17 Stylish Wall Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Organised

17 Stylish Wall Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Organised

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Whether you are short on wall storage space or simply want to add a decorative touch to your room, there are many different options to consider when deciding upon wall storage ideas.

By incorporating the following home decor ideas, you can make the most of every square inch of your wall space and create a functional and stylish environment in which to live.

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Kitchen Wall Storage Ideas

Kitchen wall storage need not be limited to what is fixed to the wall but also applies to furniture pieces that are pushed up against it.

Console and side tables that are used either for creating a small workspace or to hang utensils or pots and pans on, can provide the perfect multifunctional space for kitchen needs.

If you require somewhere to display glassware or items of sentimental or monetary value, consider wall-mounted shelving or floating shelves. These come in many different designs and are formed from differing materials such as oak, glass or metal.

The material you use should very much depend on the style and design of the existing space and what other kitchen wall decor it needs to go with.

With the addition of wall storage ideas like these, the entire wall becomes more functional, while also providing much-needed extra storage space.

Rustic Wood Shelf


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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Rustic Wood Wall Shelf with Triangle Metal Wall Brackets | Handcrafted | Kitchen shelves | Bookshelf | 22.5cm Depth | Home Decor

This industrial-style wooden shelf, with black metal wall brackets, is a great option for anyone wanting to add a rustic touch to their home decor.

The combination of natural wood and black metal creates a unique and visually appealing contrast. This type of wall storage solution is perfect for displaying decorative items, such as plants, candles, or framed photos, or for storing everyday items, like cookbooks, dishes, or cookware.

With its functional and stylish design, this small shelf or multiple shelves can be mounted at any height within your vertical space, depending on your wall space and the items that you want to display or store.

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Metal Kitchen Hanging Rack


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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KES Pot Pan Rack Wall Mounted Kitchen Hanging Rack Storage Organizer Wall Shelf with 12 Hooks 76CM Matte Black, KUR215S75A-BK

This iron pot rack is a great addition to any kitchen, as it provides efficient space-saving organisation and allows easy access to your cookware.

The modern design will not only look great in your kitchen, but also allow you to hang pots and pans, and keep bowls well organised and within easy reach. This is especially useful for small and limited kitchen spaces where you need to add extra storage space.

This wall-mounted storage rack also has a large grid shelf and 12 detachable and movable hanging S hooks that can withstand heavy capacity, allowing you to keep things neatly organised and help to open up the other areas of your kitchen.

Wine Rack with Floating Shelves


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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COSTWAY Wall Mounted Wine Rack with Floating Shelves, Champagne Glass Bottle Holder Bar Accessories Organiser Unit, Home Kitchen Dining Room Wine Storage Display Shelf (Natural)

I love this wall-mounted wine rack set and it is a great wall storage solution for wine lovers who don't have the cupboard space for their wine bottles. It includes a 7-bottle wine rack and 4 independent shelves, 2 of which have glass racks for added storage space.

The wine rack and storage shelves can be arranged in various ways without taking up any floor space, making it perfect for small spaces. A beautiful focal point for any kitchen or dining room wall.

This wine storage set can be hung in an open pantry closet, kitchen wall, or above a countertop, turning a dull plain wall into a functional and useful space, whilst also giving you easy access to your wine collection and glasses.

3-Tier Floating Dark Wood Pipe Shelving


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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3 Tier Floating Pipe Shelving 115CM Industrial Wall Mounted Ladder Shelf Hanging with Circular Tube with Hooks Wood Display Storage Home Decor Book Shelves for Living Room Kitchen Balcony

Elevate your kitchen wall space with this versatile 3-tier floating pipe shelving unit, a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Measuring 115CM in length, 94CM in height, and 24cm in depth, this shelving marvel offers ample space for your books, decorations, coffee supplies, and wines, effectively saving space.

Designed for various settings, from living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens, coffee bars, and even garages, it effortlessly adapts to your needs. The wall-mounted design ensures it doesn't intrude on your space, offering three open shelves and 8 S-shaped hooks for easy hanging.

Crafted from heavy-duty vintage pipes and sturdy wooden boards, this shelving unit promises durability and charm. A middle partition enhances stability and load-bearing capacity, while maintenance is a breeze with a quick wipe.

Embrace practical elegance with this 3-tier floating pipe shelving – where sophistication meets convenience in every detail.

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Bedroom Wall Storage Ideas

There are many ways to maximise the bedroom space that you have, keeping your bedroom organised and clutter-free. One option is to use floating shelves, which are mounted to the wall with invisible supports, giving the appearance of floating. These shelves can be used to store books, decorative objects, and other small items.

Wall-mounted cabinets are another solution, which provides hidden storage for items such as linens, clothes, and other personal items.

Picture ledges, which are shallow shelves, can be used to display framed photos, artwork, and other personal items, and can also be used to store small items such as keys, wallets, and phone chargers.

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Other Bedroom Wall Ideas

Industrial Pipe Wall Mounted Shelves


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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YMYNY 2-Tier Industrial Pipe Wall Mount Shelves, Rustic Storage Shelves, Floating Shelves, Wall Mount Bookshelf, Kitchen Spice Rack, for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom HRF-TM004

This 3-tier industrial style wall-mounted open shelving unit is a spacious wall storage solution that is perfect for any bedroom wall. It has a timeless rustic design, featuring water pipes as the wall fittings and a vintage solid wood grain on the shelves.

The lower bar can be used to hang towels, headphones and whatever else will fit comfortably. Each shelf measures approximately 60cm wide by 20cm deep, which is a nice size to store books, pictures and other knick-knacks, without being too dominant for your bedroom decor.

Pink and White Curved Floating Shelves


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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Delex® Floating Shelves Light Pink/White Display Shelf Wall Mounted Shelf Wooden Decorative Home Storage Organizer Unit with Bracket TV Stand Wall Shelves Cube Shelves (S13)

The fashionable design of these three pink and white wall storage cubes will make any bedroom more stylish and unique. They are a suitable place to display your books, CDs, jewellery, collectables, photos, and other small objects, or even use one as a small TV stand.

The shelving cubes can be attached to your bedroom wall with invisible fixings and arranged in any way that suits your wall space or desired design layout.

Round Metal Wall Shelf


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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LIFA LIVING Round Wall Shelf 4 Tier, Pre-assembled Floating Shelf in Black Metal, Decorative Hanging Shelf for Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, 55 x 11 x 55 cm

Create a stylish and practical storage and display area on your bedroom wall with this modern shelving unit.

This round metal wall shelf has four tiers of ample storage space for small items like books and flower pots and would be at home in any room, including the living room, bedroom, office, or kitchen.

The shelf is made of a sturdy metal frame and has a sleek black finish to it. It can be used for multiple purposes, such as a spice rack in the kitchen or simply a decorative piece of furniture in the living room or bedroom.

The overall size is 55cm x 11cm x 55cm in size. Perfect for decorating any medium or small space.

Rustic Rope Hanging Shelves


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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Rustic Shelf 2 Pcs Wooden Floating Shelves with String Rope Hanging Floating Shelves Rustic Distressed Wood Hanging Shelves Wood Wall Decor Swing Rope Floating Shelf with Hooks for Living Room (Large)

This rustic shelf set is a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics for your living space. Crafted from paulownia wood, renowned for its lightweight yet robust nature, these shelves offer exceptional sturdiness. With a vertical spacing of 22'', they provide ample storage and display space, ideal for showcasing your cherished possessions.

Designed for stability, each shelf is suspended by thick jute ropes knotted into a secure triangle shape, ensuring reliable wall shelving. Simply hang them with a nail, screw, or hook. These versatile shelves enhance your decor while reducing clutter. Use them in the bedroom or bathroom for beauty products, display photo albums, toys, or plants.

In the living room, exhibit trophies, artwork, and books. In the kitchen, organize spices and jars effortlessly. Their adaptability extends to commercial spaces, making them perfect for stores or garden settings to display special items or plants. Elevate your space with these convenient, decorative, and wide-ranging rustic hanging shelves.

Industrial Style Floating Shelves - Set of 3


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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SRIWATANA Rustic Floating Shelves, Decorative Wood Wall Shelves Set of 3, Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Office and More Carbonized Black

Immerse your space in industrial style with this set of 3 rustic wall shelves. Crafted from rustic-style wood boards and sleek black metal brackets, this timeless pairing effortlessly complements European modern or rustic home styles, adding a touch of classic elegance to any room.

These shelves aren't just functional, they are exquisite decorative pieces. Whether used as a kitchen shelf, bookshelf, bathroom storage, or display shelf, they stand as captivating focal points in any setting.

With dimensions of 17"x 4.5" x 4.2" for the large shelf, 13" x 4.5" x 4.2" for the medium, and 9"x 4.5"x 4.2" for the small, they appear lightweight but boast remarkable strength post-installation.

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Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas

If you are tired of cluttered countertops and overflowing cabinets in your bathroom, and you dream of a spa-like retreat where everything has its place, then these bathroom wall storage ideas may be just what you need.

From floating shelves or a medicine cabinet to towel bars and baskets, I have collated some beautiful yet practical wall storage solutions that will help you declutter and organise your space with ease.

If you have a small bathroom and therefore need to make the very most of every inch of space that you have, I recommend another article that I have written on small bathroom ideas.

Metal and Rustic Wood Wall Shelves


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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Y&ME YM Bathroom Storage Shelf Wall Mounted Set of 2, Bathroom Towel Rack Set of 2, Rustic Wood Floating Shelves with Removable Towel Bar,Perfect for Kitchen, Bathroom (Black)

These on-trend bathroom wall shelves are not only stylish and practical but also damp-proof and heat-resistant, with protective guards and towel holders to ensure durability and functionality.

The metal rails on these wall storage shelves help to keep your valuables from falling onto the floor or into the toilet! The small shelf with the bathroom towel rail attached can either be installed under the other, or on a separate wall, depending on your needs and wall space.

Wall-mounted shelves are a useful addition to your bathroom decor, adding more storage and a minimalist and rustic modern touch to your wall space.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Mirror Cabinet


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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Artis Double Door Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Cupboard Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Mirror Non Illuminated 600 x 800mm

This mirrored bathroom cabinet could add a much-needed touch of style and sophistication, as well as practicality, to your bathroom decor. With two internal shelves, there is plenty of space to store all of the family's bathroom essentials and hide clutter.

This beautiful mirror cabinet also benefits from a stainless-steel construction, which is ultra-durable and corrosion, scratch, and tarnish-resistant.

Bathroom Shower Caddies


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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STEUGO Shower Caddy, Adhesive Bathroom Shower Caddies, No Drilling Shower Shelf Wall Mounted, Rustproof SUS304 Stainless Steel Storage Organizers with Soap Dish Holder Shelf, 4 Hooks, 3 Pack

This stainless steel shower caddy can store a variety of bathroom products, such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It features a double soap dish and sponge holder for two bars of soap, as well as four removable hooks for extra storage. The perfect place to hang washcloths and bath sponges.

The caddy is attached to the wall tiles using the adhesive strips included, without the need for drilling or tools and without damaging your walls.

The open-grid design of this caddy allows for maximum ventilation and water drainage, keeping your bath products clean. This caddy comes with a soap dish holder, four removable hooks, and five adhesive strips.

5-Tier Towel Storage Rack


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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House & Homestyle Chrome Towel Holder, Wall Mountable 5 Tier Hanging Towel Storage Rail/Rack for Bathroom, En Suite or Toilet

Elevate your bathroom's functionality and aesthetic with this sophisticated 5-tier towel holder. This sleek and stylish towel rack offers practicality in any bathroom, en suite, or toilet space. Its classic yet contemporary look seamlessly fits various interior styles, providing an elegant solution for storing towels.

Crafted for convenience, this holder is wall-mountable, maximising space utilisation while adding a touch of luxury. The chrome silver polished finish not only adds a modern feel but also effortlessly complements any bathroom decor, creating a seamless visual harmony.

Its 5-rail towel bar design accommodates up to 4 towels, from plush bath towels to dainty hand towels, ensuring accessibility and simple organisation.

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Wall Storage Ideas for Toys

If you're a parent yourself, you know that toys can very quickly take over a room. They seem to multiply overnight, and before you know it, you're tripping over action figures and dolls every way you turn.

It's time to get those toys under control and off the floor and one of the best ways to do this is by incorporating storage onto their walls.

Whether you have a small playroom or just want to free up some space in the kid's bedroom, these storage ideas will help you get their toy collection under control and save space for other essentials.

Toy Storage Hammock


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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Toy Hammock for Stuffed Animals, Teddy Bear Hammock Boho Macrame Teddy Hammock Toy Storage Net, Soft Toy Hammock Wall Corner Hanging Net for Kids Bedroom Large

This toy storage hammock is an excellent solution for keeping kids' toys organised and saving space in the process.

Instead of using a storage box, basket, or chest, the triangular design of this hammock can make full use of the extra space in a corner position, while adding a touch of bohemian style with colourful tassels.

Made of premium cotton and handmade with strong double knots, this Macrame toy mesh holder is easy to install, as it comes with all the necessary wall hooks and anchors.

Kids Wall Mounted Bedroom Storage


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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Relaxdays ALBUS Kids' Wall Storage Unit, Shelf with 4 Garment Hooks, Children's Wardrobe with 4 Colourful Folding Boxes, Size: ca 28 x 61 x 16 cm, White, Wood, 16x61x28 cm

This white, wooden shelf with integrated colourful toy boxes is the perfect storage solution for a playroom, nursery or children's bedroom decor.

Not only does it provide useful extra storage space with its foldable fabric boxes, but it also has a shelf and four garment hooks for hanging jackets, scarves, and gloves.

This multipurpose shelf, despite its compact size of approximately 28cm x 61cm x 16cm, offers plenty of storage space for a small child.

With its kid-friendly, neutral design with colourful accents, it works for both a boy's or girl's room and is a practical and stylish storage solution.

Childrens Nursery Cloud Shelves


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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Cloud Shelves for a Children’s Nursery Floating Shelf Design (Pair - 2X Shelves) Shelving Child's Bedroom Themed Boy/Girl - Available in White, Grey, Blue or Pink (white)

These cute cloud-shaped wall shelves will add some fun to your little one’s room. Whimsical and practical, you can easily store their toys, pictures and postcards. Your child will love being able to display and access their favourite toys with ease.

The cloud-shaped shelves are the perfect size for small hands to reach, encouraging your child to stay organised and tidy. Whether you're looking to add some charm to your child's room or just need some extra storage, these cloud-shaped wall shelves are a great choice.

The soft white colour of the clouds will blend seamlessly with any decor, making them a versatile addition to any child's room.

4-Tier Toy & Book Storage Unit


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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Lestarain Children’s Bookcase 4-Tier Toy Storage Unit with Open Shelves, Montessori Kids Bookshelf Wooden Small Wall Bookcase,80x12x118cm Front Facing Bookshelf for Children’s Room, Playroom, White

Introducing this children's front-facing bookcase, meticulously crafted and designed to nurture young minds while prioritising safety and organisation. With four meticulously arranged open shelves, this bookcase provides a captivating display for books, notebooks, and toys, fostering a love for reading and exploration in children. Its thoughtful design ensures effortless accessibility, allowing little ones to easily spot their favourite books.

The bookcase features rounded edges, preventing any accidental injuries during playful moments. The front bars and panels act as protective guards, ensuring books and items remain securely in place. To further enhance safety, the surface is coated with eco-friendly water-based varnish, promoting a toxin-free environment for children.

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Shoe Wall Storage Solutions

Shoe storage is often a challenge for homeowners, especially if you have a large collection of shoes or limited space in your closet.

One solution to this problem is to create a shoe wall, which allows you to store and display your shoes in a visually appealing way.

Whether you choose to display or store them on shelves, racks or a floating cabinet, there are a few different ways to make the best use of the wall space that you have.

Regardless of whether you have a small collection of dress shoes or an extensive sneaker collection, wall storage for your shoes will help keep your shoes organised.

Large Shoe Rack Unit


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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HOOBRO Shoe Rack, Large Capacity Shoe Storage, Tall Shoe Shelf for 21-28 Pairs of Shoes, Shoe Organizers, Adjustable Shelves, Rustic Brown EBF18XJ01

This large shoe rack is a great solution for those who have limited space to store their shoes. It can hold up to 28 pairs and is wide enough to fit flats, sneakers, and boots.

The spacious and open design allows you to store your shoes at a flat or slanted angle, with a rising lip to prevent them from sliding off. You can even remove one of the shelves to make room for high heels and winter boots.

Using a tall show rack like this is a great way to extend the vertical space while occupying minimal floor room.

Adjustable Shoe Display Rack


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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mDesign Modern Metal Shoe Rack - Perfect for Sneakers Heads - Store Your Kicking Collection - 4 Tier Wall Mount - Black

Whether you are a casual shoe lover or a more serious shoeaholic, this display rack is an alternative way to store and display your shoes. It has a clever design, with arms that angle to prevent items from falling off.

It is a versatile solution to shoe storage that can be used for trainers, sports shoes, pumps, loafers, and numerous other types of shoes.

The shoe rack has compact dimensions of 12.7cm x 37.8cm x 43.9cm, each arm measuring 11.2cm x 20.3cm, which can be adjusted upwards.

This wall-mounted shoe storage is an ideal way to avoid chaos in the shoe cupboard and create more storage space elsewhere.

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Living Room Wall Storage Ideas

We all know the struggle of trying to find enough storage space in our homes. It seems like no matter how much space we have, we always seem to accumulate more stuff that needs to be stored away.

One area that often gets overlooked when it comes to storage is the living room. While this space is usually reserved for entertaining and relaxation, it can also be a great place to add some wall storage solutions to help declutter and organise your home.

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Modern Floating Shelves


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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HOMCOM 3PC Different Sizes Wooden U Shaped Shelves Set Hanging CD DVD Storage Display Modern Wall Mount Floating Bookshelf

Floating shelves are a great way to add some extra storage without taking up too much space. A floating shelf can be used to display books, plants, or decorative items, or you can use it to store smaller items like remote controls or coasters.

The shelves above have a unique U-shaped design and can be positioned wherever suits your wall space. You can even add baskets or bins to the shelves to help contain smaller items and keep each floating shelf organised.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

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FITUEYES Floating TV Stand Cabinet, Wooden TV Console for Living Room, Entertainment Room, Office, Modern Entertainment Unit with 3 Storages Black

Another living room wall storage idea is to install a wall-mounted cabinet or shelving unit. These units can be used to store items such as board games, DVDs, blankets and throw pillows.

They can also be a great place to keep items like chargers and cords out of sight, helping to keep your living room looking neat and tidy.

Masterplank Wall Shelves - Set of 2


Image credit: amazon.co.uk

Handmade with passion and dedication these stunning wall shelves redefine rustic charm and authenticity. Crafted from carefully selected reclaimed timber boards, each piece resonates with history and individuality. Rugger Brown wax is used, imparting a natural medium oak finish to the shelves, enhancing their timeless allure.

Embracing the beauty of imperfections, no two pieces are identical. Each plank may bear marks, bows, twists, varied colours, splits, saw marks, grain patterns, knots, dents, and nail holes, adding a layer of character to your furniture. These nuances, we believe, weave a unique narrative, making your piece truly one-of-a-kind, and infusing your space with the warmth of history and craftsmanship.

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My Final Thoughts

In conclusion, wall storage is a great way to maximise space in any room and therefore your home in general. It can not only help to organise and declutter your rooms but also enhance the decor within them.

Whether you choose to attach floating shelves, wall-mounted cabinets, hanging baskets, or wall-mounted hooks, there are various ways to make the most of your wall space.

Get creative with your wall storage ideas, and make the most of the versatile pieces that I have picked for you.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

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