30 Inspiring Grey Bathroom Ideas for Your Next Renovation

30 Inspiring Grey Bathroom Ideas for Your Next Renovation

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Welcome to my blog post dedicated to elevating your bathroom renovation game! In this article, I delve into the modern elegance of grey bathroom ideas, offering you 30 inspiring examples to ignite your creativity and transform your bathroom space.

Modern Grey and White Bathroom

Grey and White Bathroom

Image credit: bathroomeleven.co.uk

Grey and white is a fresh and modern combination for any bathroom decorating ideas. I particularly love the use of wide-format grey tiles, wood-effect porcelain floor tiles and a wall-mounted double vanity unit. The sloping ceiling and dual-level tile height also help add extra interest and design to this bathroom space.

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Contemporary Teal and Grey Bathroom


Image credit: pebblegrey.co.uk

When it comes to grey bathroom ideas, adding contrast within your colour choices can give the space an aesthetic lift. This has been done in the example above, with the use of dark grey hexagonal tiles against the teal colour of the wall above. This is a perfect choice for adding a wow factor to any bathroom renovation.

Small Grey Bathroom with White Tiles

Small Grey Bathroom with White Tiles

Image credit: catesthill.com

Not only contrasting the colour of adjoining walls, but also the pattern, is a great way to an extra layer of visual interest to your bathroom decor. This is a trick that I like to incorporate into many of my interior design projects.

Grey Bathroom with Grey Floor Tiles

Grey Bathroom with Grey Floor Tiles

Image credit: hortonsbathrooms.co.uk

The design of this bathroom harmoniously combines various shades of grey to create a serene atmosphere. Wide grey tiles on the floor provide a solid foundation, complemented by contrasting shades of grey wall tiles that add depth and texture. The skylight allows natural light to flood into the space, enhancing the room's airy feel, while a sleek white bath and wall-mounted toilet offer a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

Dark Green and Grey Bathroom


Image credit: beaumont-tiles.com.au

In crafting a captivating bathroom design, consider the interplay of colours and textures. Embrace depth by using bold statement colours, like these deep emerald wall tiles. Complement this with the subtle elegance of grey-mottled tiles on the remaining surfaces and bathroom flooring. Further enhance the design with carefully placed ambient lighting and natural light, creating a harmonious and light-filled bathroom space.

Modern Grey Bathroom Design

Modern Grey Bathroom

Image credit: roca.com

Crafting modern grey bathroom ideas entails a careful balance of functionality and aesthetics. Natural wood effect tiled flooring offers a warm, inviting base, while grey tiles unify the shower enclosure with the walls, creating a cohesive look. The white ceramic basin and mirror cabinet add brightness and elegance, while extra storage space and built-in cubbies ensure practicality and organisation. These elements work together to showcase a stylish space that is both visually appealing and highly functional for daily use.

Green and Grey Bathroom Scheme

Green and Grey Bathroom

Image credit: elliottslivingspaces.uk

In a compact bathroom such as this, cohesion and functionality are paramount for optimising the space. Clean lines maintain a sense of openness, while the modern matt moss green tiles infuse vibrancy without being overwhelming. The geometric pattern offers the space a cool modern design aesthetic and adds visual interest, making the room feel larger. Finally, a recessed cubby space in the shower provides practical storage, whilst the LED-lit mirror illuminates the space effectively, offering both functionality and style.

Masculine Dark Grey Bathroom

Dark Grey Bathroom

Image credit: ripplesbathrooms.com

The integration of different tones and materials in bathroom interior design is paramount to achieving a cohesive and visually striking space. A dark grey bathroom scheme like this exudes sophistication and depth by harnessing the power of varying shades and textures.

Large format grey tiles on opposing walls establish a foundation of understated elegance that sets the stage for bolder elements. Within the shower enclosure, the juxtaposition of different shades of darker grey shallow wide-format tiles adds dimension and interest, creating a captivating focal point.

The utilisation of a dark wood double basin vanity unit further enhances the masculine aesthetic, infusing the space with warmth and richness while offering functional storage solutions. Complementing these elements are the black fixtures of the mirrors, taps, and radiator, which punctuate the space with modernity and contrast.

Large Blue and Grey Bathroom

Blue and Grey Bathroom

Image credit: bathrooms2you.co.uk

In a spacious bathroom, the strategic use of colour and layout enhances both aesthetics and functionality. Turquoise blue elements, including tall storage cabinets, a wall-hung vanity unit, and a bath, inject freshness and tranquillity into the space. Against the backdrop of grey walls, these blue accents create a striking contrast, while the geometric pattern of blue tiles behind the vanity unit adds depth and design.

The round mirror above the vanity not only reflects light but also amplifies the sense of spaciousness. Together, these elements create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere, balancing style and practicality.

Dark and Light Grey Bathroom

Dark and Light Grey Bathroom

Image credit: shelterness.com

Balancing dark and light tones in a bathroom gives the space depth and visual variety. The wall-mounted sink unit offers a sleek and modern touch, while the strip of dark tiles around the walls adds something different to the norm of sticking with one colour option.

The addition of yellow accessories, such as the flannels and towels, not only adds a bright accent colour but also a small amount of warmth to the space. Accent lighting within the large recessed mirror enhances functionality and gives the space a soft, inviting glow.

Finally, incorporating light and dark grey mosaic tiles on the bath panel ties the entire colour scheme together, creating a cohesive and visually appealing ambience.

Pink and Grey Bathroom Decor

Pink and Grey Bathroom

Image credit: realestate.com.au

Balancing pink and grey in a bathroom cultivates a serene yet sophisticated ambience. The soft blush pink walls of this particular bathroom infuse tranquillity, while black and white accents add a timeless elegance. Small dove grey square floor tiles offer a neutral base, which harmonises with the textured darker grey wall tiles. In my opinion, this cohesive palette creates a visually pleasing and calming atmosphere, ideal for a relaxing bath or a refreshing morning routine.

Contrasting Black and Grey Bathroom

Black and Grey Bathroom

Image credit: frontlinebathrooms.co.uk

In a contrasting black and grey bathroom, the careful combination of colours and materials creates a visually captivating space. In terms of the bathroom above, the black rubber flooring and subway tiles in the shower area exude boldness and modernity, while the half-height white subway tiles add brightness and contrast.

The integrated grey toilet, sink, and storage unit ensure cohesion in the space, while the light grey painted walls above the tiling provide a soothing backdrop, tying the elements together. For me, this thoughtful combination of colours and components results in a stylish and cohesive bathroom design that is both visually striking and practical.

Fresh and Airy Light Grey Bathroom

Light Grey Bathroom

Image credit: hamptons.co.uk

A fresh and airy light grey bathroom, such as this, offers a tranquil retreat through its thoughtful design. The consistent grey patterns within the tiles of the wall and floor establish continuity and spaciousness.

Opting for white fixtures such as the bath, vanity, and floating toilet enhances the brightness and cleanliness of the space, contributing to its airy feel. The high-level window allows natural light to fill the room, adding further to the refreshing bathroom atmosphere.

White and Grey Marble Bathroom

Grey Marble Bathroom

Image credit: tilemax.co.nz

In a white and grey marble bathroom, the cohesion of elements cultivates a space of timeless elegance. Matching the white marble tiles on both the floor and walls establishes continuity and gives a luxury aesthetic.

The white oval free-standing bath serves as a focal point, evoking sophistication and relaxation. Complemented by a modern gloss white vanity unit, the design offers practical storage and sleek aesthetics. The mirror above the vanity enhances functionality while reflecting light, contributing to a light and airy ambience. Together, these components create a harmonious and refined bathroom environment conducive to comfort and tranquillity.

Grey and Yellow Bathroom Scheme

Grey and Yellow Bathroom

Image credit: jeremycolson.co.uk

Looking at this grey and yellow bathroom scheme, the careful combination of colours and styles creates a dynamic and inviting space. The grey shower enclosure tiles, arranged in a brick-layer pattern, offer a contemporary aesthetic, while the traditional grey shaker-style bath panel adds a touch of elegance. Matching tiles around the top of the bath ensures visual coherence and continuity, while the painted yellow walls surrounding the tiles inject warmth and energy into the room, balancing the cool tones with a cheerful pop of colour.

Shabby Chic Grey and Cream Bathroom

Grey and Cream Bathroom

Image credit: singletonanddaughter.co.uk

In a shabby chic grey and cream bathroom like the one on display here, the interplay of textures and colours creates a warm and welcoming ambience. The grey textured tiles around the bath and on the bath panel add depth and visual interest, while the cream-painted wall offers a serene backdrop that brightens the space.

The shabby chic sink table and stool introduce a touch of vintage charm, adding character to the room, while the wood effect LVT flooring provides modern elegance, grounding the design and tying the elements together seamlessly.

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Opulent Grey and Gold Bathroom

Grey and Gold Bathroom

Image credit: homedesignerandarchitect.co.uk

The blend of colours and materials in this opulent grey and gold bathroom creates a lavish and inviting atmosphere. Gold towel rails and fixtures infuse warmth and luxury against the backdrop of grey-mottled tiling, enhancing the richness of the space.

The black and gold vanity and toilet unit add striking contrast and sophisticated charm, whilst a double mirror cabinet provides both functionality and opulence, reflecting light and expanding the room visually. Together, these elements form a sumptuous and timeless bathroom theme that exudes elegance and indulgence, perfect for creating a luxurious retreat.

Light Grey and White Bathroom


Image credit: houselogic.com

I believe that the best way to give your bathroom a light and airy feel is all about using the correct colour tones, lighting and materials. In the case of this next example, white, silver and light grey have been used throughout the bathroom space, which is a great choice and combination for exactly this purpose.

All of the elements used, such as the soft grey marble tiles on both the wall and floor, the white marble countertop, and the silver fixtures and fittings, have been carefully curated to tie the theme together for a fully cohesive aesthetic.

Grey and Wood Bathroom

Grey and Wood Bathroom

Image credit: dreamofhome.co.uk

Adding wooden elements to grey bathrooms is a great choice for adding warmth back into a cold or clinical space. In the case of this bathroom interior, vertical wood slats have been used for this purpose, not only adding the warmth needed but also giving a beautiful modern design element to the space.

Grey and Orange Bathroom

Grey and Orange Bathroom

Image credit: chapplins.co.uk

Consider using a bright colour such as orange in your grey bathroom. This will add a neat contrast to the grey elements of the space and visually brighten up the entire room. The addition of a full-width mirror above the vanity lightens the area further by reflecting all available light into the bathroom.

Geometric Slate Grey Bathroom


Image credit: periodproductdispensers.co.uk

This captivating contemporary bathroom shows what can be done with a simple sleek design and a minimal colour palette. Using only dark grey and natural wood, the designer of the space has created a stunning geometric slate grey bathroom that exudes high-end elegance.

Black White and Grey Bathroom

Black White and Grey Bathroom

Image credit: onekindesign.com

The combination of black and white is a classic choice for any bathroom scheme. Add in the coolness and warmth of grey and you get a hybrid that is a perfect compromise between monochrome and a more modern grey bathroom. The black bathroom furniture in this particular example makes a stylish statement and offers plenty of storage space for all of their bathroom needs.

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White Grey and Mustard Bathroom

Grey and Mustard Bathroom

Image credit: newarkinteriors.co.uk

In the same way as yellow, mustard adds brightness and colour to any bathroom space. Albeit a more toned-down alternative. The interior designer of this bathroom has been creative with their use of contrasting colours and patterns, as can be seen with the white hexagonal wall tiles and black and white geometric design within the flooring.

The use of different shades of grey is minimal but carries through the space via the wall-mounted vanity, towel heater and tile grout.

Stylish Grey and Purple Bathroom

Grey and Purple Bathroom

Image credit: tradebase.com

The two contrasting shades of plum purple and white are a beautiful pairing that is both modern and stylish. Add into this the grey chevron flooring design, grey vanity unit and wall cabinet and you have a stunning bathroom that will stand the test of time.

Grey Bathroom with Black Fixtures


Image credit: thediyplaybook.com

This is another case where contrasting shades are key to this bathrooms design. The white and grey patterns of the marble vanity surface are a crisp edge against the bold black of the vanity unit itself.

The grey colour of the wall cladding and mottled floor add the grey element to this space, with gold accents elegantly completing the design.

Coastal Grey Bathroom Design

Coastal Grey Bathroom

Image credit: justlodges.com

Large format dark grey tiles are a great backdrop to highlight the white vanity, toilet and bath, which combine perfectly with the horizontal white cladding of the upper wall. Warmth is added with a light wood effect vinyl floor, that is both hard-wearing and complements the colour scheme.

Grey and Lilac Bathroom

Grey and Lilac Bathroom

Image credit: architonic.com

Bathroom lighting is an important element in any bathroom or toilet space. Locating lights in areas that are most used or most needed, such as above a mirror, is key. As far as the colour choices go, the soft balance of lilac and grey within this bathroom space works seamlessly together, with the vertical grey panels adding texture and interest.

Contemporary Blue Grey and White Bathroom

Blue Grey and White Bathroom

Image credit: roomdsign.com

This blue, grey and white contemporary bathroom is a triumph of modern design and layout, with each element of the space playing its role in the overall decor scheme.

Grey and Light Blue Bathroom

Grey and Light Blue Bathroom

Image credit: mcmanuskitchenandbath.com

Having a small bathroom doesn't mean that you can't still use colour and pattern. This traditional bathroom is a prime example of this, with its baby blue walls and shower curtain, marble effect vanity unit and grey bath tiles.

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Minimalist Grey Gloss Bathroom

Grey Gloss Bathroom

Image credit: pinterest.co.uk

Natural light is a great advantage to any minimalist bathroom space, such as the example here. The double skylight of this bathroom floods copious amounts of light onto the gloss grey marble effect tiles, giving the space a luxurious reflective sheen. As shown here, bath fillers can be a great place to create an extra little storage space.

My Final Thoughts

As you can see from this extensive curation of grey bathrooms, there is a wealth of styles, colour combinations and materials that can be used within your grey bathroom design to create perfect functionality and a stunning decor scheme. My biggest take from all of these grey bathrooms is that the use of contrast is key to a great design.

Author: Matthew Chiappini

Author Bio: Matthew studied art and design at Stamford college, including interior design and colour theory. He still has a great love for art, home decor and interior design and is a keen DIYer, having worked as a carpenter after leaving school. Matthew has been writing home and home decor articles since 2020.

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