24 Refreshing Blue Bathroom Ideas of Various Styles

24 Refreshing Blue Bathroom Ideas of Various Styles

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From bold navy accents to soft pastel tones, I've curated a diverse selection of blue bathrooms that cater to various tastes and styles, allowing you to unlock the potential of blue in your bathroom.

Whether you're a fan of coastal chic, modern minimalism, or classic sophistication, my blue bathroom ideas are sure to refresh any bathroom space.

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Blend Bathroom Furniture into the Walls


Image credit: dahlia-interiors.co.uk

Matching the bathroom furniture to the colour of the bathroom walls creates visual harmony and cohesion, making the space feel more balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

A beautiful shade of blue washes the walls, whilst the carefully chosen bathroom furniture complements the wall colour perfectly. The vanity sink and shower area are thoughtfully zoned with a mesmerising band of blue and white geometric patterned wall tiles, elevating the design to a whole new level.

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Free Floor Space With Floating Units


Image credit: atlasconcorde.com

Freeing up floor space with floating chunky wood units, in this case for the double sinks cut in the wood vanity and storage shelves, has a transformative effect on this blue bathroom. By removing bulky floor-standing cabinets, the visual clutter is reduced, allowing the eye to travel freely across the room.


With the floor fully visible, it adds a greater sense of depth, contributing to the perception of a larger bathroom area.

The chunky wood adds a touch of modern elegance and warmth, enhancing the ambience. This clever design choice not only maximises useful storage efficiency but also introduces an airy and uncluttered atmosphere, resulting in a more expansive and inviting blue bathroom space.

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Blue Bathroom Wall Panelling


Images: jeremycolson.co.uk

Adding a floor-to-ceiling navy wood panelled feature wall and pairing it with a matching coloured open sink unit offers a dramatic impact in any blue bathroom. Firstly, the navy wood panelling creates a bold focal point, adding depth and texture, while the matching coloured sink unit complements the wall behind, contributing to a cohesive look.

The large round mirror softens the angular lines of the panelling and sink unit whilst also reflecting light, making the space feel brighter and more spacious.

Pastel Blue Bathroom Decor


Image credit: deuco.co.uk

This is a charming pastel blue bathroom decor, where the furniture and wallpaper take centre stage.

The light blue pastel furniture set features a floor-standing vanity unit, a mirrored medicine cabinet, and wall cabinets. The grey-tiled floor adds a touch of modern elegance while providing a neutral base to the bathroom design.

A notable decor choice is the white lower half of the wall, accented with a classic dado rail, which balances the colour scheme. On the upper walls above the dado rail, a beautiful floral leaf-patterned wallpaper in grey and pastel blue brings a nature-inspired charm.

This seamless combination of elements creates a soothing and coordinated small bathroom design, where every detail contributes to the overall aesthetic.

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Cover the Bathroom Walls in Aqua Blue Tiles


Image credit: tile-clearance.co.uk

This inviting aqua-blue bathroom decoration is a masterful play of contrasting tiles. The striking juxtaposition of scalloped aqua-blue tiles elegantly delineates the modern bath area, adding a touch of 30's styling to the design. These captivating tiles seamlessly transition into the rectangular aqua blue tiles enveloping the wall around the vanity unit, giving a cohesive appealing look.

The tall free-standing mirror, perched atop the pristine white vanity unit, reflects both the aqua blue tones and the natural light, amplifying luminosity.

Add a Navy Blue Bathroom Vanity Unit


Image credit: jtellis.co.uk

This next blue bathroom idea is less about the room as a whole but instead focuses on this modern and sleek gloss-finished blue vanity and toilet unit. Not only is it a practical and functional piece of furniture, but it is a great addition to any blue bathrooms.

Adding a lighter blue to the walls and wooden trim, and the grey and white repeating pattern of the geometric tiles behind the vanity unit are the perfect finishing touches.

Consider Glossy Blue Bathroom Tiles


Image credit: londontile.co.uk

As far as blue bathrooms are concerned, you don't have to choose only blue elements, such as a blue vanity, blue walls and blue bathroom accessories.

Concentrating on one particular element can be just as effective. In this example, the interior designer has used a soft blue for the walls in the form of glossy hexagonal tiles, which form a cool and calming backdrop.

Most other elements, like the large freestanding bath, are white, which is a neat contrast to the light blue of the walls and stained natural wood of the display shelf.

Navy Blue Bathroom Furniture Set


Image credit: technologyspareparts.co.uk

The bulk of this bathroom space is adorned with a navy blue shaker-style bathroom furniture set, which makes a statement against the crisp white walls.

The synergy of this deep blue hue and the half wall of pristine white subway tiles creates a balanced contrast, adding depth and character to this bathroom. Complementing this duo, the floor is a canvas of coordinating white, blue, and grey tiles, each intricately patterned, forming a beautiful mosaic that draws the eye and unifies the room.

Highlight the Shower Cubicle with Blue


Image credit: mermaidpanels.co.uk

Highlighting a bathroom shower cubicle with a bold vivid blue, as in the example above, instantly draws attention and creates a striking visual contrast against the surrounding white.

Moreover, the blue hue introduces a flash of colour and adds a touch of personality and character to the bathroom, making it a unique and memorable space.

Create a Blue Coastal Theme Bathroom


Image credit: thebrightonbathroomcompany.co.uk

Coastal bathrooms can take various forms of design, but for a subtle hint of coastal styling, consider the look of this light blue bathroom idea above.

With sky blue walls, stained wood surfaces and shelves, and the contrasting brick patterned white tiles behind, this small bathroom gives off coastal vibes without being overly contrived.

Go Vintage with Blue Sanitaryware


Image credit: myrustica.com

Vintage and retro designs and styles are always coming back into fashion and salmon pink, green, or blue sanitaryware is no exception.

If you live in a 70's or 80's period property and wish to stick with a look that is true to its build date, this a the type of style and design you may want to consider. Although I agree this will certainly not be to everyone's taste!

Modern Royal Blue and White Bathroom


Image credit: stoneandchrome.com

This open bathroom wet room shows how strategically placed blocks of bold colour, in this case deep navy, can add a striking statement.

The soft grey tiling on both the walls and floor is the perfect contrast in both tone and colour to the dark blue walls.

Consider a Blue Freestanding Bath


Image credit: oldfieldbathroomsandkitchens.co.uk

To create an elegant and bold focal point in blue bathrooms, consider opting for a unique royal blue freestanding bath. In the example shown, this has been further complimented by a similar blue tone of tall wall-mounted cabinets and vanity unit.

The bathroom flooring has been kept very neutral to balance out the strong blues, and a soft grey rug has been added to the floor for both interest and as somewhere to stand when exiting the bath.

Grey and Blue Bathroom Decor


Image credit: homebuilding.co.uk

There is an airy and fresh feel to this bathroom's ambience and interior design. With its whitewashed sink unit, stool and mirror, and the multi-toned grey and blue subway tiles, this is a cool eclectic bathroom design with a coastal rustic edge.

Blue and Pink Bathroom Design


Image credit: qualitex.co.uk

Adding a statement pink vanity unit into a blue bathroom is a big statement to pull off. However, pink is a great friend of blue hues, which is why it doesn't look completely out of place in this bathroom example, as you may expect.

The bold blue and silver wallpaper has only been applied to the top half of the wall, while the beautiful pastel pink of the sink unit sits at the bottom, surrounded by white brick tiles. This keeps the two bolder colours separate, helping these blue bathroom ideas to work harmoniously.

Modern Blue Art Deco Style Bathroom


Image credit: eg-online.co.uk

This stylish modern bathroom with blue differing shaped tile designs has a definite aura of Art Deco styling to it. The bold pattern accent wall behind the sinks shares the same colour tone as the tiled walls of the shower cubicle, yet has a very different and bold geometric design.

The beautiful natural wood tones of both the flooring and wall-hung vanity shelf are a stunning accompaniment to the space.

White and Baby Blue Bathroom


Image credit: aprylann.com

If when considering different options for blue bathroom ideas you decide to create a luxurious bathroom with a calming feel and open ambience to it, this is the one that appears in the mind's eye.

The mix of sky-blue walls, white panelling, white furniture, and grey-marbled floor tiles is a winning combination for any blue bathrooms.

Make a Feature of The Bath


Image credit: littlejohn.co.uk

The interior designer of this large bathroom has made a complete feature of the white freestanding bath by placing it in the corner of the space and surrounding two sides with large marble effect white tiles.

The deep blue walls that take up the rest of the space are not only a beautiful tone but also work perfectly against the marbled tiles and the wood effect flooring.

Large Modern Blue Bathroom


Image credit: thebrightonbathroomcompany.co.uk

In my opinion, this is another example of a large bathroom that has pulled off the use of blue on the walls to great effect. Often the blue shade chosen will make or break the finished look of a room, but fortunately, a good one has been chosen in this example.

Blue Victorian Bathroom


Image credit: mymove.com

A traditional bathroom, like the Victorian design style shown here, is still a very popular choice for many homeowners.

The simple design and pale blue paint on the walls allow the beautiful white Victorian sanitaryware to be the star of the show.

Go For a Two Tone Blue and Grey Bathroom


Image credit: coquetcottages.co.uk

Blue bathrooms like this classic bathroom interior can be seen in many homes across the United Kingdom, in this case, it has been updated with modern grey glass tiles and the upper walls have been painted a light sky blue.

Make a Feature of the Flooring


Image credit: professionalfinish.co.uk

The first thing I notice about this bathroom, after the bold blue vanity, is the interesting shape that is created by the fact that it is situated in the loft space. With the skylight letting in plenty of natural light, it is a bright and airy room in which to bathe and get ready to go out.

Although not the most in-your-face element of the bathroom, the floor is certainly a feature of the space, with its intricate geometric pattern and soft blue and grey colouring.

Stick With One Navy Blue Feature Wall


Image credit: redonline.co.uk

The dark blues of both the wall behind the bath and the bath itself make them a stand-out feature of that area of the bathroom space. The floor and accessories all complement the blue and white bathroom effortlessly.

Consider Blue Mosaic Tiles


Image credit: mosaiccompany.co.uk

When it comes to any blue bathroom idea, there's a certain mesmerising look that mosaic tiling brings to the design. However be careful not to overdo the amount of space that is covered, as it can be too overpowering if you are not careful. Stick to feature areas that will complement the rest of the bathroom design.

My Final Thoughts

When considering blue bathroom ideas, incorporating blue into your bathroom opens up a wealth of creative possibilities. From serene aqua tones reminiscent of ocean waves, to bold navy accents that evoke sophistication, the spectrum of blues can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and tranquillity.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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