18 Green Bedroom Ideas that will Leave you Green with Envy

18 Green Bedroom Ideas that will Leave you Green with Envy

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If you're seeking a tranquil and rejuvenating bedroom space, why not delve with me into the enchanting world of green bedrooms?

Green, with its soothing and revitalising qualities, holds the key to creating a serene oasis in your home. Whether you're drawn to lush forest hues, vibrant emerald tones, or the subtlety of sage, I've curated a collection of 18 captivating green bedroom ideas that will ignite your imagination and transform your space.

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Mix Industrial Style with Boho Chic


Image credit: angelarosehome.com

The seamless fusion of Industrial and Boho-chic bedroom styles take centre stage in this modern deep green bedroom design. The room begins its story with modern geometric wall panelling, arranged diagonally to create a visually striking backdrop. This unique design choice adds depth and texture to the space, while also exuding a contemporary vibe.

Adding a touch of rustic charm are the wooden side tables, which effortlessly blend in with the overall aesthetic, while positioned on top are black and silver industrial-style table lamps, providing both practicality and an edgy appeal.


Adorned with crisp white bedding, the grey metal bed invites relaxation and tranquillity. A grey and white striped throw and a collection of grey and blue cushions further enhance the cosy ambience.

To anchor the space and add a touch of comfort underfoot, a flecked grey and white area rug is placed beneath the bed, tying together the different elements of the space.

Nature finds its place within the room through the incorporation of table-top and hanging plants, infusing the space with vibrant greenery and adding to the Boho theme.

Incorporate Rustic Touches


Image credit: loverenovate.co.uk

In this enchanting green bedroom, a soothing soft olive green paint adorns the walls, creating a serene and inviting aesthetic. The vertical slat wall panelling, painted in the same gentle hue, adds texture and depth to the space, imparting a rustic charm that effortlessly blends with the overall aesthetic.

The all-white bedding serves as a bright and clean focal point, juxtaposing beautifully against the beautiful green backdrop.

Adding to the room's rustic-industrial allure, the side cabinets boast a weathered wooden finish, exuding character and warmth, while a repurposed rustic wooden ladder stands gracefully, serving both as a functional element for hanging towels and clothes and as an interesting decorative piece.

Enhancing the ambience, two unique hanging natural wood and white fabric wall lights grace each side of the bed, casting a soft and warm glow for reading and relaxing. Completing the look, a beige curved top upholstered headboard adds a touch of elegance and refinement to this harmonious green sleeping space.

Consider Subtle Neutrals


Image credit: andorwillow.com

This cosy sage-green bedroom emanates a soothing ambience through its carefully selected design elements. Vertical wall panelling in a natural finish exudes elegance, while a natural wooden ledge spans the top, providing a platform to exhibit a curated collection of accessories, books, and decorative objects.

The harmonious sage-green walls envelop the space, infusing it with calmness and serenity. Complementing this aesthetic, contemporary 3D textured white side tables offer a touch of modernity, their clean lines adding visual interest to the room.

Soft cotton bedding, coloured in a subtle hint of Khaki green, evokes a sedative atmosphere, whilst completing the ensemble, a speckled resin floor finish seamlessly blends with the overall contemporary feel, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious retreat for rest and relaxation.

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Combine Practicality into your Bedroom Design


Image credit: housing.com

The focal point of the room is a chunky natural wood wall-to-wall floating shelf, serving both as a practical storage solution for books, and a stylish platform for displaying decorative items like vases and plants.

The herringbone flooring, with its natural wood hue, adds warmth and character to the space, while a geometric-design grey and white rug, snugly placed beneath the bed, harmoniously ties the elements together.


Height-adjustable modern gold metal shade and black wire hanging pendant lights gracefully suspend from above, providing convenient and trendy bedside illumination.

A light grey leather bedframe and headboard contribute a touch of sophistication, perfectly complemented by a green-patterned front bedside table in the same serene hue as the accent wall behind. With its opulent gold handles, the bedside table effortlessly harmonises with the delightful glow of the pendant lights.

Together, these elements coalesce to create a mesmerising haven that seamlessly balances functionality and aesthetic allure.

Use Panelling for a Modern Traditional Look


Image credit: greenbankinteriors.com

This modern take on a traditional green bedroom presents a thoughtfully chosen blend of elements, selected to create an inviting and grown-up ambience.

Anchoring the space is the deep sage board and batten wall panelling, which affords this bedroom an elegant and warm aesthetic. Above, a delicate floral green and white wallpaper adds a touch of nature and interest, merging seamlessly against the wooden panelling.

The traditional solid wood bedframe and side tables radiate a timeless charm, complemented by antique-style cream bedside lamps that reside on each one.

A pristine white bedding set contrasts neatly against the natural wooden elements, accentuated by a Khaki throw and soft blush pink cushions, mirroring that of the ethereal curtains.

Go All Out Green and Grey Bohemian


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

Stepping into this tranquil Bohemian bedroom, your eyes are immediately drawn to the captivating deep aqua green feature wall, exuding an air of peacefulness. The bed, adorned with bright white bedding, is accompanied by grey and cream textured cushions and a throw, providing layers of comfort and visual interest.

The side wall hosts a beautiful hanging macrame decoration, showcasing intricate knots and adding a further textural element to the space.

Soft ambient lighting is provided by hanging shade-less bedside bulbs with natural wooden brackets, whilst a natural wicker light shade gently diffuses light from the ceiling above, adding to the cosy atmosphere.

A floating picture shelf displays an array of black and white framed prints, adding artistry and personal expression to the bedroom decor.

Completing the space, dark grey side tables offer practicality and elegance, seamlessly blending with the overall design scheme.

The harmonious blend of green and grey tones, coupled with carefully selected textures and decorative accents, results in a truly inviting and stylish Bohemian sanctuary.

Combine Natural Wood with Grey Green


Image credit: havenly.com

Upon entering this beautifully designed grey-green bedroom, you can't help but notice the stunning deep grey-green walls surrounding the room, enhanced by the exquisite feature beaded panelling at the head of the bed.

A cream vase filled with tall pampas grass adds a delicate touch of nature, bringing a soft and organic element to the space.

Above the bed, a large seaside painting transports you to a peaceful coastal setting, evoking a feeling of tranquillity and escape. Flanking the bed are matching rustic wood bedside tables, adding warmth and a rustic edge.

At the foot of the bed, a natural wood bench offers both functionality and style, providing a functional spot to sit or place personal belongings, whilst adjacent to the bed, a black metal and wood dual-use storage and desk unit combines practicality and elegance, creating a multifunctional space.

The white bedding, accompanied by a matching wrap-around headboard, creates a crisp and clean aesthetic, with the top of the bed being adorned with a selection of neutral-coloured and patterned cushions, adding visual interest and variety.

Pair Bold Contrasting Colours Together


Image credit: colorsexplained.com

In this cute but sophisticated teen bedroom, a bold mix of green and orange combine to create an eye-catching green bedroom idea.

A striking black bed frame gives strength to both the bed itself, but also the visual aesthetic and contrasts nicely against the vibrant backdrop. The bed is adorned with bed cushions and a duvet cover in coordinating orange tones, seamlessly tying in with the playful fox designs that can be found throughout the room.

A charming bedside table, finished in natural wood, showcases a drawer panel that echoes the green colour scheme of the curtains and throw and also blends harmoniously with the plush emerald green cushions.

Completing the aesthetic, a lighter emerald green accent wall with delicate beaded detailing adds refinement, while a delightful rug and cuddly toy provide whimsical accents.

Use Pattern to add Interest and Depth


Image credit: obc.uk.net

Step into this sedate blue-grey and green bedroom scheme, where the art of minimalism is evident. A calming blue-grey padded bed frame takes centre stage, its understated elegance blending seamlessly with the soothing blue-grey wall paint that envelopes the room.

An upcycled side drawer unit, finished in a complementary blue-grey and white offers both functionality and visual harmony. The tranquil atmosphere continues with the grey and white duvet cover, adorned with matching pillows that invite peaceful slumber.

A touch of opulence is provided by a gold spotlight reading lamp, perfect for those late-night adventures in literature.

Underfoot, the whitewashed wooden flooring adds natural simplicity, while the geometric patterned green and brown headboard does the opposite, effortlessly coordinating with the similarly patterned accent cushion, creating a cohesive and visually sedative space that exhibits calmness and style.

Incorporate Nature into Your Green Bedroom


Image credit: hgtv.ca

This kid's nature-inspired green bedroom consists of an emerald green feature wall, which takes centre stage in this otherwise colourless space, creating a bold focal point against the crisp white of the other walls.

A built-in shelf ledge offers a handy display space for an array of cherished photos, plants, and carefully chosen decorations, adding a personal touch to the room's decor.

The bedding set, in shades of white, black, and grey, complements the green theme with contrasting pillows and cushions, adorned with the repeating patterns of tree and deer motifs, which evoke a connection to the natural world.

Despite its small size, this bedroom captures the essence of nature, inviting a peaceful and harmonious retreat.

Add Oriental Styling and Accessories


Image credit: styleandcheek.com

On initially viewing this oriental-inspired bedroom, I am immediately drawn to the deep aqua green board and batten walls that envelop the space. The walls serve as a gallery space for the collection of black and white framed artwork, thoughtfully arranged in various sizes, adding interest and intrigue to the room.

A plush grey chunky wool throw drapes gracefully across the bed, complementing the inviting light mustard duvet cover, whilst the mixture of dark green, white, blush pink, and oriental design cushions adorning the bed seamlessly incorporate each other's colours and tones, giving aesthetic harmony and balance.

Small wooden moose heads grace the walls, providing a practical and charming solution for scarves and jewellery, while a quirky cactus stem floor lamp serves as a whimsical addition.

The interior design of this oriental-inspired aqua-green scheme exemplifies a masterful blend of colours, textures, and decorative elements, resulting in a harmonious and inspiring retreat.

Paint your Walls a Tantalising Teal Green


Image credit: homestratosphere.com

The beautiful tone of this teal green feature wall is the perfect contrasting background for the crisp white of the bedding, stool, fluffy rug, art print and hanging pendant lights, allowing them to stand out against it.

To further give the teal green wall centre stage, the other furniture and accessories have been kept neutral to not visually fight with such a bold and daring colour.

The headboard retains its natural wood finish which ties its finish and tone perfectly to the ladder rail and mix of natural woods within the Scandi style side cabinet.

Finally, adding to the other natural elements of the bedroom scheme are some potted plants for greenery, and for cosiness, a throw, blanket and cushions for the bed, all in neutral whites and greys.

The Subtlety of Serene Pastels


Image credit: mymove.com

This open and airy mint green bedroom exudes a youthful and modern vibe. Pastel mint green coats all four walls, creating a light, bright and refreshing backdrop.

The dark grey fitted bed sheet contrasts beautifully with the white duvet cover and pillows, adding a touch of sophistication. The overall aesthetic is minimalistic, emphasising clean lines and an uncluttered simplicity.

A modern white TV unit stands as a sleek focal point at the foot of the bed, seamlessly blending with the room's contemporary theme. To inject a burst of vibrancy, a bright framed artwork adorns the wall, infusing the space with a small but captivating splash of colour.

Completing the ensemble is a wall-mounted large-screen TV, merging the needs of modern technology with the room's tasteful design.

Go Bold with Your Choice of Greens


Image credit: airtasker.com

This particular bedroom space is yet to be completed and merely shows the direction in which the interior designer is going with the colour scheme and overall feel of the room.

However, this is another example of my green bedroom ideas that utilises emerald green as its main colour component. As can be seen, it is present in the deep green of the bed throw, and a similar but lighter shade on the rear feature wall.

As we have seen with previous examples of green bedroom designs, contrasting bold colours such as these, against crisp white, is a winning combination.

Create a Calming Space with Soft Sage


Image credit: cocolapinedesign.com

The subtlety of this neutral-coloured bedroom space is what gives it such a calming and relaxing feel. With the soft sage of the walls and a similar shade of green in the duvet cover, paired against the white of both the soft furnishings and woodwork, it produces a luxurious feel restful retreat.

The hint of dusky pink in the pillows and gold accents on the metal bedside wall lights are the only deviation from the green and white of the rest of the space.

This is the perfect green bedroom design backing up the theory that sometimes less is more.

Contrast Green with Pink


Image credit: interiorsbycolor.com

The contrasting shades and colours of this bedroom scheme are a great example of how green and pink can work well together in interior design.

We already know that white works as a perfect contrast to bold and deep colours, so using white in the bedframe and bedding is a perfect way to make both the pinks, forest green and earthy tones of the bedside tables pop.

These colours in combination create a beautiful romantic ambience for couples to enjoy.

Blue with Green Should Never be Seen ?


Image credit: pinkhouse.co.uk

Interior designers sometimes use a method of decorating called 'colour block'. This has been used effectively in this example, where the top third of the wall and ceiling have been painted blue, while the bottom third has been painted a contrasting green.

The saying goes, "Blue and green should never be seen". I must admit that I am on the fence with this bedroom design. I am not averse to the light blue of the walls and ceiling, but for me, the navy blue bed is a step too far. Then there are even more different colours with the addition of the thick wool cushion cover and blue metal of the chair and desk frames.

There are certainly a lot of different blues fighting for attention here!

Use Wallpaper to Create a Green Accent Wall


Image credit: designcafe.com

Instead of choosing to use a single paint colour for your accent or feature wall, you can also utilise the wide range of designs that wallpapers offer, to achieve the same effect.

The green wallpaper chosen for this bedroom scheme has a printed stipple effect that uses differing shades of green. This adds more depth and texture than a single paint colour would be able to.

Along with the feature wall, green has also been chosen for the bed throw, cushions and set of drawers, tying the green elements together harmoniously.

Grey has been used for both the bed frame and headboard, and again in the artwork above it. Grey is a great companion to green, which is why this bedroom colour scheme works so well as an overall design.

My Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of my exploration of green bedroom ideas, I hope that you've found inspiration and ideas to bring into your own space.

Green bedrooms have an alluring way of rejuvenating and energising our spirits and mood. Armed with the knowledge of how to harness the power of green in your bedroom design, let your imagination free and create a green bedroom space that is a source of tranquillity and beauty.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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