Wall Decorating Ideas For Your New Home

Wall Decorating Ideas For Your New Home

It is an incomparably exciting moment when one’s new home is ready to move into and the process of decorating can begin. Interior design is a delightful undertaking but most new homeowners forget that the walls are the most abundant space available for décor! Here are some sublime wall decorating ideas to add some finesse, creativity, and aesthetic appeal to the walls of your new home.

A Classic Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have been in fashion for quite a few decades simply because they perform a variety of functions. Firstly, they are aesthetically pleasing especially if a monochromatic theme is followed with mostly black and white photographs and wall art. Secondly, gallery walls offer a glimpse into the life and passions of the homeowner in a very varied and comprehensive fashion.

Onlookers get a rush of stimuli and have so many beautiful personal pictures, professional photography, and gorgeous wall art to look at and ponder and it has been said that a gallery wall is an excellent conversation starter and ice-breaker for when guests come over.

For people who do not favour monochrome as a design aesthetic, they can really go overboard with colours, patterns, and messages with regard to their gallery wall. A gallery wall is the perfect opportunity to express yourself and your interests for all to see.

A Wall-Attached Console Or Table

Wall décor need not be limited to what is actually on the wall but also applies to furniture pieces that are installed onto the wall or up against it. Modern console designs used either for creating small workspaces or even at the entrance of a home to hang coats or keys can be effortless décor pieces that show a continuity in the flow of the room.

If you are short of storage or want somewhere to display glass figurines or items of immense sentimental or monetary value, consider wall-mounted shelving that comes in different designs from oak wood to glass to metal. With furniture additions like this, the walls in your home can look more functional and modern.

Bohemian Wall Designs

The Boho aesthetic is all about using natural textures like wood, jute, wicker, and fabric for décor. Consider hanging a hand-made or painted tapestry, or a woven mat, or even knotted rugs. Smoother, silkier rugs with earthy tones can also have the same effect.

While you are playing around with the colours and textures found readily in the great outdoors you can include personal touches like commissioned pet portraits that show the onlooker the great loves of your life whether living or passed away.

Bohemian wall art and pieces are easy to find and can also be commissioned on websites like Etsy to independent artists. Not to mention boho décor art pieces can be great DIY projects to do with friends and family such as weaving a tasselled blanket or doing an embroidered patchwork.

Bring The Green Inside

In the last few years, there has been a resurgence of interest in incorporating foliage (real or faux) in one’s home simply due to the effect it has on one’s senses. Foliage in any form can promote feelings of relaxation and refreshment which is ideal for unwinding after a busy day. Consider creating a green wall from scratch by planting climber plants in a pot or trough at the bottom of your chosen wall. With time they will cover the intended wall in a beautiful, ethereal, fairy-tale manner with a cover of lush green. Of course, there is always the faux route with stick on foliage varieties for the same effect and less effort.

Murals & One-Piece Statement Art Pieces

For enthusiasts of a more minimalist and effortless vibe, less is definitely more. There is no need for a wall to be covered from top to bottom in order to be impactful and stunning. Commission a mural or paint one yourself if you are inclined and artsy (murals can be bought ready-made and framed too if time is of the essence) for a central wall in the foyer or living room in your home. Murals draw the eye immediately as someone enters a space and they can depict your personality and sense of style in a single glance which is why it is worthwhile to include them in your interior design. All you need is one!

The same goes for statement art pieces and wall art. It rarely needs to be multitudinous to have a significant effect on the viewer. 3D wall art pieces in particular tell a narrative that can tie in with your existing decor or can tell a new story. While taxidermy may not be popular nowadays 3D art pieces are a close second for powerful wall décor. Statement wall art can be anything sentimental that appeals to the homeowner such as a custom house painting made with watercolour or charcoal or a large photograph taken by a local photographer that captures something that speaks to the soul.

An Accent Wall To Break The Monotony

Walls can look flat, especially in larger rooms or spaces which are multi-functional such as incorporating both a living area and kitchen. Painting in an accent wall can break the monotony in a subtle, understated way without uprooting the whole décor concept. If your walls are creamy or off-white, you can throw in a grey accent wall so that it creates a difference albeit a subtle one.

Accent walls can also accentuate the wall’s height making your ceilings look taller and grander. This optical illusion however does not apply to interior designs that paint the ceiling itself in a darker colour because that can have the opposite effect and make a room look smaller. Accent walls can also be paired with light fixtures like pendant lights and a painting for added glamor. Interior designers may also think that a central accent wall is a perfect place to style an Ottoman or low sofa.

Moldings & Trimmings

While plaster and wood moldings are very reminiscent of the Victorian era interior design as well as more traditionally French styles, they have made a comeback into modern décor like no other. Moldings regardless of the material used (in many new homes they are commonly made with plaster or even specialized plastic) impart a beautiful and luxurious touch to ordinary walls. Wall moldings can make any room look deluxe and they are especially a great idea for master bedrooms where wall art can be used in conjunction with them.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are a much loved wall décor concept in every culture globally as they enhance the feeling of space and are a statement piece in themselves! Mirrors can be hung up in a variety of sizes with different frames corresponding with the dominant décor style being used in the home. For spaces that are designed in a more vintage manner, antique or gilded mirrors can be used especially tall ones that touch up to the ceiling. For more modern homes plain frames can be used and a horizontal shape of the mirror in main spaces like the living room or smaller bedrooms can look purposeful and aesthetic.

Lacquer Is The Way To Go

Using lacquer on the walls can seem very luxurious and super expensive but it is in fact not pricey to purchase lacquered paint in different rich colours like burgundy, moss green, and deep purple. Many homeowners prefer to employ this lacquered effect in rooms that are especially dear to them like a home library, home office, or the master bedroom. Lacquered walls give a regal feel and an old European vibe and they can be wonderfully glossy to the eye particularly when they reflect warm light or sunlight. The richer the colour used the more glamorous the result!

Wallpaper It Up

For new homeowners that want to spice up the colour of their walls but are tired of choosing wall paint, wallpaper can be a stylish solution. Wallpaper can also be used to add contrast to painted walls by being applied only as an accent wall or it can be used in spaces that are smaller like a dressing room for a touch of sophistication setting it apart from the rest of the house. Wallpapers offer a great deal of choice to the homeowner as any colour or pattern can be used although any interior designer will tell you to choose patterns that comfort you or bring you joy.

Contemporary Back-Less Book Shelves

Books are the ultimate conversation starter and they display the homeowner’s knowledge, intelligence, and interests. Use a contemporary style of back-less shelves that are elevated and installed on the wall for a refined and pleasing look. Built-in shelving on the wall with a sliding ladder is a more vintage design but very practical and stunning at the same time. Shelves can also be painted with lacquer paint as mentioned above in shades of dark green or blue or any other bright colour. The rest of the room can be styled with comfortable, reclining chairs or even an indoor hammock for some quality reading time.