15 Gorgeous Grey and Navy Living Room Ideas to Inspire You

15 Gorgeous Grey and Navy Living Room Ideas to Inspire You

It's never easy deciding on what colours to decorate your living room or which design ideas to incorporate. However, if there are two colours that work particularly well together, it is blue and grey. Some designers and experts in the field would even be of the opinion that blue is the colour that goes best with grey in a living room. Obviously there are many shades, textures, styles and decorations to choose from, so we have collated these beautiful grey and navy living room ideas to inspire you and show exactly what stunning rooms can be created using these two complementary colours.

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1. Naturally Textured


Image credit : casacreativesclub.com

This is great example of dark grey and navy blue walls working together. Although colours certainly play a big roll in this rooms design, materials and textures have clearly been an important focus. Shiny gloss white flooring, real wood tables and natural woollen cushions and rugs have all been picked to show off their different beautiful textures and refined warming colours.

This is a room where you could happily relax, have breakfast or even work from home. I could certainly imagine myself doing all of these things in this comfy welcoming space.

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2. Contemporary Colour


Image credit : Pinterest.com

This living room shows just how well grey and navy blue can work together in harmony. The backbone of this design is simple, a solid navy sofa, dark grey walls and a rug that brings the colours together.

What takes this room from plain and bland to colourful and interesting, is the accessories and furnishings. Texture is added with a funky white mohair footstool, while colour is thrown in using beautiful modern cushions and complementary artwork. Finally a touch of bling is added using a gold planter, cone wall lamp and reading light stand. The result is a stunning and contemporary navy and grey living room design to be proud of.

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3. Cosy and Bold


Image credit : Pinterest.com

Clearly bold blue living room ideas are not just reserved for use in large spaces! Although a relatively small living room, the deep blue walls work to create a warm and cosy space, a stark contrast from the hallway décor beyond. The owners here have stuck to blue theme with the furnishings too, incorporating the cupboards, sofa and footstool into it using different shades and tones. The only move away from this is the ceiling, doors and fireplace which, as they have used a pure white, gives a beautiful crisp edge to the bold blues, making the walls really stand out.

The wooden flooring used not only adds to the warming feeling of the room, but is the perfect colour and tone to work alongside both the deep blues and bright whites, effortlessly lifting the entire room.

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4. Calming Nature


Image credit : adorable-home.com

The designer of this white, but predominantly navy blue living room, has certainly not held back on the mixing of styles and themes ! Alongside the full height traditional white window shutters and bold navy/white regal chairs, sit zebra print cushions and a stunning large silver-framed octopus print. The opulent reflective silver of the frame is then cleverly carried through the whole scheme, both on the glass side tables, geometric deco-style coffee table and again on the silver-studded detailing of the chairs.

I believe that if this room was explained to you, without an image to go by, it probably wouldn't sound like it should all work together. But it really does ! There is both a sophistication and calming feeling to this living room and the deliberate limited use of colours has pulled all the different elements together perfectly.

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5. Navy and Silver Opulence


Image credit : Pinterest.co.uk

This blue living room could be in any house on any street, and you may never know until you enter, what opulence awaits you. The bold navy feature wall has been subtly echoed in, not only the striped navy blue and grey curtains and cushions, but even in the books that lay on the side table! (surely this has not been staged?!). Silver has then been added as another coherent theme running through the whole space. Two grand round  mirrors, ornamental console tables and side table all carry the luxury shiny silver finish and help to create that overall feeling of affluence.

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6. 80's Vibe


Image credit : luxdeco.com

Straight away this blue living room reminds me of something akin to the Jetsons that I watched as a child! An almost space-age theme mixed with a full on eighties twist. It seems to me that every idea the designer liked from different era's and trends has been thrown together to create this quirky hybrid living room design.

This is not to say that I don't like it, in fact it has a certain nostalgic charm. For me personally, I would have to ditch the busy snakeskin-esque carpet, in favour of something more plain and neutral. I think with certain designs it is about taking out the elements that you like, not necessarily copying the whole room. I love the white seating and how it works with the navy blue wall and modern artwork (which perfectly reflects the blue, white and gold within the room).

7. Open-plan Grandeur


Image credit : crismatec.com

Nothing shouts grandeur quite like a combination of high ceilings, wall panelling and internal fluted columns. It's well known that dark colours work particularly well in larger spaces, by stopping them feeling too cold, bland and sometimes even clinical. These living room walls show this to good effect in this palatial living room design. Black flooring runs throughout the space, and deep blue walls, artwork and ornaments are neatly framed by the bright white wall panels, windows and columns.

The sofas and curtains have been kept to a completely neutral colour scheme, to not only allow the walls to remain the main bold statement of the room, but to also stop them fighting for attention or clashing.

8. Traditional with a Modern Twist


Image credit : pinterest.com

Here we see proof that even if you prefer your interior design to be conservative and traditional within your room décor, you can still add a modern twist by creating a bold feature wall. The design of this room relies on using the furniture and cushions as accents to the feature wall, by mirroring the same navy blue colour. This is intelligently softened and toned down by grey geometric patterns within the fabrics. More shades of grey are further used within the lamp shades and other seating areas within the room, whilst everything else is deliberately kept plain and neutral.

The blue feature wall really changes the feel of the whole room, taking it from being a typical traditional living room to something that has far more warmth and design flair. The main benefits of using this as a template for your own living room, is that this is a simple and cheap fix for many homes looking to update their décor. More importantly, no complicated interior design ideas or expertise are needed to achieve it.

9. Apartment Chic


Image credit : laperla-london.com

Simple lines, a neutral backdrop and bold furniture are what make this apartment interesting, but without being overpowering. Rather than use bold colours on the walls, they have chosen statement furniture as the main focus of the room, with just hints of pattern in the cushions to break up the solid navy sofas. The industrial look of the concrete wall and contemporary designer coffee table add a cool modern edge to the otherwise traditional navy and grey living room design.

10. Pattern Mix


Image credit : Pinterest.com

Many differing patterns in the same space are not to everyone's taste, but the further I delve into this blue living room, the more I can see that the elements of this room haven't just been randomly thrown together, but they have been placed with thought and layout in mind.

The bold navy blue walls are neatly highlighted by the light flooring, natural curtains and solid cream sofa, whilst the geometric rug mirrors the colours of both the walls and cream furniture. All seating has been placed around the rug facing inwards toward the coffee table, creating a perfect area for conversation, debate and entertaining.

Furniture layout has been cleverly thought out so that patterned pieces are all generally on the right (balanced by the patterned storage table), the dark blue chair on the left (echoing the wall colour) and the solid cream sofa in the middle. The purpose of the cream sofa is to break up the two sides, whilst also tying the theme together by picking out the colours and patterns of the chairs.

11. Elegant and Classy


Image credit : Pinterest.at

This living room design shows exactly what can be achieved in a small space, with a bit of imagination. You would be forgiven for thinking that you were in a grand stately home, but even though the ceiling cannot be raised, all the other elements have been cleverly added to create a similar effect. Panelling has been used on the back wall which, not only copies the mouldings from the fire surround, but also in the window frame detailing. The long draped navy blue curtains match perfectly with the large sofa, while the red cushion and intricate artwork on the wall add a splash of rich colour to the space.

The period elements of the wall décor have been given a modern twist by the use of contemporary furniture, both with the cream lounge chair and modern gold-legged coffee table. This is a living room design that could easily be achieved on a budget, with many second hand or antique sellers being able to provide furniture of this type at affordable prices.

12. Modern Manor Living


Image credit : audenza.com

This room feels like more of a snug than a living room, with its rich dark blues, rug, blankets and chairs cosied around the period fireplace. Normally fire surrounds are decorated to stand out from the walls and celebrate their beauty, but in this case the fireplace has been painted to blend inconspicuously into the background, with the tiles taking centre stage as the main focal point.

With the greys of the cushions, soft furnishings and rug, along with the blue walls and navy chairs, the range of colours has been kept to a minimum to keep the look sleek and uncomplicated. Only the warm natural wooden flooring and gold accents of the mirror, lights and ornaments offer a move away from this.

13. Hotel Style Extravagance

Image credit : Pinterest.co.uk

If high ceilings and open plan living are your thing, this example is definitely one for you. The amount of light that the space receives from the floor to ceiling windows is truly impressive, helping to create a very open and airy space. Although grand in scale, this contemporary living room design has been reined in, with only 3 main colours used in the overall design scheme.

First we have the supersized navy blue L-shaped sofa (which is needed in a space this big, not only because of its size, but also as it is used to section off the living area from the kitchen). Mustard is the main accent colour and is used both in the large rug and also matched perfectly in the sofa cushions (a vibrant addition that works really well with the navy blue). White is the other main colour and has been used as a backdrop on all the walls and ceilings (including the kitchen décor), showing off the other elements of the room to their fullest.

14. Artistic Flair


Image credit : dhoumm.co

Another of our beautiful blue living room ideas. This grand looking room uses blue, cream, grey and white to great effect. The light grey carpet is unobtrusive and is the perfect base for the blue sofa, cream chairs and blue & white patterned seating. White wooden panelling is used around the bottom part of the walls and is the perfect height (whether designed into the theme or a happy accident) to neatly frame the wide blue sofa. Shiny silver elements have again been used within the coffee table, side table and lamp, adding richness to both the feel and tone of the finished room.

Finally, the finishing touch of the large painted abstract artwork brings all of the grey, blue and silver elements together perfectly, showing why wall art can be so important to any room.

15. The Blue Room


Image credit : thespruce.com

I'm just going to throw this last one in as a complete curveball !

As far as navy living room ideas go, this blue living room has definitely taken blue to a new level! If it wasn't for the flashes of white in the wall art, table and cushions, the whole room would be solely blue! I count at least 4 different shades in this one small living room, the walls and cabinet, sofa, carpet (and what a carpet it is!) plus the other chair and stool set.

I've got to admit, I'm stuck for words. Would you have a living room quite this blue ?!

Final Thoughts

As you can see from these beautiful living rooms, there are many different grey and blue living room ideas that you can use in your own home. Whether you use navy on the walls with neutral furniture or vice-versa, add accent colours like grey, mustard or silver, or go for opulence or minimalism. It is only your imagination and vision that can stop you creating whatever you wish.

There are many more cost effective ways to achieve these looks, so simply use these blue living room ideas as a base, don't be afraid to mix and match ideas to come up with the perfect living room design for you.

Grey is a very versatile colour and can be utilised in many rooms throughout the home. We show in this grey and silver bedroom article just how well it also pairs with silver, in various bedroom settings.