Creative Bedroom Wall Ideas - My Top 30 Picks

Creative Bedroom Wall Ideas - My Top 30 Picks

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One of the most challenging aspects of decorating any room, particularly when it comes to bedroom wall ideas, is making the most of the wall space in a measured and cohesive way.

To help inspire you to decorate your bedroom (or your kid’s bedroom), I've compiled a list of my 30 favourite, bedroom wall decor ideas that you can try for yourself, without the need for an interior designer on hand.

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1. Add A Statement Headboard


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The wall behind the bed is often overlooked because, typically, the headboard takes up much of the sleep space. But what if you made the headboard itself a work of art?

Statement headboards are a fast-growing trend, and there’s no shortage of options to match your style and bedroom wall decor ideas. Some examples include bold patterned fabric, classic tufted leather, or even shiplap or rustic wood.

If you have an interesting headboard, you’ll not need to worry about adding other unique artwork around the bed, as you’ll have an attractive focal point that provides visual interest to the room.

2. Create A Bedroom Gallery Wall


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Gallery wall ideas are a classy way to surround yourself with sentimental memories, images of loved ones, or reminders of things that inspire you. Print out some large canvases of your favourite family photos and arrange them on a blank bedroom wall for a touching tribute. You can even add a vinyl wall decal or two to the gallery wall as a backdrop or for extra artistic effect. Select images that inspire you, your child’s artwork, or even a mixture of personal images, framed art, and quotes.

There are many bedroom wall decor ideas for a well-designed gallery wall. The key to its success is choosing the images, artwork, or art prints that you want to add to the bedroom wall ahead of time. Then lay them out to create a template, before hanging them up on the wall.

3. Inspirational Wall Stickers


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Wall stickers are a great wall art option for both an adult's master bedroom and a child's bedroom. Not only are they very versatile, but they are also simple to apply and can instantly personalise the space.

An inspirational quote sticker, for instance, can help set the tone for the day, whereas a funny verse can cheer you up when you are feeling down. You can also choose to add a family name or monogram to your wall for the ultimate bedroom wall decor personalisation.

On the walls of children’s bedrooms, stickers can take the form of a magical scene, a favourite character, or even a sentimental growth chart. This unique form of wall art has so many possibilities and makes a unique, low-commitment way to personalise any bedroom wall.


4. Display Wall Mirrors


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It’s no secret that mirrors make any room look larger and reflect the light in a way that can be enchanting. Therefore, a carefully curated collection of wall mirrors, or even a single large mirror, will add an element of interest and design to your bedroom wall decor.

Group together several smaller geometric-shaped mirrors to create an elegant and cohesive effect. Or lean a large mirror up against the wall as a single statement piece. Whichever you choose, you’ll have a designated place to check your outfit or face before heading out.

I have written a comprehensive article on how to hang wall mirrors that you will find useful should you choose to pursue bedroom wall decor ideas that involve any type of mirrors.

5. Wallpaper Feature Wall


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In my opinion, no longer considered old-fashioned, wallpaper has become a smart way to update bedroom walls and create visual interest in a space. Although wallpapering a whole room can be labour-intensive, or sometimes seem too busy around an entire room, using wallpaper on a single accent wall can create a focused point of interest without being overbearing.

Choose a bold, geometric pattern, classic preppy stripes, or a feminine floral for a look that shows off your style. Or in a children’s bedroom, consider using bold colours or a textured design to create a space that will grow with them and give off happy vibes.

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6. Faux Brick or Stone Textured Wall


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A faux stone wall is similar to a statement headboard but on a larger scale. This unique bedroom wall decor idea can create a cosy ambience and make a large bedroom seem less sterile.

As you can see from the example, a whitewashed brick wall effect gives an appealing rustic appeal, whereas a stone wall will add nature and warmth. You can also add texture to blank walls by using wood or moulding in a way that best matches your style and other bedroom wall decor ideas.

7. Add Your Monogram


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Adding a large monogram to any bedroom wall decor is a bold way to assert identity into a space. For example, you could choose to add a large monogram wall sticker to your bedroom wall, personalising the space with minimum effort.

Other options include wooden cut-outs, metal fabricated monograms, or a design that is stencilled directly onto the bedroom wall using paint. Monograms work well in an adult master bedroom setting but are particularly charming in a nursery. If you’re working on a kid’s bedroom walls, try adding the child’s full name in chunky metal or wooden letters, or spelling it out with unique framed artwork.

8. Add a Statement Piece of Art


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When hanging pictures, like a bold statement piece of artwork, the bigger it is the better (within reason of course!). First, decide on the specific style that you wish to go for, do you opt for abstract, realism or modern art? Once a decision has been made, find the most stand-out piece you can afford and hang it in pride of place. Adding a large piece of art onto a bedroom wall instantly draws the eye the minute that you enter the space, creating the perfect focal point.

I suggest, as part of your bedroom wall decor ideas, that you don't choose anything too on-trend or a passing fad, as the initial joy may wear off very quickly. The more classic the piece, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy it, and it won’t go out of style.

9. Carefully Curated Shelves


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Some floating or built-in shelves look great in a bedroom and are a beautiful way to show off souvenirs, photographs and decorative objects. In a child’s room, you can use shelves to display their favourite toys, finished Lego creations, or trophies/medals from sporting events or competitions.

For adult bedroom wall decor ideas, stick to colour-coordinated book collections, family photos, small plants, or items collected during trips abroad or staycations.

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10. Rock-Climbing Wall


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For a child’s bedroom or any kid at heart, a rock-climbing wall is a great way to add adventure and interest to any blank bedroom wall. Simply add colourful climbing holds on the wall, as required, to make a fun way to get some energy out at the end or start of the day.

Once you have added this to their bedroom wall, you can literally give your kids permission to go and “climb the walls”! I wouldn't suggest that it is the best use of space for a small bedroom or guest room though!

11. Add A Colourful Tapestry


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Wallpaper and paint aren’t the only ways to add colour and texture to an otherwise dull bedroom wall decor. Fabric tapestries are easy to hang and come in many different styles, patterns, and textures. They’re also a great way to add a Boho style to your bedroom walls and are perfect for renters, who may not be able to change the paint colour or make other types of wall modifications in their bedroom space.

An advantage to using tapestries and wall hangings within your bedroom wall decor ideas is that you can easily switch out the style for new ones whenever you’re decor, colour scheme, or mood changes.


12. Create a Painted Feature Wall


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As far as bedroom wall decor ideas go, accent walls have been popular for quite some time and are especially well-suited to a bedroom. In my experience, the most popular bedroom walls to paint are either the one right behind the headboard of the bed or the one directly adjacent to it.

Not only are they a clever design trick for visually framing the bed, but also add visual interest and a pop of colour. Don’t think you just have to stick to a single colour or design though, feature walls can include a multitude of colours and patterns, including stripes, chevron patterns, geometric designs, and even unique and fun decals to help liven up the plain wall space.

If blue is your colour of choice, you may like one of my other blog posts which I have dedicated to blue feature wall ideas.

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13. A Faux Plant Wall


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Although most bedrooms aren’t the ideal environment for growing plants, you can still add a touch of nature to your personal space and create a calming environment.

A faux plant bedroom wall is a great way to bring the outside in, without all the maintenance of looking after the real thing. You can choose to cover a whole wall with faux moss or boxwood plants, or you can opt for a more subtle approach by draping some ivy vines.

Another way to incorporate greenery into your bedroom wall decor ideas is to use a vertical wall planter and fill it with fake but realistic-looking greens.

14. Chalkboard Wall In A Kid’s Room


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Children love finding ways that they can be creative and they also love drawing on large surfaces, like bedroom walls. Adding a chalkboard wall makes it easy for them to express their creativity, by allowing them to doodle and write to their hearts content on one or more of their bedroom walls.

Chalkboard paint is a quick and easy update that adds an element of fun and freedom to a child’s living space. You can even buy magnetic chalkboard paint, which allows them to use the walls both as a chalkboard and as a way to play with magnetic toys or hang pictures and artwork.

15. Display Sports Equipment


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This bedroom wall decor idea is another creative way to liven up a child’s room and help show off their passions and interests. By simply using existing sports gear and memorabilia, you can create a three-dimensional wall that goes beyond paintings or posters.

One popular idea is to take several skateboards and mount them on the wall for a colourful and fun display. However, this idea also works for other sports equipment. Other interesting bedroom wall decor ideas along this theme are to mount hockey sticks, baseball bats, or tennis rackets in a group on the wall. Or, if your child is a basketball lover, a few mini-hoops mounted to the wall will not only make for a cool bedroom wall decor but also add a fun activity.


16. Hang a Giant Clock


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Clocks have always been an essential piece of classic decor. However, these days, not only do they serve an important purpose, but they are also designed for looks as well. As part of your bedroom wall decor ideas, why not consider adding a large wall clock to your bedroom wall decor as a functional statement piece?

Clocks also work well in children’s rooms, helping them learn time and stay accountable. You can also take an idea from international businesses and create a gallery of clocks, each showing a different time zone.

17. World Map Wall Decor


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A large world map will look great on both a children’s or adult bedroom wall and is a great way to take up part of a large wall that may otherwise be hard to fill with smaller pieces of artwork. For children’s bedroom walls, stick to colourful maps that help them learn about countries in a fun and interesting way. In an adult master bedroom, lean towards more monochrome pieces, such as silhouettes or colours that are more subdued.

You can also turn it into a large travel map, where you can artfully mark off places that you have visited or may wish to travel to someday.

18. Geometric Wall Art


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When it comes to interesting bedroom wall decor ideas, this three-dimensional wall art adds an element of surprise to any space and can make an otherwise boring bedroom wall decor come alive. Try mounting a piece of artwork made from metal or wood to add some texture and interest to your bedroom wall.

If you have a modern style in your bedroom, these artwork types are a perfect match. You can purchase pieces online or scout local artists’ markets for some one-of-a-kind pieces.

19. Romantic Twinkle Lights


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I love the effect of draping twinkle lights down a blank bedroom wall, especially when considering small bedroom ideas, as it creates a cosy atmosphere and effortlessly turns your space into a restful retreat. Use cafe-style or wall-drape lights to create the overall effect that you desire. You can even buy curtains with built-in LED lights to utilise the same effect over a window area.

It's fair to say that this sparkly rustic bedroom design wouldn't look out of place on my list of Boho bedroom ideas


20. Create a Starry Night


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Help your child feel like they are sleeping in space by adding adhesive glow-in-the-dark stars all over the bedroom walls and ceiling. These stars charge by the light of the day, and when the lights go out at night, they create a dreamy and mesmerising atmosphere.

Add to this some glow-in-the-dark planets to your bedroom wall decor ideas, and your child’s bedroom will be out of this world!

21.Nautical Theme Bedroom


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If you live near the beach or simply want to feel like you’re by the beach, create nautical-themed bedroom decorations.

For a simple but effective design, add starfish, anchors, or seashells in shadowboxes as your decoration, or drape a fishing net over the wall to tie the theme together.

22. Painted Wall Mural


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Even the largest of bedroom wall decor displays won’t take up an entire wall space, but you can create a customised art piece by painting a large mural on the whole bedroom wall area. It can be abstract, detailed, or even made using a combination of freehand painting, stencils, and wall decals. The idea is to create a bedroom wall design that makes you feel happy each and every time that you walk into the room.

With wall murals in particular, it is important to paint a design that is a unique representation of your personality and style, because let's face it, it may be on there for a while!

23. Shiplap Wall Panelling


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For a cosy farmhouse or cabin look, add some dark wood or white shiplap to the walls. You can integrate this design element as an accent wall or shiplap all of the bedroom walls for a totally unique look. Adding wooden slats to a bedroom wall creates a laid-back aesthetic that’s also clean and inviting. The best part is that it’s a classic style that will remain popular for years to come and ultimately add value to your house.

As a further resource for bedroom wall decor ideas, I have written a whole article dedicated to bedroom panelling ideas that may interest you.

24. Display your Shoes And Handbags


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If you’re limited on closet space or just have a collection worth showing off, you can create an appealing bedroom wall display of your favourite shoes or purses.

Install shelving that runs along the length of the wall, or use acrylic floating shelves instead, to create a place to proudly display your collection, whilst making it easily accessible.

25. Highlight Your Musical Instruments


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For the keen amateur or professional musician, walls can make a great place to show off your collection of guitars or other musical instruments. Attach some fixing mounts to the bedroom wall and artfully display guitars, violins, brass instruments, and more.

When it comes to children's bedroom wall decor ideas, you can create a fun musical activity wall by attaching a large xylophone, tambourines, bells to clink, and other ways to inspire creativity and help them to make music.

26. Show Off Your Record Collection


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Vinyl records are making a big comeback, so if you have a sizeable collection, you can display them artfully on your bedroom wall decor. This makes a better way of storing these iconic pieces of history than placing them in a bin or on a dusty shelf.

Choose to store them in their sleeves as a way to show off the variety and colourful designs, or take them out of the sleeves for a more monochrome look. Just make sure to use a mounting adhesive that won’t damage the records or their protective cardboard or paper sleeves.

27. Make a Lego-Building Wall


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Your child will stay entertained for hours with a fun Lego-building wall. Mount adhesive block-building base plates onto the wall and create a space as large or small as you desire. Stick a big bucket of colourful mixed blocks nearby and let your child’s imagination run wild.

This idea is a great way to incorporate, not only decoration but also function into a bedroom space.

28. Put your Sports Memorabilia on Display


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If you collect signed sports memorabilia and jerseys, the bedroom is a perfect place for displaying these special pieces. Frame them in a classic glass frame and display them artfully on a gallery wall to represent your hobby and show off your collection.

Children who play sports may enjoy creating a wall of their past jerseys, especially for special teams they were involved with or ones that represent certain milestones.

29. Create a Faux Flower Wall


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A faux flower wall is another great way to add colour from nature to your bedroom wall decor. Intelligently mount some realistic-looking faux flowers to the walls, or create a drape of them that cascades down.

This idea is another excellent way to artfully decorate a bedroom without making permanent changes, like changing the wall paint colour, or adding moulding panels or beading.

30. A Magnetic Wall for Play


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Children love to play with magnets, so if you mount a giant magnetic board to the bedroom wall decor, it will provide a place for them to play and be creative. Add magnetic numbers and letters for the pre-schooler and magnetic poetry tiles for older children's bedroom walls. You can also buy magnetic cars and trucks or magnetic puzzles to create an activity wall that will both inspire and entertain.

This is one of my favourite bedroom wall ideas and one that I would have loved as a kid!

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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