12 Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas to Infuse Nordic Charm

12 Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas to Infuse Nordic Charm

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Renowned for its minimalist charm, functionality, and serene ambience, the Scandinavian design aesthetic has captivated homeowners worldwide. In this blog post, I'll offer some of my favourite inspiring Scandinavian bathroom ideas to infuse your bathroom space with timeless elegance and cosy simplicity.

From natural materials to clean lines and soothing colour palettes, prepare to embark on a journey of Nordic-inspired creativity, where every element serves a purpose and beauty harmonises with functionality.

Scandi Nordic Bathroom


Image credit: encuentra24.com

If you wish to add some colour to your Scandinavian bathroom scheme, consider using Scandi-patterned tiles, such as the ones shown here. It is a simple and effective way to bring Nordic style into your bathroom space and also creates a striking focal point.

As is befitting a Scandinavian design, wooden elements have been installed into the bathroom via the addition of a wood effect vanity unit, storage cupboard and shelf.

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Nordic Style Bathroom

Nordic Style Bathroom

Image credit: koupelny-venta.cz

As you will see from most of the Scandinavian-style bathrooms listed, wood plays an important role in their design and decor scheme. That is particularly true in the case of this bathroom design, with its wooden slatted ceiling and the matching wood tones of the toilet and shower divider and bathroom furniture pieces.

White and grey subway tiles have been used to zone off different areas of the space, while the beautiful Scandinavian-style floor tiles combine both of these colours to tie the whole theme together.

Scandi Style Bathroom

Scandi Style Bathroom

Image credit: mydestination.gr

Having a window located inside the shower cubicle isn't my idea of practicality, however, I guess needs must. As far as the design elements go though, I love the way that the designer of this Scandi-style bathroom has incorporated a variety of different elements into the space, making this relatively small bathroom feel bigger than it is.

A black industrial-style shower screen, wide round-cornered bathroom mirror and LED lighting within the recessed shelves all add a contemporary edge to this space. The obligatory wooden features are neatly added into the scheme by use of the vanity unit, flooring and shower wall.

Scandinavian Bathroom Decor

Scandinavian Bathroom Decor

Image credit: oxfordski.com

The designer of this Scandinavian bathroom has turned the general concept of Scandi wall decor on its head, with a different use of wood within the design. As opposed to opting for ceramic tiles behind the bath and wood on the adjacent wall, they have made a deliberate design statement by going for vertical wooden planks as bath wall panels and grey and white triangular tiling on the vanity wall.

At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about this off-piste idea, but I have to say, it is definitely growing on me!

Nordic Bathroom Design

Nordic Bathroom Design

Image credit: westernliving.ca

Nordic bathrooms, such as this, often showcase simple lines, earthy tones and warm woods. Not to disappoint, this modern bathroom follows that exact Nordic design concept.

Wood cladding has been used on one wall, which contrasts neatly with the off-white tiles of the other walls and the white of the ceiling. Finally, although not decorative items as such, the patterns, colours and textures of the towels give the space an additional aesthetic touch.

Warm and Cosy Scandi Bathroom

Warm and Cosy Scandi Bathroom

Image credit: bathfitter.com

The natural feel and soft muted shades of this bathroom, along with the wall-hung vanity and storage units are what give this bathroom its Scandinavian design aesthetic. Add to this the white tiles of the bath and shower enclosure and the open floor space left by the wall-mounted bathroom furniture, and you are left with a modern sleek design that offers a warm and soothing atmosphere.

Scandinavian Bathroom Design


Image credit: renonerds.sg

This next Scandinavian bathroom design shows that small bathrooms don't have to lack design or character and can be just as aesthetically pleasing as their bigger rivals. Although a small space, everything needed is present, from the wall-mounted vanity unit, double mirrored bathroom cabinet and more than ample shower cubicle.

The recessed LED ceiling lights and the warm glow of the under-cabinet lighting strip are the perfect finishing touches to this small bathroom space.

Black and White Scandinavian Style Bathroom

black and white Scandinavian Style Bathroom

Image credit: touchinteriors.com

Black and white are a great combination for any bathroom design, whether that be traditional, modern or in this case Scandi-style. The different shapes and sizes of the wall tiles, floor tiles and geometric light grey tiles of the sink backsplash give each area of the bathroom its own unique look, but each one works seamlessly together to create this modern Scandi-style aesthetic.

Modern Scandinavian Bathroom

modern Scandinavian bathroom

Image credit: residencemakelaars.com

Using marble within your Scandi bathroom design gives the space an immediate opulent lift, taking a standard Scandi look to the next level. Add to this a modern black towel radiator, black metal and glass shower screen, and wood panelling on the shower wall and you have a luxurious modern Scandi bathroom to be proud of.

Coloured Tiles & Scandi Bathroom Furniture


Image credit: new-image-tiles.co.uk

Much more of a modern Scandi design, this bathroom space has simplicity at its heart, with clean white bathroom furniture, warm wood detailing and cream-painted walls. The only colour evident is the trailing plant in the window and mottled aqua-green tiles around the bath and behind the basin, which further add to this bathroom's modern appeal.

Minimalist Scandinavian Bathroom

Minimalist Scandinavian Bathroom

Image credit: savills.com

Scandinavian bathrooms are all about simplicity and minimal design. The interior designer of this bathroom example has nailed that brief to the letter. Sleek lines, neutral tones, and a soft inviting aesthetic with only a couple of decorative pieces to break up the minimalism. All of these elements are accompanied by a light wood vanity unit and matching round mirror frame for the perfect finishing touch to this inviting space.

White Scandi Bathroom

white scandi bathroom

Image credit: lesdomainesdefontenille.com

Painting the entire bathroom white is a great way to keep the space looking and feeling fresh, and with the addition of a skylight and large full-width mirror, the room is filled with natural light and consequently refreshingly bright and airy.

To stop the white walls, floor and freestanding bath feeling too cold and clinical though, I suggest, as they have here, to add warmth into the simple design using natural wood within the furniture, and accessories that are made from other natural materials.

My Final Thoughts

As we conclude our exploration of Scandinavian bathroom ideas, I hope you're feeling inspired to transform your own bathroom space into a sanctuary of Scandi design. I believe that by incorporating the principles of simplicity, functionality, and natural elements, you will have no problem creating a bathroom that not only looks beautiful but also enhances your daily routine.
With these ideas as your guide, I hope that your bathroom becomes a reflection of serene Nordic charm, where every moment spent rejuvenates both body and soul.
Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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