19 Blue Bedroom Ideas That Wont Give You The Blues !

19 Blue Bedroom Ideas That Wont Give You The Blues !

Bedrooms that have a predominantly blue theme running through them, can be developed into anything from a rich and elegant space for an adult retreat, a cool modern room for a child to play and grow up in, or a serene and calming place for a teen to enjoy some privacy.

Blue is a versatile colour that can be paired with a range of others to create a variety of moods, from peaceful and tranquil, to bold and dramatic. So whether you prefer a pale shade of baby blue or a deep, rich navy, there is a blue hue that will fit with any style, interior design or personal taste and create the desired aesthetic in any bedroom.

In this article, I'll explain the interior elements of some of my favourite blue bedroom ideas, that will inspire you to create your very own beautiful blue bedroom design, whether for your kids, yourself, or as a spare bedroom that everyone will want to stay in.

1. Stylish White and Blue Bedroom


Image credit: thecourtyardwales.co.uk

The first of my beautiful blue bedroom ideas is a white and navy bedroom with a touch of industrial flair thrown in for good measure, that possesses a sophisticated and stylish look. The predominantly white walls in this room serve as a neutral background, allowing other design elements, such as the bold blue wallpaper feature wall to shine.

To bring in the industrial theme, a matte black retro style metal pendant light has been added to the ceiling, providing a bold and dramatic component. This is further reinforced with the addition of black caged wall lights, which further add to the overall industrial aesthetic.

To soften the space and bring a touch of warmth, whilst keeping to the theme, rustic wooden bedside shelves with black metal supports have been incorporated into the design. These shelves bring texture and depth to the room, creating a harmonious and cohesive look.

For the final flourishes to the blue colour palette of the room, a navy blue bed throw, blue and white geometric patterned cushions and a blue and white roman blind has been added, not only providing privacy, comfort and cosiness, but fitting perfectly with the rooms interior design.

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2. Girls White Royal Blue and Pink Bedroom


Image credit: cuckoo4design.com

This relaxing girls bedroom, with rich royal blue walls, offers the perfect backdrop to the brighter colours of the furniture and accessories that furnish the room. The deep navy blue cushions on the bed are matched with the walls, while the crisp white ceiling, curtains, pelmet and bedding serve as a direct contrast, bringing a touch of freshness and brilliance to the room.

In my opinion however, it's the light blue velvet headboard and bed combination that sets the room apart. This dominant element of the space draws the eye, adding a touch of elegance. The valance sheet coordinates with the headboard, which further ties the room together and underscores the attention to detail that went into the overall design.

The pink throw adorning the bed is another beautiful and tactile element that ties in perfectly with the white, pink and light blue of the bed cushions. These extra pops of accent colour offer a warmth and vitality to the room.

A hanging white macrame egg chair is a unique and playful touch that adds to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the room. It's a fun and unexpected piece that livens up the space, making it feel comfortable and inviting.

Last but not least, the rug helps to tie all of the colours of the room together, incorporating a mixture of them within its design.

3. Pale Blue Grey and White Bedroom


Image credit: chapelinteriors.co.uk

The walls of this elegantly designed master bedroom are adorned with pale blue Georgian panelling, the soft blue hue contrasting beautifully with the grey of the headboard, throw, and ottoman at the foot of the bed, creating a visually striking and connected look.

Boosting the overall design is a traditional detailed patterned rug, which adds interest to the otherwise plain grey carpet, acting as the perfect anchor for the room.

Another nice touch is the brown wood effect bedside tables which anchor the bedsides. These tables bring warmth and charm into the space, adding a cosy feel that complements the soothing blue of the bedroom walls and grey of the bedding, creating a harmonious colour palette throughout.

To complete the look and bring a bit of nature into the room, a large evergreen plant has been placed in one corner. This not only adds a some greenery to the space, but also provides a calming and grounding effect.

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4. Boys White and Light Blue Bedroom


Image credit: littlebigbell.com

This cool toned boys bedroom showcases a bold contrasting colour scheme of black, white and blue, with a light blue feature wall being the main component of the space. The blue feature wall provides a cool and fresh look and feel to the room.

To complement the colour palette of the room, alternate geometric patterns have been introduced through the bedspread, throw and cushion. These patterns bring playfulness to the rooms decor, while still tying in with the overall colour theme of the space.

Black and white framed wall art has been carefully curated, providing a striking contrast to the light blue wall and creating a visually dynamic display.

For me, this blue, black, and white bedroom is a cool and comfortable space that is a perfect boys haven, for both play during the day, and relaxing and sleeping in the evening.

5. Sumptuous Navy Blue Bedroom


Image credit: realestate.com.au

As you take your first look at this modern navy blue bedroom, one of the things that will catch your eye is the stunning dark navy blue panelled wall and unique blue and white toile headboard. The bold and rich hue of the navy wall creates a striking canvas for the rest of the design elements in the room.

An extravagant and elegant bedside beaded chandelier adds a touch of glamour and opulence to the space. The intricate details of the chandelier a feast for the eyes.

To complement the beautiful bedhead design, the room features deep inky blue cushions and throw that add to the room's overall unity. The neutral light grey duvet cover acts as a soft contrast, providing a calming effect that counterbalances the boldness of the blue tones in the room.

In terms of furniture and soft furnishings, the natural wood side table is a perfect aesthetic match for the tone and style of the leather bench at the foot of the bed. The side table's warm and earthy hue complementing the cool and sleek leather of the bench seating, enhancing the room's design.

Finally, the soft neutral tone of the light ash flooring allows the bold navy blue wall, bedhead, and stylish bedroom furniture to take the lead and truly shine in this bedrooms interior design.

6. Kids Blue Bedroom Retreat


Image credit: atcharlotteshouse.com

As far as blue bedroom design ideas go, this boys room is a haven for any young adventurer with a passion for the outdoors and a love for sport. The walls, painted in a soothing mid-blue colour, create a peaceful atmosphere.

One of the standout features of this bedroom space is the way it showcases the boy's hobbies and interests within the decor. The toys, including models of dinosaurs and rockets, as well as accessories and posters featuring nature and sport, are a testament to the occupants curious and active personality.

The predominantly white, grey, and blue bed and bedding add to the simple yet cohesive interior design of the room, making it a practical and functional space for a young boy to grow and explore his interests.

This bedroom interior is a homely space that captures the spirit of many a young boy, this particular example reflecting the occupants unique personality and interests.

7. Modern Dark Blue and Grey Bedroom


Image credit: lindenhomes.co.uk

This modern deep blue, grey and white master bedroom suite is a polished and chic sanctuary that features a variety of carefully selected design elements. One of these being the expansive plush grey carpet, which creates an inviting atmosphere to the space and provides a lovely soft feel underfoot.

The most striking feature of this large bedroom is the deep blue feature wall, which is a perfect colour contrast to the other colours and patterns around it. To add further vibrancy to the space, splashes of bold colours have been used through the addition of the orange lamp shades, red cushions, and unique red wall hanging bedhead. These vibrant accents generate a lively yet stylish interior design, while also adding personality and character to the room.

To add texture and depth to the space, a quilted navy blue bed throw has been placed on top of the crisp white bedding, creating a connection with the dominating blue wall. The throw also adds visual interest to the bedroom, bringing the blue theme further into the room, adding another neat contrast to the grey flooring.

The natural wood dressing table, with matching round mirror above it, creates a functional space for getting ready each morning, providing an ideal spot for hair and makeup.

Finally, a large statement ampersand print completes the wall space with a nice modern touch, also serving to visually balance out the mirror at the other end of the room. It is a bold but simple piece of wall decor, that adds an extra dimension to this chic bedroom.

8. Girls Light Blue and Pink Bedroom


Image credit: decorwise.co.uk

The soft blue walls of this light blue and pink bedroom provide a great coherence with the flowery pink, blue, and green patterns of the bedding, pillows, and cushions. The traditional French style white bedframe is an elegant touch, which is further complemented by the white French design style of the bedside tables.

To add a dreamy princess touch to the space, a sheer white canopy has been draped across the width of the room, creating a cosy nook around the bed area. In addition, butterfly and dragonfly wall decorations have been hung to tie in with the whimsical theme of the room and add a sense of playfulness.

The combination of soft blue walls, flowery bedding, and elegant furniture pieces, create a beautiful balanced look that leaves the room feeling fun, inviting, and feminine.

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9. Traditional with a Modern Twist


Image credit: inigo.com

Blue bedroom ideas such as the example above, show that having traditional bedroom furniture and design doesn't mean that you can't also add some modern touches. This grand space with its generous large bay window, offers an open and airy space, which is further softened by the baby blue paint of the walls.

The deep rich tones of the red mahogany drawers, intricate detailing of the bed frame, elegant seating bench, and dark real wood flooring are cleverly counterbalanced by the predominantly light colours of the bedding, white ceiling and blue walls.

The subtle modern touches come in the form of the stylish grey and white bedding with contrasting waffle textured throw, pillows and cushions. A beautiful period blue bedroom with a modern twist.

10. Dark Blue and White Children's Bedroom


Image credit: mrsshilts.co.uk

A kids room is often just as much about practicality as it is the bedroom scheme. These matching white bedroom furniture sets are never going to set the design world on fire, but they play an important role in the functionality of the space.

Whether this is a white and blue bedroom for twins or just siblings that wanted the room designed to match, the colour blocking of the whites and blues along with the stars design theme, create a fun yet clean and streamlined space.

The inky blues of the accent wall and bedside table lamp sit in harmony against the slightly lighter blue of the star bedding and curtains, with the crisp white elsewhere giving the perfect contrast and balance.

11. Grown-up Grandeur


Image credit: tfdiaries.com

This grown-up bedroom space is a very blue affair compared to my other blue bedroom ideas, with a wash of blue walls, a blue headboard, blue bedding and even blue wardrobe doors.

Gold is a great accent colour in any blue room and this has been used to full effect here, with the gold picture and mirror frames, gold bedside lamp, gold plant pot and gold wardrobe door handles.

The green of the plants offers a nice contrast to the blue and gold, with the pink and blue pillow offering another colour option the mix.

12. No Space to Have the Blues


Image credit: magicbricks.com

13. Stylish Navy Night Time


Image credit: cocolapinedesign.com

14. Blue Bedroom at Bedtime


Image credit: goldisaneutral.co.uk

15. Contemporary Blue Bedroom Design


Image credit: memoryfoamwarehouse.co.uk

16. Small But Perfectly Formed Elegance


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

17. Blue Bedroom On a Grand Scale


Image credit: nospacelikehome.uk

18. Charming Blue Bedroom Elegance


Image credit: housingunits.co.uk

19. Modern Design with Rustic Charm


Image credit: alizswonderland.com