16 Stylish Blue and White Bedroom Ideas for Every Taste

16 Stylish Blue and White Bedroom Ideas for Every Taste

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Welcome, fellow design enthusiasts and interior decor aficionados! In this blog article, I am going to delve into the serene world of blue-and-white bedroom ideas.

These two timeless colours effortlessly blend sophistication, tranquillity, and elegance, creating a calming bedroom space within your home. Whether you're seeking a coastal-inspired retreat or a classic, chic ambience, the amalgamation of blue and white offers endless possibilities to transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and style.

Coastal Themed Blue and White Bedroom

Coastal Themed blue and white Bedroom

This bedroom encapsulates the serene essence of a beautiful seaside retreat. With a palette predominantly composed of whites and various shades of blue, the space evokes a tranquil ambience.

Crisp white walls complement the light blue of the soft furnishings and greenery, while wicker furniture and coastal-inspired artwork further the beachy aesthetic. Sheer light blue curtains invite natural light, while jute rugs and seashell accents infuse a touch of seaside whimsy.

The bedroom design harmonises relaxed comfort with elements reminiscent of the shore, creating a soothing haven perfect for unwinding.

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Farmhouse Style White Blue Bedroom Decor


In this farmhouse-style bedroom scheme, a serene blend of calming blue hues and pristine whites establishes a timeless and inviting atmosphere. A weathered wooden bedframe becomes the focal point, exuding rustic charm and sophistication. Layers of cosy quilts and linens, adorned in blue and white checks or stripes, infuse the space with comfort and farmhouse appeal.

The rustic distressed wooden nightstands complement the bedframe and oak beams on the wall, offering functional elegance and authentic natural wood elements. Adding to the natural theme, a vintage woven basket, hanging greenery, and other potted plants adorn the room.

Further decorative objects and lighting features add character and warmth, completing the farmhouse-inspired ambience.

Light Blue and White Vintage-Inspired Bedroom

Light Blue and White Vintage Inspired Bedroom

Steeped in nostalgia, this charming bedroom design echoes the elegance of eras past. The cool tones of the light blue walls, coupled with antique-inspired white furniture, create a timeless and inviting atmosphere.

A light grey padded bed frame and vintage-style headboard, are complemented by ornate nightstands and a weathered dresser. Delicate accents like porcelain vases and sheer white drapes enhance the room's romantic allure.

Light blue bedding and bright white linen sheets tie in with the matching pillows and cushions, while vintage decor pieces, from gold framed artwork to heirloom trinkets, complete this vintage haven, offering a space that exudes classic vintage charm and sophistication.


Scandinavian Inspired Blue and White Bedroom

Scandinavian Inspired Blue and White Bedroom

This stylish bedroom scheme embodies Scandinavian simplicity, featuring a clean, minimalistic design with a serene white, blue and grey colour scheme.

Soft grey walls and light wooden bedroom flooring create a light and airy backdrop, whilst the platform bed with its sleek white frame and blue and grey accent pillows and throw provide a stark contrast.

Functional furniture pieces, such as the light wood Scandi-style bedside tables, offer design simplicity and practicality, but without the clutter.

Soft fabric throws, a large grey area rug, and subtle decor elements, like drop-down lighting and plants, infuse warmth and cosiness into the space.

Blue and White Eclectic Bohemian Bedroom

Blue and White Eclectic Bohemian Bedroom

This bold bohemian-style bedroom boasts an eclectic blend of patterns, textures, and global influences while embracing the blue-white palette.

The deep navy blue walls serve as a bold canvas for an array of softer blue and white patterns in the bedding, rugs, and tapestries. An ornately carved wooden headboard with white linens and layers of mismatched blue throw pillows takes centre stage.

Handcrafted furniture pieces, such as the bedside tables, along with natural accents of the blinds and large plant pots, all contribute to the overall bohemian vibe.

My Top Tip: Hanging macramé, a gallery wall of mixed eclectic artwork, and hanging plants would further enhance this vibrant, free-spirited haven.

Glamorous Navy White Bedroom

Contemporary Glam Blue and White Bedroom

This bold royal blue, white and silver bedroom exudes sophistication and elegance with a touch of glamour. A vibrant royal blue feature wall, adorned with silver metallic accents and tall mirror panels, creates a luxurious backdrop to the space.

A tufted white upholstered bed frame paired with plush deep navy velvet bedding exudes opulence and a regal aesthetic. Mirrored nightstands, a crystal chandelier, and metallic accessories add glamourous touches, while the art deco-inspired decor, such as the silver geometric beading and stylish button pleated ottoman seat, elevate the room's 1930s charm.

A large grey fur rug, fluffy pet bed, and a matching of the period table lamps amplify the room's chic ambience.

Mediterranean Blue & White Bedroom Design

Mediterranean-Inspired Blue and White Bedroom

Inspired by beautiful Mediterranean aesthetics, this bedroom offers both comfort and an airy, cool ambience. Whitewashed walls paired with soft and silky blue accents evoke a feeling of crashing waves across the Mediterranean sea, while the intricate details of the wrought iron bedframe, dressed in white linens and a blue blanket, become the room's centrepiece.

The terra cotta plant pots and wicker accessories add earthy tones and texture, which further enhances the room's Mediterranean allure, creating a cosy and inviting retreat.

Modern Traditional Blue White Bedroom Decor


In this modern take on a traditional bedroom design, the fusion of classic and contemporary elements creates an inviting yet sophisticated look. The walls, adorned with subtle panelling elements and blue paint, serve as the perfect background to showcase the room's modern and traditional fusion.

A sleek modern bedframe, featuring a padded headboard in soft grey upholstery against traditionally styled bedside tables, embodies this hybrid style.

The bedding ensemble boasts a blend of crisp white linens, white and silver throw pillows, and a tasteful blue velvet blanket, adding depth and contrast to the space. Softly painted artwork showcasing timeless scenery adorns the walls, complementing the room's character and theme.

Chic metallic accents in the form of lamps, a modern chandelier light fixture, and other decorative objects add a contemporary touch to the bedroom design. These elements paired with the traditional nightstands and large rug, culminate in a harmonious blend of classic elegance and modern style.


Blue & White Romantic French-Inspired Bedroom

Romantic French-Inspired Blue and White Bedroom

Embracing elegance and romance, this stunning bedroom showcases French-inspired sophistication. The soft blue beaded walls, paired with white furniture and curtains, create a charming ambience, while a vintage-inspired canopy bed, with flowing light blue drapes and pale blue shades of bedding, exudes opulence.

Ornate French-style furniture pieces, such as the bedside drawers and gold framed mirror, enhance the room's romantic allure. Gilded accents, crystal chandeliers, and delicate lace details on cushions contribute to the room's French-inspired elegance, invoking timeless beauty and grace.

Blue and White Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

Blue and White Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

This farmhouse-style bedroom emanates cosy, country-inspired vibes with its blue and white palette. Whitewashed wooden panelling adorns the walls, complementing a sturdy wooden bed frame painted in a distressed white finish. Soft white linens paired with blue checked bedding and pillows add a touch of rustic farmhouse charm.

Cosy textiles, such as cable-knit throws and a braided rug, along with vintage decor accents like a metal jug vase and wall clock infuse warmth and character.

Finally, a vintage shabby-chic bedside storage table and weathered white dresser complete the farmhouse look.

Contemporary Blue White Bedroom

Contemporary Blue and White Bedroom

This contemporary bedroom design harmoniously integrates the serene tones of blue and white to create a cool yet tranquil space. The room is anchored by a plush, low-profile bed upholstered in a luxurious royal blue fabric, exuding both comfort and style. A strategically placed sky-blue accent wall behind the bed adds an extra blue colour hue without overwhelming the space.

Sleek and minimalist furniture pieces, such as bedside tables in a deep blue, complement the overall modern aesthetic. The bedding features a blend of bright white sheets and sumptuous blue accents, adding layers of comfort and depth to the room. Subtle touches, such as a statement area rug beneath the bed, contribute to the visual allure.

Strategically placed metallic accents, like the brass hanging bedside lights and nightstand frames, elegantly punctuate the room's aesthetic. The overall design is completed with carefully selected decorative elements, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere that celebrates the timeless allure of these colours in a modern context.

Blue, White and Green Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise Blue and White Bedroom

This flamboyant bedroom design encapsulates a tropical oasis with its blend of blue, white and green hues. The floor-to-ceiling feature mural displays a leafy, floral design, creating a lush and vibrant backdrop.

A bamboo bed frame adorned with white linens and tropical blue throw pillows and blanket dominates the room, while natural materials like rattan and wicker, are incorporated into furniture pieces and decor, alongside vibrant greenery in wicker pots. All of these carefully selected elements set the tone for the space.

Finally, large leafy plants and a woven rug, together with the aforementioned items, transport you to a serene tropical paradise.

Mid-Century Modern White and Navy Blue Bedroom

Blue and White Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

This bedroom showcases a timeless mid-century modern design utilising a blue and white colour palette. White walls paired with a navy blue feature wall and light wood flooring, create a sharp monotone aesthetic.

A sleek platform bed in a light wood finish with crisp white bedding exudes a crisp simplicity. Add to this navy blue headboard pads, cushions and throw and you have a stunning colour contrast.

Iconic mid-century furniture pieces like a splayed-leg side table and dresser, in light wood tones, add a certain retro charm to the space.

Further blue accents in the pouffe and abstract wall art complement the clean lines, offering a stylish nod to the mid-century aesthetic.

Modern Minimalist Blue and White Bedroom

Modern Minimalist Blue and White Bedroom

Embracing a sleek and modern aura, this bedroom balances white simplicity with strategic pops of sky blue and navy accents. A low-profile blue platform bed anchors the room, complemented by floating nightstands for a clutter-free ambience.

Geometric wall panelling adorns the wall space, offering visual interest and texture, while minimalist lighting fixtures enhance the room's spacious feel. A plush rug and white and blue bedding add comfort without compromising the minimalist aesthetic.

White and Blue Shabby Chic Bedroom


In this shabby chic bedroom, a harmonious blend of baby blue and pristine whites establishes a soothing and timeless ambience. A whitewashed wrought iron bed adorned with layers of delicately ruffled bedding in pale blue and white hues serves as the focal point, exuding vintage elegance.

Along with the soft flowing sheer curtains, the room is finished with fresh flowers and greenery, infusing the space with natural vitality and a sense of tranquillity.

For me, the interior designer could go further with this bedroom design by adding distressed wooden furniture pieces, vintage mirrors with ornate frames, and maybe even a cosy reading corner.

White and Navy Blue Gothic-Inspired Bedroom

Gothic-Inspired Navy Blue and White Bedroom

This out-there bedroom design combines dark elegance with inky blue and white accents for a Gothic-inspired ambience. Deep blue walls set a dramatic tone against the stark white bedding. A wrought iron canopy bed with billowing white drapes creates an impressive focal point, exuding drama and opulence.

Ornate details in the furniture, such as carved wooden designs on the four-poster bed, add to the room's dark romanticism. Gothic-style wall lights, chandelier, candelabras, and antique paintings, contribute to the room's mystique, creating an atmospheric and enchanting space.

My Final Thoughts

Exploring the myriad of blue and white bedroom ideas has been an inspiring journey for me. With a spectrum ranging from soothing pastels to bold navy hues, and countless design elements to experiment with, creating your dream bedroom becomes an exciting challenge.

Remember, personal touches, textures, and thoughtful details infuse character into your space. Embrace the versatility and timelessness of these colours, and let your bedroom radiate the tranquillity and beauty these colours effortlessly offer.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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