17 Stylish & Modern Black and White Living Room Ideas

17 Stylish & Modern Black and White Living Room Ideas

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The black and white living room is a classic colour combination and interior design concept that can be both stylish and elegant and can be used in a variety of ways to create different looks and atmospheres.

If you are looking to create a black-and-white interior, you will need to use a variety of different design elements.

Whether you go for a predominantly white finish with only hints of black within the furniture and accessories or mix and match black and white furnishings equally, is really down to personal taste.

Just be careful not to create too much of a stark contrast in large areas, you don't want the space to look like it is two different rooms. It is important to keep your black and white space feeling unified with a coherent look.

Once you have decided how you are going to balance the two colours, it is time to select furniture and accessories that will compliment the look and turn it into a liveable space.

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1. Luxury Black and White Living Room


Image credit: pinterest.com

White and black living room furniture and accessories can be found in a variety of styles and from many different high street and online retailers, so you should have no problem finding pieces that fit your taste, budget or that make the right bold statement.

The above image shows an elegant living room design which offers plenty of black and white elements as well as silver metallic accents as the main colour scheme.

If you are going for a more modern look and feel, you may want to consider using metal or glass furniture as shown in the example above. If you prefer a more traditional look, there are a multitude of great sellers of solid wood furniture to give you the style that you are looking for.

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2. Black White and Grey Living Room


Image credit: TLC interiors

Once you have the basic elements in place, you will need to accessorise the room to complete the look. As an example, a black and white interior is not complete without decor additions, like some artwork on the walls.

There is a large variety of different artwork, image styles and photos to choose from, so make sure to take your time and find pieces that you love, and that you won't get bored of too quickly. However, even if you do it is simple and cost effective to simply keep the frame and just switch out the print itself.


Prints and photos have been used generously in the example above to create a stunning gallery wall. You can see how effective they are in giving the space character and interest. Just imagine how cold and plain it would be without them.

Although grey is often seen as a cold colour choice, in this predominantly white space the dark grey patterned rug helps to add a touch of warmth and cosiness to the entire space of this black and white theme.

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3. White and Black Living Room Decor


Image credit: pinterest.com

Going for a black and white living room doesn't mean that you can't throw in bright pops of colour here and there. It not only adds depth and warmth to the room but subtly breaks up the otherwise monotone effect.

As with the previous black-and-white living room design idea, the walls are adorned with framed black-and-white photos. This creates an interesting focal point, whilst also breaking up the large expanse of white walls.

The use of different textures within the furniture, throws, cushions, rug and other accessories also helps to give a more cosy and comfortable feel that the room wouldn't otherwise have.

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4. Monochrome Minimalism


Image credit: archute.com

This stark but striking monochrome living room shows how well black and white can be effectively paired to stunning effect.

Clever staging and positioning of the rug, artwork and tables has been used to fully maximise the contrast of these two colours for the most dramatic effect.

The only deviation from the monochrome effect comes from the hanging greenery and wood veneer wall panel, which subtly softens the space to the eye.

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5. Black, White and Grey Kitchen Living


Image credit: pinterest.com

More akin to a black-and-white movie, this kitchen living room uses more than the polar opposites of black and white by introducing a soft grey into the mix.

Although a generally cold colour, in this instance the grey helps to add warmth to the room and stops it from being too cold and clinical.

All elements of the room, such as the rug, cushions, furniture and lighting have been carefully selected to tie in with the overall colour scheme, creating a smart and cohesive design.

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6. Stylish Black and White Room


Image credit: decoratorist.com

This modern and stylish black-and-white room sticks with a very neutral palette across the entire room, with the only non-black furniture or white accessories being cushions and the circular off-white rug.

All three forms of lighting have been used in this living room interior design, ambient, task and accent. These light fixtures allow the homeowner to create the perfect mood lighting for whatever task is being performed, whether that be reading, watching TV or simply cuddling up on the sofa.

The interior designer of this living area has cleverly used clean and straight lines within the functional and display units, whilst contrasting this with modern curved furniture pieces and rug. A triumph of modern living room decor.

7. Contemporary White Open Space


Image credit: adoreinteriors.com

This large open contemporary interior design space would not look out of place with artwork for sale on the vast white areas of walls or even as the setting of a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

The bright white of the walls lift the spacious feel of the room, beyond what is already a large open and airy space, whilst the feeling of warmth is generated from the beautiful yet practical oak flooring throughout, and the large grey-mottled area rug in the living area.

Black has been introduced as more of an accent colour, being used within the furniture, cushions, lighting and window frames.


8. Black White and Gold Living Room


Image credit: blog.modsy.com

This almost wholly white living room decor is given a contemporary vibe by the gold metal elements within the chair, tray and light stand, gold cushions and the addition of modern black accents against the crisp white backdrop.

The pristine white sofa sits proudly in prime position, creating a beautiful picture-perfect refined elegance.

Interest has been added to the white wall with the addition of greyscale and gently coloured prints, while patterns add the same in the cushions and black and white bold geometric pattern of the rug.

9. Relaxed White and Black Living Room


Image credit: sophielouisa-interiors.co.uk

The relaxed and laid-back feel and look of this white and black living room is a reminder that having white walls doesn't mean that the room has to feel clinical and lifeless.

Black has been chosen as the main accent colour for this space, being used in the black cushions, floor lamp shade and striking Aztec patterned black and white rug.

Black has then been used in both of the wall prints, with an additional touch of gold to balance the darkness of black.

10. Black and White Lounge - Mixed Styles


Image credit: mykaleidoscope.ru

There is certainly an eclectic mix of furniture and decor styles incorporated within this black-and-white living room space.

A modern lounge sofa and coffee table sit adjacent to a Boho-style table, Victorian Chesterfield and ultra-contemporary seat.

All of this mismatch of styles and designs is located within a traditional period beamed out-building. I'm sure you will agree, quite the mix!

11. Regimented Black and White Design


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

The wall indent which houses this large black sofa, could almost have been made especially for this particular furniture piece, as it fits so snugly.

Everything about this black and white lounge decor shouts organisation and symmetry, from the neatly regimented framed photos on the wall to the perfectly centralised positioning of the coffee table and ceiling light. (even the cushions at each end of the sofa mirror each other!)

All of the elements used within this scheme have been strictly kept black or white, for an authentic and crisp monochrome look.

12. Cool White and Black Living Room


Image credit: pinterest.com

This is a cool and contemporary white and black living room that would be equally at home in an LA apartment or upmarket London pad, with its sleek lines and smart modern styling.

The expanse of bright white walls is crisply broken up by the black metal window and door frames, and the large wall-mounted TV opposite.

Black and white furniture pieces, and the odd touch of warmth within the grey chair and blinds, all add a grown-up sophistication and pull the whole design aesthetic together.

13. Comfortable White and Black Living Space


Image credit: soulandlane.com

Although white can sometimes feel cold and uninviting, adding this large L-shaped plush grey sofa, cushions and other soft textiles and decoration provides just enough warmth to counteract it. This makes the space feel cosy and comfortable.

The black window-style mirrors not only provide part of the black element to the room but also add depth and help to bounce light back into the living room, brightening the entire space.

I can imagine that this is a lovely place for family and friends to get together, chat and reminisce.

14. Contemporary Elegance


Image credit: pinterest.com

This is a stylish, but understated space, that has been kept deliberately minimalist. This lets the few furniture and art pieces on display stand out more than they otherwise may, bringing them to the forefront of the interior design.

The few bits of greenery help to add a touch of colour and life to the space, while all the other elements of the room have been carefully chosen to tie in with the monotone black-and-white scheme.

I feel that this is most likely more of a bachelor pad than a family or couples space, but I'm willing to be proved wrong!

15.White and Black Wall Living Room


Image credit: onekindesign.com

This modern living room has a sleek and stylish black accent wall that makes the whole space pop, especially against the crisp white of the couch.

The geometric black, grey and white cushions add a touch of whimsy and form, while the couch keeps things looking clean and modern.

Displaying professional black and white family photos on a white floating shelf is an elegant way to display your favourite family pics.

The clean, simple lines of the shelves allow the photos to take centre stage, while the black and white colour scheme ensures that they will always stand out and look chic.

16. Black and White Decor Grandeur


Image credit: homewings.co.uk

The wide dark grey sofas are a perfect addition for any entertaining space. The clean white walls and 'zebra crossing' rug help to create a stylish and contemporary look in a period property, while the black decorative mirror adds a touch of elegance.

A retro black leather footstool and quirky pigeon motif white cushions add a touch of whimsy and charm to the room. It is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance to their home.

The combination of materials and fabrics used make this space both stylish and functional.

17. Modern Style Black and White Living Room


Image credit: pinterest.com

The final example for my list of black-and-white living room ideas is this cool modern-style lounge space.

Metal and glass are the on-trend furniture materials at the moment and this trendy room design has that covered.

A tall black metal and glass display unit, metal table and black wire chair all adorn the space contrasting perfectly against the crisp white walls, sofa and TV unit. A true monotone feeling.

Softness is added within the mixture of cushions and fluffy white and black diamond design rug, while nature plays its part with the use of cactus plants and a large bird of paradise plant.

My Final Thoughts

Creating a black-and-white living room is not as difficult as it may seem. With a little bit of planning and some creativity, you can easily create a black-and-white scheme that is both stylish and inviting.

What I have discovered through my research, is that black-and-white spaces on their own can be a bit cold and clinical, but adding a bit of colour, personality and texture will stop this from happening.

Living rooms are a heavily used area, so take your time and enjoy the process and you will be able to create a room that you and your family will love for years to come.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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