14 Navy Living Room Ideas that Embrace the Serenity of Blue

14 Navy Living Room Ideas that Embrace the Serenity of Blue

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Navy blue, with its deep and sophisticated hue, has an impressive ability to transform any living space into a haven of style, comfort and calm.

Whether you're aiming for a classic, more refined aesthetic or looking to achieve a more modern and eclectic vibe, navy can enhance your design scheme.

Let's take a look at my collection of navy living room ideas to help you incorporate navy into your interior design. From furniture choices and wall accents to complementary colour palettes and decorative accessories.

Use Geometric Patterns


Image credit: audenza.com

In this beautifully curated navy blue living room, geometric elements are a prominent theme, showcasing the designer's keen eye for detail and harmonious aesthetics.

The navy walls, adorned with a striking geometric navy and gold wallpaper create an instant focal point, adding depth and intrigue to the space. A gold wire ceiling light shade casts a delicate shadow upon the scene space.

Nestled against the perfect backdrop of the patterned navy living room walls are plush navy blue sofas, offering both comfort and elegance. To complement the geometric theme, a black and white rug, mirroring the pattern of the wallpaper, anchors the whole room with its repeating design.

Adding a subtle and refreshing pop of colour, a pale lime green coffee table stands at the centre of the room, matched in colour by the stylish curved floor lamp, both beautifully contrasting the deep blue hues.

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Consider Marble to Create Elegant Opulence


Image credit: chairish.com

This is a thoughtfully designed navy blue living room, where every element intertwines to create a space that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary aesthetics.

The navy blue paint accent wall serves as a bold hit and daring backdrop, whilst the focal point, a pristine white marble fire surround, adds a touch of opulence and refinement.

Nestled amidst this exquisite setting are modern white and black metal armchairs, their sleek lines offering a playful contrast against the rich navy tones. A gold-framed glass coffee table glistens in the ambient light, infusing a hint of additional glamour into the space.

A nod to historic charm comes in the form of a navy period-style accent chair, providing nostalgia and a formal feel. Finally, the statement of this elegant navy living room is a large black and white framed leopard photograph, its bold presence adding intrigue and personality.

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Create a Boho Vibe in a Navy Living Space


Image credit: blowingideas.com

The next of my blue living room ideas is a beautiful Boho-themed navy living room, where the interior designer has skilfully weaved together elements of nature, texture and cultural inspiration.

An impactive navy wall immediately takes your eye, contrasting beautifully against the surrounding crisp white walls. Above, a wicker ceiling light shade adds an organic touch, casting gentle shadows across the space. Complementing the earthy tones, a natural wooden coffee table adds a touch of warmth.


Adorning the walls is a display of intricately detailed wicker plates, their artistry reflecting the room's bohemian charm, while the wide light grey fabric sofa serves as a comfortable place to rest and relax, inviting lounging and conversation.

Vibrant green plants are strategically placed, injecting rich colour and providing a refreshing contrast against the navy and white backdrop.

To complete the inviting ambience, a mix of neutral patterned and textured sofa cushions add depth and comfort to the seating area.

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Use a Large Mirror to Enhance Light


Image credit: ilovewallpaper.co.uk

This stylishly designed navy blue living room, shows the interplay of colours, textures, and thoughtful details, creating a fun yet elegant space.

The two alcove walls boast navy and gold-lined geometric patterned wallpaper, adding depth and visual interest, while the chimney breast stands out with a solid block of navy blue wall paint, providing a focal point for the room.

A chunky floating natural wood mantelpiece graces the chimney breast, perfectly complemented by a large round gold-framed mirror above it, reflecting light and adding a touch of opulence. On one alcove wall, two matching wood shelves showcase curated decor pieces, while matching white woodwork cabinets offer a storage solution and platform for displaying cherished items.

Pair Navy Blue with Black & White


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

The navy feature wall in this modern living room commands your attention, neatly contrasting with the light grey shade adorning the remaining walls.

A traditional yet contemporary velvet grey sofa sits gracefully in the space, inviting comfort and relaxation. Complementing the sofa, a gold table lamp and floor lamp with matching dark blue shades get ready to illuminate the space with a soft warm glow.

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The 1950s-style wood coffee table `is a stylish choice that adds a taste of vintage sophistication, whilst the sofa comes to life with a selection of neutral cream, black, and white cushions, offering both a design feature and visual interest.

Adorning the wall and table, white and black framed prints contribute a tasteful artistic flair, which are coloured matched by the bold black and white geometric patterned rug, effortlessly tying the elements together and grounding the space with its striking presence.

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Incorporate Bold Colour Contrasts


Image credit: soholighting.com

This bold and bravely designed navy blue living room uses the play of colours and carefully selected elements to create a space that is both daring and vibrant. The navy blue walls, enveloping the entire living room area, add a calming and elegant tone to the space.

To enhance the natural light, a large round gold mirror is strategically placed to reflect the light pouring in from the patio doors. On the adjacent wall, a navy sofa takes its place, harmoniously complementing the navy walls and offering a cosy spot for rest and relaxation.

Finally, making a bold statement in the centre of this navy living room is an oversized dusky pink armchair. This furniture piece cannot fail to be the main focal point, injecting a touch of vibrancy into the room.

Blend Furniture and Wall Colour


Image credit: raumroom.tumblr.com

In this eclectic living room design, the theme very much revolves around the colour blue, more specifically navy blue.

A modern low and wide navy blue sofa takes its place against the wall, affording contemporary comfort and providing a practical seating area for the family.

The navy walls encase the living space, adding depth and richness and for a touch of texture, a white and dark grey delicate diamond patterned rug anchors the room and introduces subtle visual interest.

Bookshelves flank either side of the wide window, showcasing a collection of literature and echoing the matching blue tone of the dark blue walls, while above the sofa, a large white framed photo print gives a focal point to the main wall, infusing a personal touch and adding some artistic flair.

Add Texture With a Navy Panelled Wall


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

This simple but well-designed navy living room is a place where every element has come together to create a space that is both classy and inviting. The parquet wood effect tiled floor adds visual warmth, whilst keeping the room cool in summer. It also complements the room's overall aesthetic.

An exquisite modern navy blue corner sofa takes centre stage, elegantly enhanced by perfectly contrasting orange cushions, creating a striking divergence from the abundance of navy blue. Drawing equal attention to this is the feature navy blue batten and board wall, which adds depth and texture to the space.

Adding a pure refreshing touch, elements of greenery, in naturally styled and finished plant pots, bring life and vibrancy to the ambience of the living room.

Mix Different Styles and Periods


Image credit: thenordroom.com

A seamless blend of period and contemporary pieces has been thoughtfully placed together to create this quirky mixture of elements.

The large bay window bathes the room in natural light, accentuating the expanse of navy walls that add depth and a strong aesthetic to the space. Rustic wood furniture pieces, including a desk, side table, and plant stand, infuse an organic warmth, while an eclectic mix of artworks and a calendar adorn the wall.

A modern grey sofa, housing a mixture of dark blue and natural-toned cushions, offers a functional and sociable seating area, whilst opposite to this is a period high button-backed mustard armchair, which is a delightful accent that brings a charming vintage allure.

The mustard armchair creates a flash of colour and design interest in a cosy living space of mainly dark tones and deep hues.

Keep the Design Cool and Contemporary


Image credit: thenateshow.com

Although a simple design, this navy living room has a cool and contemporary vibe about it. With the modern grey metal tables and designer white tube lighting, sharing the space with a modern armless navy blue sofa and feature wall, the overall feeling is of refinement and calm.

As a final touch to the living space, grey accents in both the textured sofa cushions and porcelain tableware contrast perfectly with the other blue hues and offer a harmonious feel.

Add a Touch of Romantic Sophistication


Image credit: no64.co.uk

Indulge in the allure of romantic sophistication with this navy blue living room area. The detailed navy blue wall panelling brings depth, form and a luxurious feel, serving as an arresting backdrop for the space.

A Victorian period radiator in a matching dark blue adds a touch of vintage charm and harmonises with the overall aesthetic, whilst the contrasting burnt orange cushions, lampshade, and ornamental pot infuse warmth and visual interest, creating a delightful blast of colour against the overwhelming navy backdrop.

An elegant white and blue pinstriped chaise longue takes pride of place and adds refinement and relaxation to the room.

Finally, resting on the radiator is a quaint still life painting on canvas, cleverly utilising the other colours in the room to tie the space together, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing environment that exudes romantic sophistication.

Make Your TV the Focal Point of Your Room


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

Sometimes you just have to accept that the TV is an important part of your living room, where your family gather together and enjoy entertaining TV programs or blockbuster movies. In cases such as these, hiding it away is just not a viable option. So why not make it the main focal point of the space as they have done here?

Navy blue has been chosen as the background paint colour for the wall-mounted TV and alcove shelves, making the white of the shelves and off-white of the fireplace pop against it.

A soft thick pile grey carpet and darker grey shade of the snug armchair and soft furnishings finish the look of this navy living room to perfection.

Create a Navy Blue Show Home Living Space


Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

With the deep blue paint of the navy walls, the red tones of the abstract framed prints on the opposite wall, and the rich hue of the oak mantel and coffee table, this dark blue living room has a warm, homely and inviting feel

Use 3d Effect Wallpaper to Add Depth


Image credit: intudiy.co.uk

Painting is not the only option when it comes to accomplishing navy blue walls, wallpaper is a great alternative for your blue living room ideas, especially if you wish to create a blue feature wall.

3D effect wallpaper, such as the example above, can add a great deal of visual depth to your living room walls and give an extra dimension to the space.

This modern dark blue sofa pairs perfectly with this padded design wallpaper, echoing the square repeating pattern.

My Final Thoughts

As I conclude this blog post on navy living room ideas, I hope you've found inspiration and insight into the possibilities that this stunning colour can offer your living space. From its ability to add depth and sophistication, to its versatility in complementing various design styles.

Remember to balance the richness of navy blue with lighter soothing tones and textures, allowing it to shine while maintaining a harmonious ambiance.

Whether you opt to use navy blue in your furniture, accent walls, or decorative elements, embrace the transformative power of this colour and watch your living room come alive with elegance and charm.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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