23 Blue Feature Wall Ideas for a striking interior design

23 Blue Feature Wall Ideas for a striking interior design

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Creating a unique feature wall is an attractive and interesting way to make any room stand out, adding depth and personality. If you are considering using blue in your interior design, a blue accent wall could be just what you need to pull your room design together, providing a beautiful backdrop.

Whether you are looking to add a subtle hint of colour, or something bold and dramatic, blue is a perfect hue to help you create a stunning and stylish look. From navy blue to light pastels, and vibrant blues to cooler tones, there are so many beautiful shades of blue walls that you can incorporate into your home's interior.

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Here are my inspiring interior design ideas for creating a stunning blue feature wall in your home.

Teal Panelled Accent Wall


Image credit: cuttingedgetrim.net

This beautiful teal-coloured accent wall not only works particularly well against the light grey of the adjacent walls, but the panelled detailing adds interest and three-dimensional form to the decor of the dining room.

The dark stained wooden flooring and matching shades of the dining set are the perfect contrast to the panelled wall, only separated by the large grey and blue area rug.

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Airforce Blue Bedroom Accent Wall


Image credit: crabtreeandcrabtree.com

The neatly painted edges of the white walls and ceiling against the blue of the accent wall create a crisp, tidy and professional finish to the bedroom decor.

The use of navy blue on the blind, deeper blues of the throw, chair and artwork, and the addition of grey bedding, headboard and ottoman, all give the whole room a cohesive and thought-out interior design.

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Dark Blue Feature Walls

Dark blue walls are elegant and stylish and could easily provide a modern twist to any traditional decor, or add depth to a more contemporary interior design.

A dark blue feature wall can create a calming atmosphere and provide the perfect backdrop for furnishings and artwork alike. Dark navy blue walls create the perfect contrast against light furniture and accents, creating maximum visual impact.


Alternatively, paint your walls midnight blue for an eye-catching look, which although bold, will still feel cosy and inviting. You could also try painting one wall midnight blue, then use lighter shades of blue on the other three walls to create subtle tonal contrasts.

Whether you want to make a strong statement, or just create a classic elegant look, take inspiration from these dark blue walls.

Dark Navy Blue and White Bedroom


Image credit: connells.co.uk

This predominantly white bedroom has definite coastal interior design vibes, with its bright, open and airy feel and dark navy blue feature wall and accents, within both the geometric patterned cushions and blue tones of the framed wall art.

The bright white walls are also matched by the white wooden bed frame, bedding, side tables and lampshades, keeping the overall design clean and crisp.

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Modern Minimalist Cobalt Blue Accent Wall


Image credit: stayaltido.com

This modern and minimalist grey and blue living room design, with a cobalt blue accent wall, is very much an interior style that is of the moment.

With its light grey furniture, carpet and alternate walls, and bold splash of colours from the centre rug, it is a homely living room space that any family would be proud of.

Dark Blue Bedroom Wood Panelling


Image credit: styledtosparkle.com

Pink, blue and grey are a combination of colours that work well together, all of which have been used in this bedroom interior design.

I would maybe have chosen grey curtains and added pink elsewhere in the room, but then the bold colour contrast that the curtains have against the two tones of blue, would not have been as great.

The dark blue wood panelled wall, without doubt, remains the star of the show and adds a necessary bold dramatic touch to the space.

Navy Feature Wall Ideas

For anyone looking to create room designs that are bold and daring, adding a navy feature wall with bright accents can produce a stunning effect.

Try incorporating other colours such as yellow, pink or green to contrast against the navy background. Alternatively, adding textured navy wallpaper or panelling will create additional visual interest.

For a more subtle approach to the room's interior design, paint only one wall in navy blue and keep the other walls neutral. This will help to keep your decor more visually balanced, while still maintaining a dramatic edge to the room's interior design.

Here are some stylish navy accent wall ideas that will transform any space into an eye-catching interior design.

Stylish White and Navy Living Room


Image credit: harperstone.co.uk

The navy accent wall in this stylish traditional living room has turned what would have been a bland (but still perfectly pleasant) white space into a modern and vibrant place with a luxury feel.

The light tan of the large comfy sofa and regal chair, sit elegantly against the deep blue of the wall, the grey of the rug and silver detailing of the mirror and fireplace.

This is a modern white and blue living room that would work in many homes, regardless of the period of the property.

Create a Feature of Your Accent Wall


Image credit: bigbathroomshop.co.uk

A great way to add depth and interest to an accent wall is to add further decorative elements. The interior designer of this particular navy accent wall has added a darker blue modern radiator which contrasts perfectly with the wall on which it sits.

For a more budget approach than purchasing a new radiator, you could create a similar effect by painting a radiator that is already in place. You can then choose any colour you wish, such as a contrasting colour like royal blue or inky blue.

The mixture of black and white prints are neatly displayed across the navy blue wall, which ties into the black and white of the floor lamp and tightly detailed design of the vinyl flooring.

Navy Blue Glittery Accent Wall


Image credit: hemway.com

If you don't just want a plain accent wall in your dining room or living room, you could add some sparkle to your design by adding glitter to your choice of blue paint. For a bolder statement, why not do this to your entire room?

Just be aware that this will be much harder to change when you decide to alter your wall decor than if it was just a plain coloured wall surface!

Light Blue Feature Walls

Light blue walls are great for brightening up a space and adding an airy feel to your room. Whether you’re looking to create an elegant dining room or modern living space, there are plenty of blue feature wall ideas that can help you achieve your desired interior design look.

I advise that you consider pairing your blue accent wall with other bright white walls for a crisp and clean look. To create extra contrast, hang artwork or shelves which incorporate bold blues that will stand out against the softer blue shade.

Modern White and Pastel Blue Lounge


Image credit: roomdsign.com

It's the subtle cool tones of this pastel blue feature wall that make this living room both calming and modern in design. This is further reinforced by the contemporary white L-shaped sofa and other modern accessories such as the ceiling light, side table, TV unit and large artwork, which incorporates a modern abstract design.

Being a relatively small room, the light and bright interior, along with the lack of clutter, helps to keep this white and blue living room feeling open and airy.

The large rug adds further to the white and blue theme, with the addition of a touch of grey for contrast.

Baby Blue Wood Panelled Bathroom Wall


Image credit: stylecurator.com.au

The baby blue panelled wall in this stylish beach-themed bathroom not only compliments the white and natural accessories of the rest of the room but being fitted horizontally also widens the visual aesthetic of the space.

The almost beach hut styling of the sink cabinet doors, natural wood surface and jute rug, along with the shells (of course!) all add to the subtle seaside theme.

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Light Blue and White Bedroom


Image credit: littlebigbell.com

Light blues and white are popular colour combinations for a child's bedroom, and this sky-blue room design shows exactly why.

The bold black and white wall art is a perfect contrast to the sky blue of the wall and bedding, and also pulls more of the white of the other walls and bed onto the wall space, tying the theme together.


More Ideas for Dark Blue Walls


Image credit: thenudge.com


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk


Image credit: duncanmaclean.co.uk


Image credit: rent.com


Image credit: thearchitecturedesigns.com


Image credit: islandhome.co.uk

More Navy Accent Walls


Image credit: pinterest.com


Image credit: sopocottage.com


Image credit: jackson-stops.co.uk


Image credit: simpsonmarwick.com

More Light Blue Accent Walls


Image credit: melbournegirlstuff.com.au


Image credit: helenastar.co.uk

My Final Thoughts

Blue walls are a great way to add colour and style to any room. Whether you choose a navy wall and pair it with gold accents, or add a bright turquoise wallpaper, your room will be sure to stand out and make an impact on your interior design.

With the right shade of blue walls, you can create an airy atmosphere, a luxurious living room, or a modern kitchen design.

Try pairing your blue accent wall with natural wood tones for extra warmth, or go all in with other bold colours for an eclectic look. Also, don't forget to use accessories, such as art prints and throw pillows, to bring out the very best in your blue feature or accent wall.

No matter what you decide, your blue wall is sure to be the centrepiece of any room.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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