What Colours Go with Navy Blue? A Comprehensive Guide

What Colours Go with Navy Blue? A Comprehensive Guide

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Navy blue is a versatile colour that pairs well with a variety of colours, making it a popular choice for interior design schemes.

One of the most popular colours to pair with navy blue is gold. This regal metallic shade adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space and can be used in everything from accent pieces to large furniture items.

Other bold colours that work well with navy include bright pink, cherry red, and mustard yellow. For a more subdued look however, consider pairing navy blue with soft pastel shades like blush pink, light grey, or pale blue.

Complementary Colours for Navy Blue


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When choosing complementary colours that go with navy blue, the colour wheel is your friend. Look for colours that are opposite it on the colour wheel, such as orange or red. These warm, bold colours can create a striking contrast, making them a good choice for creating a bold, colourful look. For example, a medium-tone shade of orange, such as tangerine or papaya, can stand up well against navy blue.

Another option is to look for colours that are adjacent to navy on the colour wheel, such as green or purple. These colours can create a more subdued, harmonious look when paired with it. For example, a soft shade of lavender or light green can create a calming, soothing effect.

Neutral colours like white, grey, black, brown, and beige all create a classic, timeless look when paired with navy blue. Charcoal grey, in particular, is a calming combination.

Navy Blue and Grey Bedroom

Navy Blue and Grey Bedroom

Navy blue and grey create a mature and cosy aesthetic, ideal for any stylish modern bedroom. The colours blend seamlessly and pair well with various other hues. For an inviting ambience, opt for warm grey tones that complement the navy without creating a cold palette. Introducing patterns, like a navy and grey quilt or a wallpapered feature wall, prevents the bedroom from feeling overly sombre.

Consider enhancing the bedroom's design with a plush grey or navy headboard, to add an elegant focal point to the space. Matte navy walls, like the example above, work exceptionally well in larger master bedrooms, visually narrowing the space and offering a striking aesthetic.

Finally, houseplants and flowers offer a soothing touch, introducing a relaxed, botanical element that complements the navy and grey tones, contributing to an overall calming atmosphere.

Navy Blue and Gold Bathroom


A luxurious pairing for bathrooms is navy blue and gold, as this opulent example shows. Brass hardware, gold mirrors, and faucets elegantly complement the navy walls and navy bathroom vanity, while the 1920s styling of the mirrors and lighting showcase an Art Deco bathroom design.

From chic nautical wallpapers to classic white and navy blue bathrooms, the possibilities are diverse. Explore the richness of navy blue and gold in your bathroom design, whether it's through subtle touches like brass towel warmers or bold contrasts with white and dark navy walls.

Each element showcases the appeal of this sophisticated pairing, offering a range of styles to suit diverse preferences.

Navy Blue and White Living Room

When it comes to decorating with navy and white, the combination offers endless possibilities for creating elegant and timeless spaces. Navy blue and white, in particular, can offer a crisp and luxurious living room look that never goes out of style. This colour pairing is not only limited to coastal decor ideas either, as it can work equally well in a townhouse living space or modern apartment pad.


To achieve a beautiful backdrop for your living room design, I suggest combining a rich navy hue with crisp white paintwork trim. This combination can be enhanced with paler shades of blue and metallic accents. It is particularly successful in rooms with plenty of natural daylight, which lifts the navy elements or gives your room a cosy feel. Choosing white for the floor, ceiling, and furnishings will further enhance the look of the space.

When using white as an accent colour in a deep blue living room, I advise adding plenty of texture, with cushions, throws and other decorations, to avoid a flat aesthetic. For a more luxurious look, I suggest introducing cotton velvets and silks alongside fabrics with beautiful embroidered details.

Navy Blue and Copper Kitchen

When it comes to considering what colours go with navy blue, copper is a popular choice that can add warmth and elegance to your kitchen. The rich, earthy tones of copper complement the deep, cool tones of navy, creating a striking contrast that makes a bold statement.

One way to incorporate copper into your navy blue kitchen is by choosing copper hardware for your cabinets and drawers. You can also choose copper light fixtures, faucets, and other accessories to add more metallic accents to your kitchen. If you want to take it a step further, you can choose copper cookware and utensils to complement the overall navy and copper theme.

If you wish to add other colours to your navy blue and copper kitchen, beige and white are great choices that can help balance out the boldness of the others. You can choose beige or white cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes to create a neutral base for your navy blue and copper accents.

Navy Blue and Pink Bedroom

Navy blue pairs beautifully with pink and is a versatile and beautiful colour combination that can work in any room, but is especially suited to the bedroom. One way to incorporate this colour scheme is by painting the walls a dark blue and adding accents of pink via furniture bedding and accessories. This approach allows for versatility with the amount of each colour you want to include, and it can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Adding small pink accents to accompany the blue, like they have done here with light pink and dark blue cushions, helps to break up the monotony of the blue and adds a touch of femininity to the room. If you’re on a budget, adding touches of pink via bedroom accessories such as throws, cushions, bedding, and rugs can also be an affordable way to transform your room.

Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow Living Room

Navy blue and mustard yellow make a stunning colour combination for a living room. The deep, rich blue creates a calming and sophisticated atmosphere, while the bright and cheerful mustard yellow adds a pop of colour and warmth.

As has been done in the example above, a great way to incorporate this colour scheme is by styling a navy blue sofa with yellow cushions and a yellow tufted footstool. Using the feature navy wall and adding the same mustard yellow in both the large wall art and lamp shades provides further cohesion to the living space.

For a more bold and dramatic look, consider using navy and mustard yellow in larger pieces of furniture, such as a navy blue sofa with mustard yellow accents. This creates a statement look that is sure to impress guests and add personality to the room.

Navy Blue and Beige Bedroom

Navy blue and beige are a classic colour combination that exudes elegance and sophistication in any bedroom. The beige provides a warm and calming effect, while the navy blue wall and bedding add depth and contrast. Incorporating these colours into your bedroom creates a relaxing and calm space.

One way to incorporate navy and beige into your bedroom is through the bedding. Here we see a beige velvet upholstered bed and headboard accompanied by blue bedding and pillows, offering a luxurious and elegant look. Flanking the bed are two beige bedside tables and matching lamps, which add glamour and symmetry to the space.

The addition of a large navy blue rug ties the whole look together and anchors the aesthetics of the entire space.

Navy Blue and Silver Bathroom

When creating a sophisticated and stylish bathroom, navy blue and silver is a winning combination. The rich, deep blue adds depth and elegance, while the silver accents provide a touch of glamour and shine. Here are some of my top tips for creating a navy blue and silver bathroom:

  • Start with a navy base: Whether you choose navy tiles, paint or wallpaper, make sure the base of your bathroom is navy blue. This will create a strong foundation for your silver accents to stand.
  • Add silver fixtures: Swap out your old bathroom fixtures for shiny silver ones. This could include taps, showerheads, towel racks, and even light fixtures. The silver will catch the light and add opulence to your bathroom.
  • Incorporate silver accessories: From soap dispensers to toothbrush holders, adding silver accessories will tie the whole look together. Look for items with a shiny, reflective finish for a cohesive look.
  • Keep it simple: Too many patterns or colours can overwhelm a small space like a bathroom. Stick to a simple colour palette of predominantly navy blue and silver, and let the textures and finishes do the talking.
  • Don't forget about lighting: The right lighting can make all the difference in a bathroom. Consider adding a statement light fixture in silver, or opt for warm, soft lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Navy Blue and Green Kitchen

I've always been a fan of navy blue as a colour for kitchen design. It's a timeless shade that can add depth and sophistication to any space. However, if you're looking to add a bit of freshness and vibrancy to your navy blue kitchen, consider pairing it with green.

Navy and green are complementary colours that work well together. The coolness of navy is balanced out perfectly by the warmth of green, creating a harmonious and balanced colour scheme. There are many ways to incorporate green into your navy blue kitchen, from small accents to larger design elements.

One option is to use green as an accent colour. For example, you could add green plants or herbs to your kitchen to bring in a natural touch. You could also incorporate green into your kitchen textiles, such as green blinds, tea towels or tablecloths. These small touches add colour without overwhelming the space.


Another idea is to use green for some of the larger design elements. For example, you could choose sage green kitchen cabinets or green jewel tones for the backsplash. This can be especially effective if you pick a shade of green that is bold and vibrant, such as emerald or forest green.

My best advice when pairing navy blue and green is that it's important to get the balance right. Too much green can make the space feel overwhelming, while too little can make the green accents feel out of place. Experiment with different shades and amounts of green to find the right balance for your space.

Navy Blue and Red Bedroom

For a stylish yet colourful bedroom, navy blue and red are an intriguing colour combination that is probably not for everyone. However, the rich hue of navy blue against the vibrant tones of red adds warmth and energy to the space.

To create a navy and red bedroom, start by painting your walls navy blue to create a solid backdrop for the red accents. Look for bedding and pillows that incorporate both blue and red within their design, preferably with a stylish pattern that blends both colours tastefully. You can then add additional pops of red throughout the room with accent decorations, curtains, and wall art if you wish.

When it comes to furniture, keep it simple and streamlined. Opt for natural wood nightstands, plant pots and picture frames to complement the rest of the scheme. If you have space, add a comfortable armchair or chaise lounge in a neutral colour, such as beige or cream, to provide a cosy spot for reading or relaxing.

Using Navy Blue with Neutrals


When it comes to pairing navy blue with other colours, neutrals are a great place to start. Neutrals are versatile and can help to balance out the boldness of navy blue. Here are some ways to use neutrals:

  • Grey: Grey is a safe and reliable neutral to pair with navy blue. It offers a sophisticated and calming atmosphere. Consider pairing a grey sofa with navy accent pillows and a navy blue feature wall.
  • Brown: Brown is a warm and inviting neutral that will certainly go with navy. Try using a brown area rug with navy blue furniture and white walls.
  • Beige: Beige is a soft and subtle neutral colour that can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Consider using beige curtains with navy blue walls.
  • Cream: Cream is a warm and inviting colour that creates a sophisticated and elegant look. A look I love is cream bedding with navy walls.
  • Tan: Tan is a versatile neutral that can complement navy blue nicely. Consider using a tan area rug with navy furniture.
  • Black: Black is bold and dramatic and can create a striking contrast with navy blue. Use black accents, such as a black coffee table or black picture frames, with navy walls for a bold and striking look.
  • Grey: Grey is a cool and calming neutral that can go with navy blue. I would look at using a grey area rug and grey walls with navy blue furniture.

High Contrast Pairings with Navy Blue


High-contrast combinations can create a striking and bold look. Here are some of the best high-contrast partners for navy blue:

  • White: White is a classic high-contrast pairing with navy blue. The crispness of white can help to brighten up navy blue and make it pop even more. For a clean and modern look, try pairing navy with white walls, furniture, or accessories.
  • Red: Red is another high-contrast colour that goes well with navy blue. This combination produces a bold and energetic look. However, it's important to use these colours in moderation to avoid overwhelming the space. Use navy blue as the dominant colour and add pops of red through accessories or an accent wall.
  • Orange: For a warm and inviting look, look at using navy blue with orange. This combination can create a sense of balance between cool and warm tones. Try using navy as a base colour and adding orange through the addition of cushions, curtains, or artwork.
  • Yellow: Yellow is a bright and cheerful colour that offers a crisp contrast to navy blue. This combination can work well in a variety of spaces, from bedrooms to living rooms. Consider using navy blue as the dominant colour and adding flashes of yellow through accessories or decoration.
  • Pink: Pink is a soft and feminine colour that is another great contrasting partner for navy blue. This combination can work particularly well in bedrooms and living rooms. My advice is to use navy as the dominant colour and add shades of pink through cushions, curtains, or artwork.
  • Green: Green is a fresh and natural colour that when combined with blue can work well in kitchens or living rooms. Consider using navy as the main colour component and introducing green through plants or accent walls.
  • Blue: For a monochromatic look, consider accompanying navy blue with other lighter shades of blue, such as sky blue. This will give a calming and sophisticated look. Again, I would suggest using navy as the prominent colour and adding lighter shades of blue through cushions, curtains, or decorations.
  • Purple: Purple is a rich and regal colour that works particularly well against navy blue. This pairing can work well in bedrooms or living rooms. Consider using navy on the walls and adding splashes of purple through cushions and a rug.
  • Black: Black is a classic high-contrast pairing with navy blue. Together they create a sleek and sophisticated look. However, it's important to use these colours in moderation to avoid overwhelming the space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colour best compliments navy blue?

When it comes to figuring out what colours go with navy blue, the colour wheel can be a helpful tool. Navy blue's complementary colour is orange, which can add warmth to the cool depth of navy. Other colours that pair well with navy blue include pink, red, yellow, and green.

What are some neutral colours that pair well with navy blue?

Neutral colours such as white, beige, grey, and black pair well with navy blue. These colours can help balance out the boldness of navy and create a more subtle and sophisticated look.

Does purple go with navy blue?

Yes, purple can go with navy blue. When pairing these colours together, it is best to choose a lighter shade of purple, such as lavender or lilac. This will help create a soft and elegant look.

What are the best colours to pair with a navy blue sofa?

When pairing colours with a navy blue sofa, it is best to choose colours that complement navy blue, such as white, beige, and grey. You can also add pops of colour with accent pillows or throw in colours such as pink, yellow, or green.

What are the complementary colours to blue?

The complementary colour to blue is orange. Other colours that pair well with blue include yellow, green, and purple. When pairing these colours together, it is important to choose shades that complement each other and create a harmonious look.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

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