choice for boho style bedrooms, often featuring bright colours and patterns. They are used to add a Boho or hippie-chic vibe to any bedroom or living room space.

Boho wall tapestries are made from a variety of natural materials, including cotton, wool, and even silk.

When choosing a Boho tapestry for your home, it’s important to consider the overall style of the room you are decorating and if you want the tapestry to be the focal point of the space, choose one with bold colours or an intricate pattern. If you prefer a more subtle look, opt for one with muted colours and a simple design.

There is no right or wrong as to the one to go for, it is simply down to personal taste and finding a Boho-style tapestry that best suits your space.

Bohemian Wall Mirrors


Image credit: pinterest.com

Get the look...
28 Inch Round Rattan Wall Mirror, Handmade Woven Rattan Sunflower Shape Framed Hanging Circle Mirror, Boho Style Wall Decor for Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Hallway, and Entryway, Natural
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Boho wall mirrors add a warm personality to any living space or bohemian bedroom. They not only look great and help to reflect light, adding a natural brightness to your room but also possess a certain natural charm that feels homely and inviting.

As many Boho-style mirrors are smaller in size than regular wall mirrors, it is a good idea to group different sizes and styles. This will result in a more interesting and eclectic display.

Natural Boho Wall Baskets


Image credit: chicnchill.net

Get the look...
GRID FORTE Wall Basket Decor - Set of 5, Hanging Woven Baskets Natural Decorative Bowls for Living Room or Bedroom, Boho Home Decor Wicker Rattan Unique Wall Art
Eabern Woven Wall Basket Decor-Boho Wall Hanging Baskets Decor,Round Hand Woven Rattan Wall Art for Living Room Bedroom Farmhouse Decor
EXA Set of 15 Hanging Woven Wall Basket Decor Summer Bloom Round Decorative Large Wall Decor - Handmade Seagrass Baskets - Rattan Wall Art, Flat Wicker Woven Basket Wall Decors for Boho Farmhouse

Boho wall baskets are a must-have for any boho style bedroom. They add the perfect touch of natural design and can be used for a variety of purposes. From flatter decorative baskets as shown above, to larger ones for hanging plants or storing towels etc.

They not only have a beautiful Boho style to them but are also handmade from natural materials. Both are equally as stylish and functional in their own right.

Boho Bedroom Inspiration

I have spent time and effort trawling through a variety of Boho bedroom ideas and from these collated several stunning Bohemian bedroom styles to inspire you.

My sincere hope is that they leave you with some great ideas and inspiration for completing your own Boho vibes bedroom project.

Feel free to mix and match elements of different Boho style bedroom examples and use these to create a one-of-a-kind bedroom design that you can cherish.

Modern Boho Bedroom Design


Image credit: homedude.co

Rather than going all out for a full-on Boho aesthetic, the interior designer of this bedroom has gently and subtly only hinted at it.

Although this could be a modern-themed master bedroom anywhere in the world, the canvas art, light shade, mirror and wooden furniture all point to a Boho-style aesthetic.

This is a truly modern and sophisticated take on a simplistic Boho vibe that will stand the test of time. It can also easily be updated to a different design theme when the mood takes you, by simply switching out the Boho decor pieces already mentioned and replacing them with that of the new decor scheme.

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Traditional Boho with a Modern Edge


Image credit: rileyonmain.com

The multi-coloured floral-designed Boho bedding, cushions and matching colourful lampshade all point to a very traditional Boho look. However delve deeper and there are some modern elements included, such as the flowery 3D art piece above the bed, and a contemporary table lamp adorning the side table.

What this goes to show is what an eclectic mix some bohemian-style bedrooms have. With modern and traditional design pieces sitting side by side and still working together in harmony.

Rustic Natural Earthy Tones


Image credit: thewondercottage.com

This boho style bedroom decor instantly feels warm, cosy and inviting with its earthy tones and soft shades of pink and blue.

Natural materials have been used within the rustic wooden bed frame and accessories, which not only adds to the bohemian style but also the cosiness and warm feeling of the room.

Finally, natural greenery has been added in various areas within the space and at differing heights, tying the whole earthy vibe theme together.

Monochrome Boho Chic Bedroom


Image credit: thecardswedrew.com

Black and white are a great colour combination for bedrooms in general and this monochrome boho chic bedroom is no exception.

Everything has been selected and placed to add complimentary layers to the overall boho style, from the black lines in the patterned rug, throw, white bedding and cushions, to the ratten starburst mirror and hanging plants.

Jute rugs are a further great addition to any boho bedroom decor. They are synonymous with the boho style and the natural textures give an extra dimension to a boho chic bedroom.

All these interior design elements sit perfectly as the focal point and visual interest against a backdrop of white neutral walls.

Boho Style Bedroom on a Budget


Image credit: coasterfurniture.com

The styling of this modern Boho chic bedroom creates a wonderfully calming, light and airy feel. With the light wood tones of the headboard, wooden palette and wall hangings, and the clean and crisp white-washed walls, the modern Boho-style is there, but subtle.

All of the elements used, such as the upcycled palette, bed, plants and the woven textures of the wall decorations are budget-friendly items, showing that the Boho style can be created in a very cost-conscious way.

Moroccan Style Boho Minimalism


Image credit: pinterest.com

In this Moroccan-inspired boho decor bedroom example, the dark wooden flooring and bed frame have been chosen to contrast with the white patterned rug, bedding and bedside tables.

Deep grey is carried across the main wall, part of the feature wall and within the top bedding layer and cushions. This creates the perfect balance between dark wood and white furniture and accessories.

As in many boho decor schemes, plants are the finishing touch that brings nature into the fold. In this case, different styles and heights of plants are used to add variety, including macrame plant hangers which cleverly hang from the bedside light fixtures. These tie in with the large macrame wall hanging above the headboard.

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Bright Contemporary Boho


Image credit: cozylivinglife.com

This predominantly all-white bedroom is a contemporary modern take on a boho-inspired vibe, with its natural textures, soft and tactile materials and luscious greenery playing the starring roles.

The natural tones of the pampas grass in the window, bedside lamps and the rattan of the basket and light fitting are the perfect finishing touches that bring the theme to life.

Cosy and Comforting Boho Chic


Image credit: pinterest.com

Although this last example is not a bedroom, the same colour scheme, warm colours and interior design ideas could be used to create an equally stunning boho style bedroom.

Textiles are again a key element of this boho design and the relatively neutral colour palette across the various decorative elements of the room align perfectly.

The gallery wall is a new idea not seen thus far and serves to add character and personality to the space without taking away or overpowering the overall theme. Plants and hanging vines are the extra decorative flourish.

Fresh Bohemian Vibe


Image credit: cozyhome101.com

Set to a clean and bright white background, this Boho style bedroom is a paired-back, modern take on a Boho theme.

Touches such as the bamboo blind, floral motif statement headboard, pampas grass, greenery and textiles of the throw and rug, all work together in harmony to create what is a cool, fresh-looking Boho-themed bedroom.

Black and White Boho Bedroom


Image credit: blog.ruggable.com

This bedroom design is slightly different from the more widely copied colourful or warmer-toned Bohemian styles. Other than the warmer creams within the hanging tapestry and throw cushions, and the natural warmth from the impressive floor-to-ceiling panelled headboard, the colours are mainly muted to black and white.

The intricate designs within the large area rug and throw pillows are the prominent patterns on display, but are well balanced by the plain white walls and bedding between and surrounding them.

Finally, greenery is well used both at the foot of the bed and on the bedside tables, creating the outside inside look and feel that the Boho theme demands.

Neutral Tones Bohemian Bedroom


Image credit: trendir.com

The warm neutral tones of the textured throws and Boho bedding create a super cosy and inviting space in which to relax and sleep.

A sumptuous fluffy rug, intricately carved headboard and mixture of plants in different areas of the room and at differing heights, all add another layer of authenticity to the Boho bedroom decor effect.

French Floral Boho Style Bedroom


Image credit: pinterest.com

The French floral Boho aesthetic of this beautiful pink, white and gold bedroom screams of a modern contemporary Boho chic bedroom of today.

A rattan lamp, sunburst mirror and greenery are all key staple elements of the Bohemian style. Add to these the French chic drawers, gold accents and floral rug and you are left with this modern Boho style room design. A personal favourite of all of my Boho bedroom ideas.

Rustic Bohemian Bedroom


Image credit: pinterest.com

If you are looking for a way to create Boho bedroom decor on a budget, then this rustic design is a great place to start.

A simple bed built from cheap but sturdy delivery palettes and a rustic upcycled table tie in seamlessly with the other Bohemian pieces of the throw, cushions, rug and plants.

The beautiful cactus tapestry is an extra special touch which brings warm colours and the owner's personality into the space, with the added benefit of not leaving the walls bare and lifeless.

Hanging bulbs and fairy lights add a final flourish of Bohemian style and offer not only the practicality of task lighting but a cosy warm hue at night.

Bright White Boho Elegance


Image credit: pinterest.com

Not many Boho bedroom ideas are single-colour focused, yet this modern Boho style room decor barely deviates away from a pure bright white colour.

While on the surface this may sound plain, bland and boring, this Boho style bedroom is far from it.

To make up for the lack of colour, numerous textures, patterns and clusters of warm cosy light have been cleverly integrated into this bedroom space. The detailed nature-inspired carving of the impressively sized headboard is a triumph of design and a main focal point of the room.

Colourful Boho Hippy Bedroom


Image credit: pinterest.com

This final example from my list of Boho bedroom ideas has more of a hippy vibe than previous Boho bedroom decor examples.

The true eclectic mix of materials, colours, patterns and textures all add to the overall interior design of the Boho bedroom space.

Natural materials have been chosen for their Bohemian vibes, and are evident in the statement wicker chair, blocks of wall art above the bed and textiles on the bedroom floor, bed and elsewhere within the room.

A beautiful fresh and airy hippy bedroom design that anyone would love to stay in.

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My Final Thoughts

For the perfect Boho bedroom ideas start with the fundamental process of choosing natural wall colours, such as white, off-white or cream. Then add extra colour and texture by layering throws, rugs and accessories one piece at a time.

Be sure to use plenty of natural materials, like rattan and wicker, within the furniture and accessories and don't forget to add plants!

Boho bedrooms are an extension of your personality, taste and style, however eclectic that may be. So enjoy the process and have fun designing your Boho bedroom!

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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